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Britax Highpoint vs Chicco Kidfit

We know that vehicles are useful to let you travel from places to places but not the safest place to be especially for small children which is why we need to install safety seats such as Britax Highpoint Vs Chicco Kidfit. These seats are meant to support older children so the seat belt can properly fit onto their body to deliver the best protection. If parents are considering these seats, go check below about which of them will be the best option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about: 

  • How are the History of Safety Car Seat
  • What are Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit
  • What Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit Look Like
  • How are the Installation of Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit
  • How are the Fitting of Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit
  • What else Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit can offer
  • Britax Highpoint Vs Chicco Kidfit

Safety Car Seat History

Safety is the most important because no one wants to get hurt especially us parents when thinking about their kids. We always want to give them the best and let them live in a happy, healthy, and safe environment but, there are so many factors that we can’t control and sometimes, we can only do preventive acts to reduce the worst possible risk. Just like when using the vehicle, due to the high frequency of accidents, we need to install a better safety system for our little one.

Safety car seats have been evolving until the one we know today but, while their function is crucial in every family who uses a private vehicle to travel, initially children’s car seats were made not with any safety function at all. The original and first car seat made for children was actually designed so it can lift the child and allow them to look out at the window and to keep them in one place while the parent is driving the vehicle.

It was not until three decades later that the safety seat was finally made with safety in mind and it was Briton Jean Ames who made a seat that can be installed facing rear with a Y-strap buckle; similar to what we own today. Metal framed safety seats were also introduced around the same time and not long after, the automotive industry started to get involved in making safety seats. Ford has their Tot-Guard while General Motors has their Love Seat to keep small children safe.

From here, it took almost a decade for car seats to be regulated and it was in 1971 when the National Highway Traffic System Administration finally adopted the first federal standards which is the FMVSS213. These first standards didn’t include crash tests but they already require the use of a safety belt to keep the seat from moving around in the vehicle as well as a harness to keep the child safely in place. It then took eight years to finally apply the law where it was Tennessee first.

All states will have their own law about six years after but even after several years of its implementation, there are only some children using the car seat and chances are many of our parents didn’t use them when they were still kids despite having informed and aware of their function. Today, parents are very aware and well-informed about safety equipment especially for their children but manufacturers and law are subjects to always change, they improve to be better and overall ensure the safety of our children.

 Britax Highpoint Chicco Kidfit
Product Dimensions16 x 21.5 x 27.5 inches
28 x 19 x 8.5 inches
Shipping Weight12 pounds
10.2 pounds
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About Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit

While car seats are all designed to offer safety, it doesn’t mean that we can just grab any model because they are made to follow the age and weight or height range of the passenger. Smaller children from newborn until about two year old have to use the seat in rear-facing mode then move into front-facing when they are older and taller. If you are here then it means the little one is already growing up and ready to use a front-facing seat.

There are lots of car seat brands out there from those names you are familiar with to those we never heard of but, for ease of use and product’s reliability, we do highly recommend to go with popular names as they tend to be compatible with many car’s models as well. Among those many options, Britax and Chicco are two great seat manufacturers to consider because they have various amazing seats that are not only well-made but also friendly to your pocket.

For parents with older children or older than three years old, Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit are two ideal models to opt to. Both of them are designed to fit your kids in the front facing position and to help their body fitted with the car’s seat belt. These car seats are loved by so many parents due to their ease of use and reliability but price wise you can have two or three of them to be used by your growing kids without having to spend so much.

What we love the most from Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit is not only how affordable they are but also how long you can utilize the seats since it can be a hassle to buy new seats every year as our kids grow fast. They are also well-liked because the seats cut down many complicated parts and overall letting you install them with a breeze. Overall, we do think parents will love any of these seats especially if you found other seats difficult to use. Read also: Britax Skyline Vs Highpoint.

Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit Design

The same with most front-facing safety seats out there, design wise these two are pretty much alike but also different because usually what’s extendable on their frame is the headrest only. Kidfit is actually extending at the lower back of its seat base which makes it look awkward for some. This mechanism however, may be more beneficial when it comes to providing more room to grow as the shoulder pads height will follow the headrest adjustment closely which can be more comfortable for the passenger as well.

When installing these seats, they will take from 19 to 20-inch of space and for how many you can fit in the middle seat row will highly depend on how wide your seat as well; some parents may be able to fit up to three of them while some may only be able to use two at the same time. The seat itself equally pan at 14-inch and our favorite part is actually on the fabric because not only are they soft to touch and robust, they are also machine washer friendly so we can easily keep them always clean.

Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit Installation

The first factor you will want to know about car seats is their installation because it is often stressing. As a booster seat, Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit are secured with the car’s seat belt but they do have a lower anchor connector as well which is used when there is no passenger on it or to add stability when the kid is entering and exiting the seat. They are very easy to install with the belt routing system but the Highpoint has this additional feature called SecureGuard.

This is located in between your kid’s legs and has a function to keep the belt sitting on top of their hips which is the most ideal placement for seatbelt and mostly useful for children with smaller frames. Of course the length is adjustable to follow the kid’s height and overall body but it is usually only done once or twice throughout the usage. In comparison however, Kidfit also produces the same placement even without the additional holder.

Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit Fit

As for the fitting, Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit are ideal for older kids who don’t need a harness anymore and are tall enough to be fitted using their seatbelt. Common 6 year old children can use these seats comfortably and even without the SecureGuard, the belt falls exactly on their hips. We do think these seats can last for quite some time as well because 9-10 years old seems to still fall inside their fitting range. What’s even better is you can extend it into backless mode.

This mode allows you to remove the backrest and overall making the seat even more compact but also suitable for taller children. By removing the back, parents may be able to fit up to three seats with the mix or backrest and backless in the configuration.

Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit Features

The last part we want to mention is their additional feature but Britax Highpoint and Chicco Kidfit have almost nothing on the features part besides their cup holder yet, they do have different designs here and overall, we prefer the Kidfit one as it makes the seat somehow more streamlined. Another part we like is the thick padding on the seat itself since it is very comfortable for taller and heavier children to allow them to have a good experience while we drive the vehicle.

Britax Highpoint vs Chicco Kidfit

Both seats are amazing on the installation and safety as well as long term of use. They are useful for years so parents don’t have to buy new seats every year and the thick padding makes them comfy on their seats. The difference is Kidfit have slightly narrower flare on the shoulder area while the Highpoint has SafeGuard feature to help the belt sit properly on top of their hip.

- Ride comfortably: 10 Position quick adjust head headrest grows along with your child and soft, breathable knit fabrics keep your child comfortable
- Surrounded in safety: 3 layers of side impact protection featuring external impact cushions
- Removable Cup Holders: Keep drinks and snacks close at hand; Dishwasher safe
- Fits: Forward facing 40 to 120 pounds, child height 38 to 63 inches; Dimensions: Minimum 27.5 x 21.5 x 16 inches
- DuoZone combined head and shoulder side-impact protection with 10 positions for growing children
- SuperCinch LATCH attachment and one-pull tightener helps keep KidFit in place and kid-ready for easy in/out
- ErgoBoost double foam padding and contoured seat design provide support in all the right places
- 2 space-saving cup holders fold away when not in use and are removable for easy cleaning. Product Max Seated Height - 29 inch. Assembled Product Max Seat Back Height - 32 inch


Parents can choose any of these seats because they are equally good and safe as well as easy to install. But, comparing the price point, we highly recommend Chicco Kidfit if you also want to optimize the budget since this option is cheaper but has the same level of quality.