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Baby Jogger City Go 2 Vs City Go Air

Baby needs to sit in their car seat like Baby Jogger City GO 2 Vs City GO Air until they are ready to move into the bigger safety seat. These infant seats or carriers are versatile for parents with Baby Jogger strollers and other alternatives. The seats are very easy to install and detachable from the base. They are very similar with slight differences so let’s see below which you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Car Seat to Buy
  • What are Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air
  • How is the Design of Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air
  • How are the Specs of Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air
  • How to Install Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air
  • How is the Fit of Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air
  • What else Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air can offer
  • Baby Jogger City Go 2 Vs City Go Air

Children’s Safety Car Seat

Being a parent, we are always concerned about our children’s safety. Their small body can often get hurt because they have no complete sense of avoiding danger yet. We make the best decision to protect their well-being, and one of them is by using the proper safety car seat. The safety car seat is necessary to ensure the kid’s safety while traveling with us. They are not a guarantee but will be helpful to reduce serious effects when there is an impact happening to the vehicle.

From day one, you will need an infant car seat. Some parents who bought a travel system stroller may already have one because they are usually available in a package. This car seat is more like a carrier with a handle to transport the baby. It is smaller and usually only lasts for the first year. It is also the most convenient because the base is attached to the vehicle’s seat while the seat is removable so parents can put it on the stroller.

The next seat is a convertible safety car seat which usually has a longer use. It is a convertible because the seat can be installed facing the rear and front. Younger children require the seat to face the back of the vehicle as it is the safer setup. Once they grow taller, we change the installation to face forward to provide room for their growing body. The last seat you will need is a booster seat to help increase the kid’s body size so the seatbelt can secure them properly.

 Baby Jogger City Go 2 Baby Jogger City Go Air
Product Dimensions28.5 x 17.25 x 26.5 inches
18.11 x 16.93 x 30.67 inches
Shipping Weight18.1 Pounds
18.72 pounds
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About Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air

Kids’ bodies change rapidly, and depending on their growth, they may move faster to the next seat than the other kids their age. Car seats have an expiring date, usually several years after manufacturing. Unless the expiry date is reached or the seat has experienced impact before, they will still be useful for the younger sibling, so parents can save some when purchasing other seats. The safety car seat is based on weight and height, so parents have to change the seat once the kids exceed the specs.

Safety car seats are mandatory in many developed countries. There are many good options to choose from, and parents can shop based on any criteria they want. Some parents choose the same brand for their stroller to ensure compatibility, especially for the infant car seat. If you have a Baby Jogger stroller, buying a Baby Jogger car seat is convenient. This brand is famous for its strollers, but they also offer some of the best infant car seats.

We say the best because they are easy to install and very safe. Manufacturers need to pass or exceed the standardized quality to market their products. Most safety car seats are safe, but some put more effort into increasing the standard. Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air are some of the best options if you wish for easy installation. Many car seats are difficult or stressful to securely attach to the vehicle’s seat but not with these two.

Both Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air are similar to the original City Go, but they are newer and slightly different. The main difference between Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air is that the latter is lighter. An infant car seat is more like a carrier, so it is great to have something that doesn’t weigh as much. As for the installation and features, the two are almost identical. Read also: Evenflo Sureride vs Triumph here.

Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air Design

The selling point of City Go Air is the weight, and it is lighter than the City Go 2. However, the difference is not much because the carrier is already 10.5 lbs. compared to Air, which is only 8 lbs. Depending on your baby’s weight, it can mean so much. If parents often hand-carry the infant car seat, it is wise getting something we feel at ease with. But, the overall weight of the seat and the base of Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air are the same or 18 lbs.

The material seems to be the same on the construction and the fabric. The canopy is adjustable, the padding is removable, and the height is adjustable. The canopy of City Go Air has a pair of a clip that attaches to the handle. As for maintenance, the seat and canopy of Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air are removable and suitable for machine wash with cold water and mild soap. The shell should be cleaned with a damp cloth when necessary.

Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air Specs

The specification and requirements of Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air are very similar. These infant car seats are useful from day one until they weigh up to 35 lbs. or 32 inches tall. The shell height is approximately 18.5 inches. The expiration date is 7 years from when the seat is manufactured, so check the product you buy. The harness height is adjustable to fit the baby. It is padded and easy to lock or unlock.

Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air Installation

Now for the most important part, let’s see how to install the Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air. Both seats are equipped with Rapidlock Base, one of the most straightforward systems to put the base securely and in no time. This Rapidlock system needs your seatbelt, and we think it is very convenient and secure. The first step is to make sure your vehicle is level and put the base on the seat. Second, open the Rapidlock arm, route the belt, and lock it.

Third, push the seat base, tighten the belt by pulling it, and put back the Rapidlock arm on to secure the installation. The Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air can use LATCH, too, if preferred. Follow the same step and locate the LATCH storage on the seat. Second, lock the connectors to your vehicle and pull the end of the strap to remove the slack. Third, close the Rapidlock arm back and check if the base is secure.

What’s unique about the whole system is that parents can still use the seat without the base, thanks to the taxi-safe belt path. Depending on the taxi’s seat, parents may want to recline the canopy. There is a belt path on top of the seat where you can route the seatbelt and lock it securely. Wrap the shoulder side of the belt around the infant car seat and put it on the router. Pull the shoulder strap towards the retraction while pressing down the center of the seat.

Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air Fit

Next is the fit, and Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air are the same here. The seat should fit regular babies and preemies, but some may need additional support depending on the baby’s height. If your baby has a long torso, we can increase the headrest so they can feel more comfortable. We recommend trying the insert and without it because babies usually still need support to prevent slumping. We found that babies that are 26.5 inches need the tallest harness position.

Depending on your kid’s body, not everyone will be able to use these seats past ten months or a year. While the height specs say 32 inches, we found that toddlers who are 30 inches may want to move to a convertible seat already because the shoulders are already above the bottom of the headrest and may feel too tight in the harness.

Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air Features

Lastly is for the additional features in Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air. One of the most noticeable is the anti-rebound bar to improve safety and prevent the rearward movement of the seat in case of a frontal collision. The handle is adjustable, but you will need to press the button on each hinge to change the position. The most noticeable difference between Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air is the lack of canopy support which is why it has a clip.

Baby Jogger City Go 2 Vs City Go Air

Both Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air have the same safety and ease of installation. They are ideal for parents who want a seat that is convenient to transport and easy to use in their vehicle. The main difference between Baby Jogger City Go 2 and City Go Air is the weight of the carrier because Go Air is 2 lbs. lighter than the City Go 2. The seat’s canopy has no support, which means you will need to clip it all the time, which can be annoying when the handle is being used.

- Infant car seat provides three ways for baby to join in on your adventures, from 4 to 35 lbs and up to 32"
- Attach to your favorite Baby Jogger stroller to create a travel system
- Install car seat in seconds with RAPIDLOCK Base easy installation technology
- Taxi-safe belt path eliminates the need for a car seat base, and allows for an easy, secure install while on the go
- Lightweight car seat allows for easy travel with a quick and safe installation without the base in cars, taxis, and rideshares
- Car seat can be used with or without the base, or can be attached to your Baby Jogger stroller to create the perfect travel system
- Flex shade canopy drape made with breathable fabric protects your child from sun and wind while out and about
- Removable infant insert keeps babies positioned and secure, with OptiVent fabrics that keep baby cool and comfortable


The decision is yours because we love these seats’ ease of use and safety. But, we will recommend the City Go 2, especially if you don’t mind the additional 2 lbs. weight, because it is both more affordable and easier to carry since the canopy can stand on its own, so it doesn’t hinder your hand.