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Britax Skyline Vs Diono Monterey

A booster seat is necessary to improve the fit of seatbelts for older children. The Britax Skyline Vs Diono Monterey is perfect for growing kids who no longer fit in their harness. These car seats are easy to install and will last for a few years until the kids can wear a seatbelt properly. If parents wonder which model they want to use, let’s see below what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Consider in a Car Seat
  • What are Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey
  • How is the Design of Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey
  • How to Install Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey
  • How to Use Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey
  • What are the Features of Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey
  • How are the Fits of Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey
  • Britax Skyline Vs Diono Monterey

Buying a Car Seat

The road is not the safest place, but it is inevitable because we will travel using private or public transportation. Parents with private vehicles must provide the proper safety system for their children, especially younger ones. A car seat is mandatory for safety reasons, and they help prevent serious injuries. Different car seats have different specs, and parents need to choose according to the passenger. Younger children must ride in a rear-facing seat until they outgrow the weight or height limit.

When choosing a car seat, it is wise to match the specs with the passenger. Car seats have weight and height capacity so each seat may have a different requirement or period of use. Check the stats about the minimum and maximum weight. Most parents can use a convertible model like Britax Emblem Vs Graco Extend2Fit from day one until the kid is around the age to enter elementary school. No kids are the same, so yours may have to move into a booster faster than their friends or stay for longer.

Parents must choose the seat with a standard safety label. All car seats in the US have to meet or exceed FMVSS 213 for safety purposes. You can check the car seat’s label, and the standard may vary depending on where you live. In addition, parents must consider the installation process. The most complicated seat to install is the convertible model because they have two installation options. Some seats have better or more convenient installation steps, but they also tend to be more expensive.

 Britax SkylineDiono Monterey
Product Dimensions16 x 19.5 x 27.5 inches17.5 x 22 x 27.2 inches
Shipping Weight11 pounds
15.2 pounds
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About Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey

The installation process is vital because the seat can only work when correctly attached to the vehicle. What’s a bit challenging is that the interior and seat of each car model can vary, which also affects the ease of use of your children’s seat. Children must sit in their car seats until they can wear a seatbelt properly. The ideal strap position is above the passenger’s shoulder across their chest, while the lap belt goes across the upper thigh and not on the stomach.

Some kids may no longer fit in their convertible’s harness but can’t achieve the ideal fit with a seatbelt. A booster seat is very helpful to improve the fit, and they are straightforward. The seat is the easiest to install among other car seats, but they have the largest form factor. A booster seat is both a child seat and belt router. The seat part improves fitting, and the router helps with proper seatbelt placement. They are typically very affordable and suitable for at least four years old passengers.

The Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey are some of the best options to consider if parents want a seat that is easy to install and lasts for a long time. These seats are top-rated and typically last for several years, depending on the kid’s growth rate. They offer the same capacity until the passenger is 63 inches tall. Your kid may be able to use a seatbelt even before reaching the maximum height range because the general guide is 57 inches tall.

The main difference between Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey is height capacity. But, on the feature side, both have the same backless mode. This feature is a system where the backrest is removed from the seat base. This type of installation may be helpful to improve comfort because the seat surface is relatively small, especially if you have a taller or bigger kid.

Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey Design

Like most booster seats, the Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey are the same in design. The seat is huge or about the size of your vehicle’s seat. The headrest is adjustable to accommodate passengers’ growth, while the headrest has padding on both sides to improve protection and comfort. As you can see, both seats have the same physical features. The shoulder areas are flaring to protect the kid from possible side impact. The widest part of these seats is approximately 20 inches around the shoulder flare.

The Skyline weighs about 12 pounds, and Monterey’s is approximately 13 pounds. The material combines plastic for the frame and base, while the surface is foam and fabric. The fabric is removable for maintenance and washable. The seat pan depth is 14 inches for both models. The Skyline is a taller seat when fully extended at 34.5 inches and 29.5 inches for the Monterey. In addition, there are a few colors to choose from in both seats if you don’t like the standard darker shades.

Installing Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey

The installation process for the booster seat is straightforward. Parents must secure Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey using lower anchors or LATCH if your car has the connector. The process is also simple because you only need to remove the connector from the storage and click it on the vehicle. The tightening process is by pulling the strap at the front, which is also easy to access. We need to check whether the seat is firmly secured by shaking it slightly.

The Skyline has a tether strap to improve installation, and we recommend using the top tether all the time because the backrest will feel sturdier. On the other hand, Monterey doesn’t have a top tether, but it should not be an issue as long as the lower anchors are connected when no passenger is using the seat.

Using Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey 

At the booster seat age, the kid usually can wear their seatbelt. Parents must supervise the process for the first time, but we don’t find any issues for older children. The Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey’s widths are not as wide as the car’s seat, so it is easy to see the belt lock. These seats have an adjustable headrest to accommodate the growing phase and increase the belt path routing as the kid grows taller. However, there is no lap belt positioner if it doesn’t lay at the proper position.

Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey Features

Next is the features part because both Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey can convert into a backless booster. The original Skyline doesn’t have a backless mode, but they renewed this line in 2019, so the Skyline that is circulating now is capable of the feature while keeping its original design. Backless booster is the more traditional model, and your older kids may like it better because it looks less “babyish.” A backless booster is also light if adding weight to your vehicle is a concern.

Backless mode is only for a car with a headrest. The kid’s ears should be in line with the top of your vehicle’s seatback. The installation process is the same, and backless mode is not a must to use if the passenger is comfortable using the high back option. Other notable features are cup holders and removable fabrics available on both seats. What’s not available in Skyline is an adjustable shoulder flare.

The shoulder flare of most booster seats is fixed and narrow, so they can be less comfortable for bigger kids. With an adjustable shoulder flare, we find Monterey an ideal option if your kid is heavier or has a bigger build.

Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey Fit

Older children can start using Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey once they are at least 38 inches tall and weigh 40 pounds. The maximum weight limit on both highback and backless modes is 120 pounds, while the tallest height should be 63 inches. The Skyline headrest is taller, so it may provide a more extended use in highback mode. Children that are approximately 54 inches tall find the Monterey stay comfortable. What’s a bit different is Monterey has a broader shoulder flare than Skyline.

A wider shoulder flare is useful when the kid has a bigger build or is heavy since their arms may get squeezed. We find the Skyline may be too tight for the same child, but it has a taller headrest than most booster seats. Check the seatbelt position when planning to use Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey backless mode. The shoulder strap must not touch the neck, so we need to go back into highback booster mode if it does.

Britax Skyline Vs Diono Monterey

Both Britax Skyline and Diono Monterey are good car seats for your growing kids. They offer the same backless mode because Britax introduced this feature for Skyline in 2019. The weight and height capacity is the same, but Skyline has a taller adjustable headrest while Monterey has a wider flexible shoulder flare. The wider flare makes the seat more comfortable for kids with a heavier weight or bigger build so they can use the seat for longer.

- 2-In-1: The skyline belt-positioning high back booster car seat easily coverts to a backless booster to keep your child safer, longer.
- Fit: 40 - 120 pounds and up to 63 inch height
- Big kid comfort: Plush, foam padding and built-in arm rests
- Parent convenience: Removable cover and dishwasher-safe cup holders for easy cleaning between rides
- THE ORIGINAL EXPANDABLE BOOSTER: Provides 69% increase in occupancy space as your child grows
- 2 SEATS IN 1: Easily converts into a backless booster seat, with a wide contoured seat base and two retractable cup holders
- SUPERIOR SIDE IMPACT PROTECTION: Reinforced high impact aluminum that provides layers of enhanced side impact protection for head, shoulders and torso
- 11 POSITION HEADREST: Easy one hand adjustment provides up to 6.5” in height to grow with your child. Ultimate safety and protection for your child comfort


There is no wrong option, but Monterey is a wise choice for parents with bigger children to use the seat comfortably. But, if your kid is small or thin, the Skyline is more affordable and can offer the same features, including weight and height capacity.


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