Britax Grow With You vs Pinnacle

Choosing the best car seat for your children is the most important thing to do. you have to consider it with the safety matter first and the most comfortable way to your children. From these features, Britax offers the best safety matter and keeps it comfortable to use without giving any harm to your children.

This time we have the Grow With You and Pinnacle from Britax that has the most safety matter first. Let’s take a look over them so we can decide which one has the best car seat for your children.

Britax Grow With You

The Grow With You from Britax is the newest type of Britax Pinnacle. Since it calls as the newest, so that the technology comes from it also become new and greater. It contains a ClickTight plus technology that there’s not any car seat have it. This portable car seat is more sturdy than you think. Read also: Britax Frontier vs Grow With You.

The design comes from the Britax Grow With You design for harness use from 25 up to 65 pounds of weight recommendation. The booster seat recommendation is between 40 up to 120 pounds of weight. These size makes the easiest way to put your children on while they are growing up.

The material from the Britax Grow With You comes with the soft and luxurious fabric. It’s so comfortable when touch your children’s skin. The Safecell built around the frame so that makes the car seat more sturdy. It won’t keep moving in any single crash and keep your child safe.

 Britax Grow With YouBritax Pinnacle
Product Dimensions26.5 x 17.8 x 25 inches
21 x 22.5 x 28 inches
Shipping Weight23 pounds
26.5 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The ClickTightc system from the Britax Grow With You is easy to install. Combine with the steel frame form the industrial company, makes it safer than any other car seat on the market. The installation will not take any longer for you and you can move it easier than you taught while you have multiple cars. 

The V-shape tether contains in a Britax Grow With You help your children rest their head on comfortably. The two layers of pads help it to reduce the impact forward movements while the accidents happen. This protection is fully loaded on it so that you will have less worry about safety matters while driving.

The dimension of the Britax Grow With You is about 21 x 23 x 25 inches with 27 lbs of weight. The minimum weight recommendation use is for 25 lbs and the maximum is about 120 lbs of weight. The price comes at a reasonable price on Amazon start from US$329.

Britax Pinnacle

The Pinnacle from Britax is a kind of harness booster car seat that offers the safety first matter. It has a ClickTight system that can install most quickly. The color-coded system will help you to lock the strap belt path. Besides, this ClickTight system is approved by the FAA for airline travel in the forward-facing harness.

The Britax Pinnacle completes with the Safecell impact-absorbing base that can compress the impact from any impact. It made with a padded sponge that can reduce the impact while it crashing. This makes this car seat help your children keep safe while you driving and focus on your journey.

The Britax Pinnacle includes the three layers of side-impact protection and built-in with an energy-absorb shell. The headrest comes with the foam-lined that shaped perfectly to your children’s head. It also protects with the extra cushion with soft fabric that makes your children more comfortable to rest their heads on it. 

The impact-absorbing tether from the Britax Pinnacle available to reduce the impact of any crash that may happen during your driving. You can use the tether if your children weight 65 up to 90 pounds. You can change the harness position fit into your children weight. 

The Britax Pinnacle can hold your children’s weight up to 120 pounds and 62 inches tall. You can use the harness or the booster, just need to modify it to your children’s weight and height. The minimum required age to use this car seat is only for children at 2 years and at least has 25 pounds of weight with 30 inches tall of a height. 

The recline position from the Britax Pinnacle will help you to move the car seat position while your child starts growth. The dimension of the Britax Pinnacle is 21 x 22.5 x 28 inches with 26.5 lbs of weight. The price starts from US$319 on Amazon with all complete features available on its. These features make the Britax Pinnacle becomes the parent’s favorite.

Britax Grow With You vs Pinnacle

- Trusted quality, upgraded design: Looking for frontier? Grow with you ClickTight is our newest harness to booster car seat
- Install confidently: With ClickTight, you know it’s right in just 3 easy steps. Open, thread & buckle, close
- 2 in 1 booster seat: Easily transitions from forward facing harness mode to belt positioning booster mode as your child grows from toddler to big kid
- Premium, soft touch fabrics: 4-way stretch athleisure fabric combines style and function for a modern look that’s easy to clean
- Toddler to Big Kid: Easily transition from harness to belt positioning booster as your child grows
- Easy installation: Patented ClickTight makes car seat installation as simple as buckling a seat belt
- No rethreading, ever: Quick adjust 9 position harness with headrest for a comfortable, secure fit
- Surrounded in safety: 3 layers of side impact protection, steel frame, impact absorbing base, and forward movement reducing v shaped tether

Which One Do You Prefer?

The Britax Grow With You is the newest one of the Britax Pinnacle. As the Britax Pinnacle will discontinue soon, so the best choice to pick is the Britax Grow With You. Besides, as the newest one, the technology from Britax Grow With You gives the greatest experience for you and your children.

The ClickTight technology comes from the Britax Grow With You is better than the Britax Pinnacle. It has safer to lock and very easy to install while in the Britax Pinnacle has more difficult to install. Besides, the technology is newest so that the Britax Grow With You is safer than the Pinnacle.

Considering the weight of the car seat, the Britax Grow With You is weight lighter than the Britax Pinnacle. That makes the Britax Grow With You easier to move wherever you want if you have multiple cars. You can move it by yourself without bothering other people to help you move it. 

The price comes from the Britax Grow With You has a little bit at a high rate. But the features on it are more completes than the Britax Pinnacle. Besides, the material fabric on the Britax Grow With You is softer and washable use. And the recline also can easily remove combine with the belt on it.

The model and the color choices from the Britax Grow With You is more variation than the Britax Pinnacle. You can choose your children’s favorite color and it makes them happier while using it.