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Baby Trend Expedition vs Navigator Lite

Car seat and stroller are two necessary gear we have to own when having a children because they are going to help us doing our work as a parent. Stroller is nice to help carrying your baby and car seat is here to provide the proper protection when traveling with vehicles. For active new parents, strollers like Baby Trend Expedition vs Navigator Lite are two nice options to go since they are designed with the capabilities and rich in features so check our article below to know more.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a Stroller
– What are Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite
– What Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite Look Like
– How are the Canopy in Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite
– How are the Seat in Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite
– How are the Handlebar and Compartment in Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite
– How are the Wheel and Tire in Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite
– Are Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite Easy to Fold
– Baby Trend Expedition vs Navigator Lite

Baby Stroller and Joggers
When you are having a children, it means an increased task and job to do around the house because we are responsible for a new being and all of us want to give the best to see their children grow up healthy and happy. While being a parent is not an easy thing to do, we can learn the curve little by little as we are climbing the parenthood and with the easy access to information today, we can always rely to other people’s experience.

Baby and smaller children needs a full monitoring since they are still not aware of their surroundings and for baby, they are still unable to move their body parts properly, moreover, with their high curiosity, it seems that we never able to shift our eyes from them for a second. If we are not living with a housekeeper or assistant, doing all the chores and tasks with smaller children around can be a tiring to do especially when you have to do it outside the house.

If you also need to do some tasks or errands outside, it is good to have a stroller because this equipment can keep your children safe and stay in place when you are doing other activities but without scarifying their comfort. Stroller is just like the name, used to when you are going to stroll with your small children or baby so we don’t have to hold them all the time and free our hand to do more, like shopping and jogging.

While all strollers are made to be the same or serve the same purpose, not all of them will suit your family because we may have different taste or preference and above all, need. Parents who have twins or two small children may want to look for stroller with a capability to carry more than one passenger while those who want to do more active tasks may want to pick a jogger instead for it has the correct tires and wheels to roll on different surfaces.

Jogging strollers or also called joggers is very popular because not only we can use them for a harder terrain, it is a very versatile option as well since they are useful for regular people as well, especially those made to accept certain or several types of infant car seat. Read also: Graco Aire3 vs Aire4 here.

About Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite
When it comes to hunt for the real thing, there are some things we have to prepare first but besides the budget limit, we are recommending people to list the features or capabilities they want or need so we can get a unit with all the features you want. Even though stroller has been made by so many manufacturers, not all of them are the same but if you want the one that not only fairly affordable but also has a nice quality, Baby Trend is a great choice.

We are sure most parents are already familiar with this brand because they are among the most popular name in the market and the reason why we love them is they seem to understand what we want as a parent by designing capable stroller and car seat to match your need. If you are an active parent and goes walking or jogging routinely while taking care of your children, Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite are two nice models to go because they are made with the proper capabilities to support your activities.

Before going in depth about these strollers, as you may already know, the prominent difference between Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite is the model itself since the one is a single stroller while the other is a double stroller which mean we can carry our twins or children together at once.

Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite Design
From the outside, they are looking like a completely different stroller for the amount of seat available so we can quickly set them apart from each other. Expedition stroller and Navigator Lite are featured with single and double seat with fairly similar build and frame design but in term of weight, Navigator Lite will be obviously heavier almost at 40 pounds in which Expedition is only around 27 pounds. In addition, their carrying capacity will also differ from 50 pounds to 100 pounds.

Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite Canopy
The first thing we noticed when looking at a stroller is their canopy because they are place at such a visible place and important feature to consider in case your children hate sun ray. In this part, both are featured with a nice and wide canopy but in different design because as you can see, Expedition is curvier and has an additional visor to keep annoying sun ray from the front part which is not present in the other stroller.

We can fold both strollers’ canopy so when the weather is nice outside, children can enjoy their surroundings better but can be extended as well when needed. In addition, there is a small peek a boo window at the top to check your little one when jogging or strolling.

Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite Seat
Moving below, we can see the children seat, both Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite are equally have decently padded seat to make sure they can sit or sleep comfortably when you are pushing their stroller. As it has been mentioned above, while joggers are made to allow parents jog with their children, most of them can accept car seat as well to be a more versatile equipment including these two that can carry Baby Trend infant car seat on each of their seat.

Just like many other strollers, their seat can be reclined until a certain level easily when they need to sleep or rest better but both are not going to lay as flat as a bassinet. In Baby Trend Expedition stroller, there is a children tray at the front of the seat to carry their snack or sippy cup while in Navigator Lite, there is only handlebar for children to hold and currently, it can’t take a children tray for there is no accessories matching the stroller from its brand.

Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite Handlebar and Basket
While children’s seat have no tray of their own, the parent handle bar are already equipped with parent tray which is also available in Expedition stroller. This parent tray is featuring both cup holder and a small concealed compartment to carry small objects like keys safely. What’s unfortunate from this side is both strollers actually doesn’t allow the parent to adjust the handlebar in any way whether rotating or telescoping so it can be awkward for taller parents to push the stroller.

Below this handlebar, there is a compartment in these models and what we love from this main basket is their size because it is quite wide to carry other things like diaper bag or if you are shopping with them, a shopping bag and your purse as well. Due to the size difference, we are going to get a wider main basket in Navigator Lite stroller so both children have their own space on board which is of course very nice.

Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite Wheel and Tire
Another important thing to consider when purchasing a jogging stroller or jogger is the tire and wheel because we need them to be compatible with different terrains and thankfully, Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite are already featured with a rubber tires for all of the wheels. What’s different is Expedition is using a spokes wheel where Navigation Lite is made with cast-iron like wheel but it fact it is made out of plastic material so in term of strength, we do prefer iron or harder wheels to hold weight and roll on different surface.

Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite Folding Mechanism
On the folding mechanism part however, both strollers are fold in the same manner and very helpful because we won’t need much time to collapse them or wide space to store the whole unit. Baby Trend Expedition and Navigator Lite are fold by pulling a trigger like tool on the handle bar which then will collapse and fold the strollers in half so you can put them aside more compact or you can also pull the wheel to make it consume less space.

Now, let’s compare Baby Trend Expedition with Navigator Lite. As you may already know, the difference between them is on the amount of seat, canopy, and wheel because as a double jogging stroller Navigator Lite have two children seat, a fairly wide canopy without additional visor and a plastic wheel while Expedition is featured with single seat, additional visor for the canopy, a children tray and a spokes wheel.

Baby Trend Expedition vs Navigator Lite

- Locking front swivel wheel
- Pneumatic Bicycle-style 16 inch rear and 12inch front all-terrain tires handles any outdoor situation
- Convenient parent tray includes two cup holders and covered compartment storage
- Padded seats offer multi-position reclining seating allows your kids to be comfortable and happy
- Accepts two car seats. Locking front swivel wheel with remote release
- Locking front swivel wheel with remote release
- Pneumatic bicycle tires, perfect for all terrains.Care and Maintenance - To clean the seat pad, use only mild household soap or detergent and warm water on a sponge or clean cloth
- Ratcheting shade canopy for each seat with large storage basket

All in all, the decision is all yours to make but since the difference in both strollers are very prominent, we have to choose based on our need. If you are having a twins or siblings closed in age, Navigator Lite is the obvious option but if they are single child or the smaller one who still need a stroller, Baby Trend Expedition has few better features.