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Britax Advocate vs Clek Foonf

Car seats are necessary for the safety of our kids because they can help prevent the more serious impact by restraining the body when there is an accident. However, the type of car seat such as the Britax Advocate Vs Clek Foonf must be adjusted based on the age or weight and height of the kids to secure them properly. These car seats are ideal after the kid is exceeding their initial car seats. For parents who are considering the two, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Pay Attention to When Changing Car Seat
  • What are Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf
  • How are the Design of Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf
  • How are the Installation of Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf
  • How are the Fitting of Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf
  • What else Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf can offer
  • Britax Advocate Vs Clek Foonf

Changing Car Seat

The road is not the safest place to be and being inside a vehicle is also carrying a high risk of injury due to various reasons. The most common cases are drivers who are not careful enough or driving in an unsafe manner and causing some accidents or sometimes it can be the fault of the vehicle or any other obstacles currently present on the road. We never know what will happen out there and in the future so following the rules and acting wisely is a great way to reduce the risk.

For adults, the safety belt and other car’s safety systems like air bags can save life or prevent more serious injuries, but these are not made for a younger passenger and this is why the safety car seat was invented. At first the safety seat was meant to contain the children when they are transported using the vehicle but the safety reasons followed not long after to what we know today. Depending on where you live, the seat can be mandatory for every parent with younger children.

What to pay attention to when using a car seat is when to change them because it is not the same seat forever. At a certain point we will need to replace it with a higher model made for bigger kids just like how we buy bigger clothes or other safety gear as they grow up. However, never rush the seat changes because they have different height and weight limits. This is not about the budget but for the safety reason itself because one step higher also means one step less safety ability.

The first car seat is installed facing the rear of the vehicle which should stay this way until the kid is about 2 years or older. Rear-facing seats are considered safer because in case there is a front-end crash which is also the most common type of accident, the rear-facing car seats will allow for the kid’s head, neck, and spine to move evenly into the seat, not the opposite. Car seats have harnesses and as long as they are still fitted or not exceeding the weight, we can still use the seat.

The drawback of rear-facing is it can only be used when the kid’s body is still fairly short because we need to spare room for their feet in this position. As they grow taller, the harness will not fit anymore and their feet need more room to rest which is why moving to the front-facing seat is necessary. They have 5 point harnesses and are secured with top tether as well.

 Britax AdvocateBritax Clek Foonf
Product Dimensions‎23 x 20.5 x 23.5 inches
‎17.5 x 16.9 x 28 inches
Shipping Weight5 Pounds
5 Pounds
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About Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf

Choosing for a new car seat can be as convenient or as complicated as you want it to be because there are more than plenty to choose from. This is a common safety gear that most people will need when they have a family and children so the market is quite crowded with lots of popular and alternatives to consider. We recommend popular brands because it is easier to find them and chances are they also have the most advanced system both in the ease of use and overall performance. 

Among those companies carrying incredible and reliable car seats, Britax and Clek are two common choices for so many parents. They are pretty well-known for reasons and this is because many parents find their car seats to be easy to install in varying car types or brands and models. This is necessary since to perform properly the car seat needs to be installed correctly and oftentimes the car seat system doesn’t match well with the car’s attachments yet, it seems not an issue for these two.

If car seat installation is always an issue in your previous car seats, the Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf are two promising options to consider. Both of them are rated high for their ability to fit easily in various cars and with an advanced installation system, you don’t need to worry or stress about how to make sure the car seat is properly attached to the seat. Besides the ease of installation, they are also very safe or you can add ARB too in order to improve the impact protection.

As an overall convertible car seat, they are working really well and should be able to be used for several years before the kid is ready to move into a booster seat. Typical to most convertible seats, they come with the basic features such as adjustable harness that can be used in rear or forward facing but if you decide to go with Foonf then we will need an insert as well, especially for smaller or babies since initially the seat is not made to start this early.

Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf Design

Most parents must be familiar with how convertible car seats look but Foonf is a bit unique in terms of shape and design. Instead of slightly rounded, the seat has this “boxy” look. In comparison to Advocate, the seat looks more streamlined as well and it will cost less space in your car’s seat with a total width of 17 inches and the latter is wider at 20 inches but they have the same weight for about 28 lbs. without the rebound bar. Read also: Britax Advocate Vs Marathon.

As far as aesthetic, we will leave it to how you look at these seats but we do think they look pretty and different, especially for Foonf which is not only unique in its name but also in the shape and design. There is enough padding here but it is not as deep when in recline position facing the rear due to the shallower depth and shorter wings. The two seats are pretty bare but you will get an insert in Advocate and optional cup holder for both seats sold separately. 

Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf Installation

Now for the most important part which is the installation itself, the Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf are very easy to install. Starting with Advocate, we recommend getting the ClickTight version, in case there is an older same seat that doesn’t have this function. This feature lets you open the front of the seat to expose a pair of belt slots; one for rear facing and another pair for front facing. Just route the seatbelt in these slots, tighten it and close the seat again.

It is by far one of the most straightforward installations with a belt but it has a lower anchor too and since it needs tightening, the process may take more time so we prefer to install Advocate using the seatbelt. Moving to Foonf, this seat uniquely comes with a solid lower anchor which is our first time seeing in a car seat. The process however, takes more time as you will need to use the ARB in this setup and additional base for reclining the seat.

We dislike the seat belt installation in this seat because it requires you to remove the cushion so it is not convenient. The lower anchor is easier to use since it is flexible and to connect it with the vehicle you only need to push the connectors. It is also easy to get a tight installation because there is a tightening mechanism on both of the lower anchor connectors.

Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf Fit

Next is for the fit for passengers in Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf which are also slightly different. The Foonf weight range is initially from 14 to 50 pounds while Advocate is from 5 to 50 pounds and this is assisted with infant insert with the purchase. For the forward facing, they are the same from 20-65 pounds with the same height range for the harness up to 49 inches. In comparison, especially for rear facing with toddlers, it seems the Advocate has deeper seat depth.

Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf Features

Lastly on the features, both Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf also come with additional safety design to help in case an impact happens when the kid is in their seat. Starting with Foonf, it has Rapid Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology which makes the seat able to gradually stop, slowly after the impact, resulting in less energy transferred to the kid’s body. On the other hand Advocate has this SafeCell Side Impact Protection MAX which is like an external padding on the seat’s outer shoulder flare to provide crash protection.

Britax Advocate vs Clek Foonf

Both Britax Advocate and Clek Foonf are good car seats for parents who are currently looking to buy an easy to install system. The Advocate is easier to install with a seatbelt and the Foonf is easier to install with the lower anchor. The Foonf is more compact but also not as deep as the Advocate so it will cost less space if you need to fit more than two seats in the passenger compartment. In addition they equally have higher safety features compared to many other similar seats. 

- Easy installation: Patented click tight makes car seat installation as simple as buckling a seat belt
- No rethreading, ever: Quick adjust 14 position harness with click and safe, snug indicator gives a click sound when the harness is tight
- Adjust accurately: Harness indicator gives an audible click when you’ve pulled to the proper tightness
- Surrounded in safety: 3 layers of side impact protection, quick adjust head protection, steel frame and impact absorbing base
- REVOLUTIONARY FORWARD-FACING PERFORMANCE: The Rigid-LATCH system makes proper forward-facing installation effortless, allowing you to remove and install your seat in seconds and with peace of mind.
- BUILT LIKE A TANK: We built the Foonf convertible car seat to look and feel like real vehicle seats providing a solid feel when the seat is installed in your vehicle.
- MORE ROOM TO FIT 3 ACROSS: The Clek Foonf convertible car seat's compact design provides space that makes 3-across seating possible. - With a best-in-class car seat width under 17 inches, the compact design fits those difficult center seating positions
CLEANER CAR SEAT: The Clek Foonf convertible car seat is tailored in GREENGUARD Select Certified Crypton Super Fabrics, which provide PERMANENT protection against stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria


You can go amazing with any of these seats since both are equally great options but, Advocate is much more affordable and has the same level of safety as well as ease of use to Foonf so we highly recommend saving some and getting this seat.