Britax Skyline vs Highpoint 

While a car seat is necessary for children until they are tall enough to use the car’s seat belt, we also have to choose the seat properly for their age and height. For parents with older kids, Britax Skyline Vs Highpoint are the ideal seat to use as they are no longer secured using a harness but have to utilize the car’s seat belt. If you are also planning to buy one of these seats, check below to see what you may want to know about the unit.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Shop for a New Car Seat

  • What are Britax Skyline and Highpoint

  • What Britax Skyline and Highpoint Look Like

  • How are the Installation of Britax Skyline and Highpoint

  • How are the Fit of Britax Skyline and Highpoint

  • What else Britax Skyline and Highpoint can offer

  • Britax Skyline Vs Highpoint

Choosing the Best Car Seat

It may be required by law to use a car seat in your country or state but even when it is not mandatory, we parents should know that by installing the seat and properly securing our children on their own seat, it will reduce the impact that will harm their body in case there is an accident. Car seats with built-in harnesses are ideal for your younger kids as the fit will conform to their body the most while older children can use the one with a seat belt securing system.

However, while car seats are available widely and for most of the time quite affordable, there are some types of them and not all will be ideal for our family. To ease parents shopping for their new car seat, here are some factors and steps you may want to consider:

  1. Car seats must be safe and this is the reason why we use them. Different places can have their own standardization to meet such as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 or if you live in Europe then ECE R44 and UNR 129-Size.

  2. Choosing based on what age and height your kid is currently in. We are sure most parents already know this but just for a reminder that babies or children below 2 years have to use rear-facing car seat/infant car seats until reaching the weight/height limit. After this, a convertible car seat can be used to let them sit facing forward and usually the weight limit is about 40 pounds. When they are older and taller, we should use the belt-positioning booster seat such as Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco KidFit.

  3. When browsing the option for a car seat, if this is meant for children below 40 pounds, make sure to find a five-point harness because this is the safest securing system compared to a three point harness or seat belt.

  4. Next is their installation system and this is probably the most stressing part we often find when buying a new seat as it is highly dependent on the car’s seating system and its attachment as well. Make sure to read the car’s manual on how they secure car seats including the one we want to buy, or for the best convenience you can check NHTSA website.

  5. Last but not least is how the seat will be useful and comfortable for our children. They may sit nicely when we first buy them but children grow fast and it is best to find a seat that can grow with them as well or give some room for them to use it a bit longer.

 Britax SkylineBritax Highpoint 
Product Dimensions16 x 19.8 x 27.5 inches
16 x 21.5 x 27.5 inches
Shipping Weight11 pounds
12 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Britax Skyline and Highpoint

Now when parents already have an image on which car seat or how the seat should be, it is the time to see what the market has to offer and in this part we can shop based on what we need. There will be plenty of options from different brands and different price ranges as well so we may have to spend quite the time before finding the perfect option. We prefer to pick one from well-known brands not because they are popular but because chances are they will be more reliable.

When browsing for a new car seat, one of the most popular brands is Britax and we are sure many will agree as well that they are a great option to shop from because of the product quality. Their seats are not overly expensive and tend to be very competitive with other brands so parents with more children to take care of can still opt for their products. We personally like Britax because of their easy installation system to reduce the fuss when putting and taking them off the car.

If you are here then we are sure that the type of seat you are looking for is a booster seat or the one which is used to improve belt securing position and for this application, two of the ideal choices are Britax Skyline and Highpoint. Both of them are very affordable because their function is only to aid the car’s seat belt. If your kid’s weight and height have been exceeding one or two of their previous car seat’s, these two are going to support their body to the seatbelt.

Both of them were used to be called Essentials to make a more affordable line of car seat so we usually called them Essentials by Britax but, the latter name is still what people are more familiar with and hence they remove the word and just use the original brand. Britax Skyline and Highpoint are very similar for the fact that Skyline is based on the older brother but tweaked to make the seat more affordable by reducing some of its features.

Britax Skyline and Highpoint Design

However, we do think that these seats are worth considering and probably among the best in the price point because they are useful and easy to install as well. As you can see, they are pretty much similar to each other and many other booster seats out there with a solid and huge frame but far less padding compared to convertible or booster seats with a harness. The cushioning is still plush and comfortable but we do like their soft fabric the most.

Their seating spaces are very spacious so we guess they can last for quite the time and in general, side by side Britax Skyline and Highpoint are looking like the same seat. The shoulder backrests are also spacious and your kid should be able to sit or nap in their seat comfortably. Their fabrics are washable which is great if your children have car sickness sometimes but not machine washable and recommended to be washed with hand or mild soap. 

Britax Skyline and Highpoint Installation

The next part we want to mention is their installation system because this can be stressing at times yet, this is also more prominent in rear facing or convertible seat in which Britax Skyline and Highpoint are not going to be confusing at all. Note that booster seats must be secured with the kid using a seat belt so both are secured at the same time hence the simplicity. When the passenger gets off the vehicle, the seat must be secured again using the seatbelt to prevent it from becoming a projectile in case of a crash.

There is actually a lower anchor attachment in these seats but they are not made to secure the children and only to keep the seat from moving around when there is no passenger in it. The LATCH is similar to what we found in many Britax seats and they are easy to use as well. Both are also not suitable with inflatable seatbelts.

Britax Skyline and Highpoint Fit

Moving further, let’s check the fit for children and here these seats are identical because they can be used since your kid is reaching 40 lbs. until they are 120 lbs. or from 38-inch to 63-inch in height. The seats will have a total of 10 positions for the adjustable headrest that can be activated by pulling the top of the frame upward. Children from 5 years old should sit nicely on Britax Skyline and Highpoint and while the top point is routed with the slot, the lap belt is laid with the arm rest.

This way the seatbelt will be placed properly across their limb and the lap belt which often falls on their stomach is now moved to the lap due to the additional width of these seats’ arm rest. But, since these seats have a taller height, we do think they are more ideal for taller children especially those that grow faster on the limb.

Britax Skyline and Highpoint Features

The last part we want to mention is their features and this is what set Britax Skyline and Highpoint apart the most while also affecting the price point. First, Highpoint has this lap belt clip which is not present on the other seat and this will further put the lap belt on top of their thigh but side by side, we don’t see much difference in the placement somehow in 40 lbs. passengers. Second is the external side impact cushion which is adding the protective feature of the seat.

Britax Skyline vs Highpoint 

Both of these affordable seats are ideal if your children are around 40 lbs. and their former seat is no longer comfortable or matches their growth anymore. The differences on Britax Skyline and Highpoint are only on the additional features because the latter has both lap belt clip and additional side impact cushion. Outside these, both booster seats are very identical to each other and equally reliable as well as comfortable.

- Easy installation: Push button lower connectors secure the belt positioning booster seat to the vehicle when not in use
- 10 Position head restraint: Quick adjust headrest grows along with your child
- Designed for safety: 2 layers of side impact protection feature a foam lined shell and head restraint
- Removable Cup Holders: Keep drinks and snacks close at hand; Dishwasher safe
- Ride comfortably: 10 Position quick adjust head headrest grows along with your child and soft, breathable knit fabrics keep your child comfortable
- Surrounded in safety: 3 layers of side impact protection featuring external impact cushions
- Removable Cup Holders: Keep drinks and snacks close at hand; Dishwasher safe
- Fits: Forward facing 40 to 120 pounds, child height 38 to 63 inches; Dimensions: Minimum 27.5 x 21.5 x 16 inches (HxWxD)


You can go with any of them but, even without the side impact Skyline is just as safe as other booster seats and if you want to spend with a less budget, we highly recommend this seat because the additional features are not very attractive.