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Baby Jogger City Go 2 Vs Chicco KeyFit 30

Infant car seats Baby Jogger City Go 2 Vs Chicco KeyFit 30 are perfect for parents with a newborn baby who often travels by car. These car seats are easy to use and made based on standard safety to help protect our little ones. While similarly useful, they are not identical, so you may want to know what they can offer and which you will like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Using Safety Car Seat
  • What are Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30
  • How are the Designs of Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30
  • How is the Installation of Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30
  • How are the Fittings of Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30
  • What else Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 can offer
  • Baby Jogger City Go 2 Vs Chicco KeyFit 30

Children’s Safety Car Seat

The road is crowded with people traveling around and moving from place to place. We agree it is not the safest place, especially for small children. The car companies are trying their best to minimize the effect of crashes and collisions in case of accidents. The seatbelt is the standard safety feature in all cars, but this is designed for adults’ bodies. On the other hand, the young children are too small for the feature to work correctly; hence not effective.

To replace the function of the seatbelt as a safety feature, parents need a safety car seat. This equipment is almost like the extension of your car seat. They are fastened to the vehicle’s seat and secure the passenger sitting on it. Instead of the seatbelt, they use a five-point harness to make sure the passenger stays still on the seat when there is an impact. They have a thick shell made of plastic and foam to dampen the impact being transferred to the passenger in case of an accident.

A safety car seat is mandatory in many countries because it can save passengers’ lives and reduce the severe impact. Anything that is not fastened in the cabin may get ejected from the vehicle or hit other surfaces, which is preventable when the passenger is secured properly. Because a safety car seat is designed based on the weight and height of the passenger, it is something that our children will grow out of as they get older, so parents will need to change it when needed.

 Baby Jogger City Go 2 Chicco KeyFit 30
Product Dimensions28.5 x 17.25 x 26.5 inches
27.5 x 16.75 x 24 inches
Shipping Weight18.08 pounds
16.6 pounds
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About Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30

In general, parents may need up to three seats as their children grow up. The first seat if you will transport a newborn baby is an infant car seat. This type of seat usually comes in a travel system with the stroller and baby bassinet but is available separately from many brands that provide baby and youth products. The main benefit of buying one with a travel system is guaranteed compatibility, which means we can put the car seat on the stroller’s frame without much fuss.

One of the most common issues with a safety car seat is the installation because for the seat to work correctly, we first need to secure it to the vehicle’s seat. If parents are looking for an infant car seat that is not only secure but also easy to use, the Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 are ideal options to consider. We love these seats because their installation system is fuss-free, and depending on which you prefer, we can secure them using different methods.

We think the Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 are some of the best when it comes to installation convenience, but the latter is faster. The KeyFit 30 is quicker to install because the process is more straightforward. This feature is a great seat if you often move the base from the vehicle. Depending on who the baby is traveling with. Another thing we love about the seats is they are also suitable for parents who often travel by public transportation, especially by taxi.

You can install both Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 with or without the base so parents can secure the seat on another vehicle for convenience. Parents may want to consider the stroller when comparing the two because they are native to the respective company’s collection. For example, the KeyFit 30 is compatible with most Chicco strollers, but the company doesn’t recommend it for other strollers or provide the adapter. Read also: Baby Jogger City Go 2 Vs City Go Air here.

Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 Design

Like with most infant car seats, the Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 are very similar. The seat and base are removable, so they come separately. The weight of City Go 2 is about 10 lbs. The base alone is 8 lbs. KeyFit 2 is not far different because its seat is 9.4 lbs, and the base is around 7 lbs. The material is hard plastic for both seats and foam for the seat. The padding and fabric are removable for cleaning.

Parents can wash the fabric with gentle detergent, while the hard surface only requires cleaning with a damp cloth. The seats come with an infant insert to improve fitting for newborns or smaller babies. The seats also have an adjustable handle for ease of installation and carrying. As for the stroller compatibility, KeyFit 30 is compatible with most Chicco strollers except the umbrella type. The City Go 2 is compatible with all Baby Jogger strollers, including the jogging strollers like Summit X3.

Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 Installation

Now for the most important part, let’s see how easy installing the Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 is. The most convenient is probably using LATCH because it is fast, but we prefer KeyFit 30 better for this method. Like with other seats, parents will need to tighten the strap once the connector is locked to the low anchor. The strap on City Go 2 is located on the side, while KeyFit 30 is right on top of the base.

This location makes pressing and tightening the strap and the base more convenient. Parents can also install the Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 using the car’s seat belt. Again, we think the KeyFit 30 is more convenient because the belt route is right there; you don’t need to open anything. With City Go 2, parents need to open the Rapidlock, route the belt, and lock it again. Both systems are safe and easy to use, but we think the KeyFit 30 is more straightforward.

In addition, parents can secure Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 without the base. But, we like the City Go 2 better when using the seat in this method. The KeyFit 30 only secures the seat using the lap belt, which goes into the slot on top. The City Go 2 is similar, but the shoulder part of the belt is routed behind the seat’s capsule, so the method is more reassuring. However, you can also use standard routing City Go 2.

Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 Fitting

Next is fitting because we want to see how the Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 will fit babies in their growing stage. The shoulder strap’s height is adjustable, so parents can lower or increase it according to the baby’s height. Both seats fit newborns well, but the head padding is thicker on the City Go 2. We recommend using the insert to improve fit, especially for a newborn whose height is about 20 inches long.

Depending on how fast the baby grows, we may have to change the seat once they reach 12 months old; it can be quicker or more prolonged. The weight limit of Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 is 35 and 30 lbs. respectively. The height range is 32 and less than 30 inches, respectively, but we see the KeyFit 30 still works well with toddlers 30 inches tall. The seat may last long once the passenger is at the top of the limit, but they still fit.

Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 Features

Lastly, we want to talk about additional features. Like most seats, the Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 have a level indicator to ensure proper installation. The canopy is adjustable, and the handle is also adjustable. What’s lacking from KeyFit 30 is the anti-rebound bar which you can find on the City Go 2. This feature can be handy when the car receives an impact to reduce the movement of the seat as it goes back to the position.

Baby Jogger City Go 2 Vs Chicco KeyFit 30

Both Baby Jogger City Go 2 and Chicco KeyFit 30 are good options for parents with newborns to transport their baby in the car safely. They are similarly easy to install and use, but we like the KeyFit 30’s convenience for both the LATCH and seatbelt installation. As for the installation without a base, we prefer City Go 2 because it has a routing path on the back of the seat so the shoulder side of the belt can improve the installation.

The fitting is very similar, but City Go 2 has a higher weight and height limit before parents need to change into a convertible seat. In addition, the City Go 2 also offers an anti-rebound bar as another layer of protection against impact.

- Infant car seat provides three ways for baby to join in on your adventures, from 4 to 35 lbs and up to 32"
- Attach to your favorite Baby Jogger stroller to create a travel system
- Install car seat in seconds with RAPIDLOCK Base easy installation technology
- Taxi-safe belt path eliminates the need for a car seat base, and allows for an easy, secure install while on the go
- EASIEST INFANT CAR SEAT TO INSTALL – Simple, accurate and secure installation – every time – with two bubble-level indicators and spring-loaded leveling foot for proper base angle in vehicle seat and premium LATCH connectors for easy attachment.
- COMPATIBLE WITH CHICCO STROLLERS – Infant car seat clicks securely into the stay-in-car base and compatible Chicco strollers for a convenient car seat and stroller combo. A two-position carry-handle and one-hand release make it easy to remove.
- FROM DAY ONE – Car seat includes a removable infant head and body support insert to accommodate newborns and smaller infants on their first rides. The Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is designed for babies between 4-30 lbs. and up to 30” tall.
- ADJUSTABLE CANOPY AND WASHABLE SEAT PAD – Features include large, removable canopy that provides shade from the sun and machine washable seat pad for easy cleanup, ideal for baby travel.


The decision is yours because both seats are equally a good option. We recommend City Go 2 if parents want the extra weight and height capacity or additional features. Still, for those shopping on a budget or who already have a Chicco stroller, the KeyFit 30 is cheaper and very easy to use.