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Britax Skyline Vs Chicco KidFit

Car seats are necessary to provide the proper safety features for small children. The Britax Skyline Vs Chicco KidFit are perfect for parents with older or taller children who can’t use their convertible car seats anymore. They are booster seats to improve the seatbelt fit, and they are also straightforward to use. If parents consider the two, let’s see below what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • When to use Booster Seat
  • What are Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit
  • How are the Designs of Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit
  • How to Install Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit
  • How to Use Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit
  • How are the Fits of Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit
  • How is the Experience with Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit
  • Britax Skyline Vs Chicco KidFit

Booster Car Seat

The children’s car seat is mandatory, so parents must provide it starting day one when taking the little one by a vehicle. The first seat you may choose is an infant car seat which is the smallest and has the lowest height and weight capacity. They usually only last for around 12 months but are convenient for parents who often travel with a stroller. The most convenient seat is the convertible model because it lasts for years and is suitable for newborns in rear-facing installation.

Convertible car seats like Britax Emblem Vs Graco Extend2Fit are perfect for reducing the cost of using more seats as they give plenty of room to grow. The last seat your children will need is a booster model. Many parents wonder whether the kid is ready to use a booster or if they should still ride in the convertible seat. The general guide for a booster seat is that the kid must be at least four years old, but we don’t use age as the main guide because the car seat uses weight and height capacity.

Parents can use a convertible car seat if the kid still fits in the harness. The maximum height of each car seat may vary, depending on your model. The NHTSA recommends sticking with at least four years old even if your kid is growing fast and meets the booster seat’s specs at a younger age. In addition, the kid has to be mature enough to sit properly in a booster for the entire trip. They also have to exceed the height or weight limits on the harness.

 Britax SkylineChicco KidFit
Product Dimensions16 x 19.5 x 27.5 inches
28 x 19 x 8.5 inches
Shipping Weight11 pounds
10.2 pounds
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About Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit

It is wise to move into a booster seat if your little one meets the seat’s age, weight, and height requirements. The booster seat’s purpose is to improve the fit of a regular seatbelt because the height and depth of its passenger are a little bit too small for a proper belt placement. A booster seat is the most stress-free model among all safety seats, so if parents have experience installing convertible models, a booster should be a walk in the park.

Booster seats are also affordable and usually cheaper than convertible because they are less complex. We recommend spending on a product that meets safety standards but is also easy to use and long-lasting until the kid is not using it anymore. Some of the favorite models you can try are Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit. Both are around $100, with Skyline being the cheaper option. However, if your kid is tall or grows faster, KidFit can be an ideal choice.

In general booster seat is for children who have already outgrown their convertible seat or are no longer comfortable using the harness in the previous seat. The Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit can fit children from 38-40 inches tall until the highest belt position is available. The main difference between Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit is that the latter offers a backless booster mode. Back-less booster is helpful if your vehicle’s roof is low, making it impossible to extend the headrest.

Both car seats are easy to use and comfortable for older children who can’t sit on their convertible anymore. We like the capacity range, and the kid should be able to ride with just the seatbelt after they graduate from these seats. We recommend Skyline if your car doesn’t have a sloped roof, but if they do, then we suggest KidFit.

Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit Design

Booster seats are very similar to regular car seats. Unlike a convertible, the frame is larger but simpler without reclining positions. The base is plastic and lays flat against the vehicle’s seat, so it has to be upright. The backrest is pretty tall, and Skyline is 26 inches tall while KidFit is slightly higher at 27.5 inches. The seat is very light because there is not much plastic on the base. KidFit is approximately 10 pounds, and Skyline is 11 pounds.

The widest part of Skyline is on its side wings, measuring 20 inches, while KidFit is 17 inches on the cupholder. The Skyline’s seat pad depth is 14 inches, similar to KidFit. The fabric or padding on both seats is removable for maintenance, and they are hand wash or machine wash friendly, while the plastic part is safe with a damp cloth. Britax and Chicco offer several different colors or shades for these seats to match their customer’ preferences.

Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit Installation 

Like most car seats, the Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit can use low anchors to secure the seat. But, Chicco requires both low anchors and a seatbelt even when the passenger is absent, which most car seats only recommend using the anchors. Installing these seats is very easy because it doesn’t have a complicated system like most convertible models. They come with anchor connectors stored in the compartment, and parents only need to take them out and then click on the vehicle.

Because they are booster models, the low anchor is to help secure the seat so it won’t become a projectile without a passenger during an impact. We also recommend using the seatbelt routed into the shoulder path and locking it in place; it is effortless and increases the safety performance while not in use.

Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit Application

Fitting a passenger in the seat is also straightforward. The backrest of Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit is adjustable to follow the kid’s growth. Parents have to route the seatbelt through the shoulder belt path, go across the kid’s chest, and click the seatbelt. The fitting is identical to regular seatbelts, but they need the routing path to improve the ideal belt placement. Remember, the belt must be above the shoulder and across the chest. If the adjustable height is too short, the belt may go across the kid’s neck.

Ensure that the lap belt is also lying on their upper thighs and not the stomach. If the seat’s shorter backrest setting is unable to give an ideal fit, then the passenger has

Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit Fit

The capacity guideline for Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit is usable since the kid is 38 inches tall. Depending on the kid’s growth rate, they can start using booster seats around 5-6 years old. The fit for older children is perfect, and they can buckle themselves in without any problem. We find that some kids may be uncomfortable with a booster seat, especially if this is their first time using it. The Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit are relatively comfortable for lean children, but they may be too narrow for bigger kids.

What surprised us is that Skyline has a higher height limit of 63 inches, and while we are not sure it will last that long, the seat still fits a 59 inches kid without any issue. The seat looks smaller for the kid, but the height and head support is still useful. What to note is that your car may have a lower roof that won’t allow for Skyline’s highest capacity. The KidFit’s weight limit is 57 inches in high-back and backless modes.

Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit Experiences 

The overall experiences with Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit are good. They are effortless to install and will fit older children who can’t use the seatbelt only. The height capacity of Skyline is wider, so it is great for taller kids. Still, the seat width is narrow, similar to KidFit, which may cause your children to be uncomfortable sitting on the seat for long, especially when they have bigger builds. The installation and fitting process is a breeze, and we are sure most parents can use the seats without any issue.

Britax Skyline Vs Chicco KidFit

Both Britax Skyline and Chicco KidFit are good options for parents looking to buy a booster seat. The main difference is that KidFit converts into backless booster mode while Skyline is only in high-back mode. But, the height capacity is higher on Skyline, so if your car’s roof allows it, we can fit taller children in the seat up to 63 inches. What to consider is the seat’s width is narrow, so the kids may get uncomfortable before reaching the highest limit.

- 2-In-1: The skyline belt-positioning high back booster car seat easily coverts to a backless booster to keep your child safer, longer.
- Fit: 40 - 120 pounds and up to 63 inch height
- Big kid comfort: Plush, foam padding and built-in arm rests
- Parent convenience: Removable cover and dishwasher-safe cup holders for easy cleaning between rides
- DuoZone combined head and shoulder protection with 10 positions for growing children
- SuperCinch LATCH attachment and one-pull tightener helps keep KidFit in place and kid-ready for easy in/out
- ErgoBoost double foam padding and contoured seat design provide support in all the right places. Single Recline Seat Adjustment
- 2 space-saving cup holders fold away when not in use and are removable for easy cleaning


There are many good booster seats, and these two are very affordable. We recommend Skyline, especially if your kid prefers to have head support, because it has a higher capacity to fit taller children.

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