Britax Skyline vs Midpoint

Children’s safety is an important thing to do for every parent during riding. Safety matter becomes the most reasons for parents to choose the car seat. That is why Britax comes to the market to fulfill every parent’s wish. In the lates of 2009, Britax launched the Britax Skyline and Midpoint. They come with an upgrade and bring the new technology of the car seat.

To look over the even closer, let’s see the review below so we can decide which one is the most suitable car seat for your kids. Remember, quality is an important aspect to support safety matters. So you should be wise while choosing the product.

Britax Skyline

The Britax Skyline is a booster car seat that made for safety and comfortable use to your kids. The base model booster car seat has a lot of features that made special for kids’ size.  It comes with the weight limit between 40-120 lbs of kid’s weight. The Height limit comes between 38-63 inches for kid’s height. Read also: Britax One4Life vs Advocate.

The Britax Skyline has a spacious design with deep walls for the full head, torso, and pelvic side impact protection. The assembly of this car seat is easier to install using the LATCH connectors. This makes the booster safer to use whether while the kid is getting out of the booster.

The Britax Skyline covers by the soft material that easy to maintenance. If you want to clean the booster, you only need to wash it by handwashing then hanging it to dry. The material is elastic type so that makes it easier to remove and clean with hand washer.

The Skyline from Britax has 10 positioning headrests that can be easy to adjust. It can fit perfectly to your kid-size of height and weight. The foam-lined match perfectly with the pads. It has two line-shaped to give maximum protection to your kids. The deep-foam lined can absorb the excess energy from both of collision side. 

The Britax Skyline offers flexible button features with the knit fabric. The fabric has soft and breathable materials so it’s comfortable for kids. To ensure the booster fits perfectly in the right position, the button can flexibly adjust to whatever size you want. The belt guides integrate with code belt guides so that makes the adjustable will easier.

In both sides of the Britax Skyline, there is two cup holder that removable to use. It makes easier access to your kids to reach their drink or snacks. The cup is made by the dishwasher safe cup and it is easy to clean. The dimension of this booster is 16 x 19.75 x 27.5 inches and 11 pounds of weight. The price on Amazon starts from US$122.34 which is great to buy.

Britax Midpoint

The Midpoint from Britax is a kind of booster car seat type that comes with two boosters for 40-120 lbs child with a standing height between 38-63 inches. With these kinds of differences, it helps parents to easier to choose which one is the most suitable for their kids. The weight limit helps the parents to give the optimal protection for their kids. 

The Britax Midpoint offers 10 positions quick-adjust headrest system. It builds with the soft materials that comfortable for kids. The headrest system can accommodate your growing kids so that they would not worry to sit there. The Midpoint has restraint features to improve safety on its. 

The material from the Britax Midpoint offers a deep foam-lined shell with two layers ahead. It appears on both sides as the impact protection to prevent when some crash happens. It has an adjustable setting that easier to apply so that makes the Britax Midpoint more comfortable to use than any other car seat.

To secure your kids, the Britax Midpoint completes by the security guard system on its. It comes in a security guard belt-positioning clip that you can find it on the side of the booster. The secure guard completes the color-coded belt guides to ensure the belt is perfectly fit to wear in the right position.

The fabric knitted perfectly on the Britax Midpoint which makes it more comfortable to use. It has soft and breathable fabric materials that will not harm the children’s skin. It will perfectly fit to use whether the weather is cold and hot sunny day to ensure the comfort for your kids. 

As your kids are growing so fast from babies to grown-up kids, the Britax Midpoint offers the adjustable the right size for it. that is why the design is important to improve by the Midpoint. It completes the two dishwashers safe, removable cup holders to keep the drink, and removable seat pads. All of them have a breeze system that easily cleans. 

The price of the Britax Midpoint comes with a reasonable price on its class that starts from US$120 in Amazon. The dimension comes in the 16 x 20.5 x 27.5 inches and 12 pounds of weight. It comes with a Gray color type that perfect for your choices. 

Britax Skyline vs Midpoint

- Easy installation: Push button lower connectors secure the belt positioning booster seat to the vehicle when not in use
- 10 Position head restraint: Quick adjust headrest grows along with your child
- Designed for safety: 2 layers of side impact protection feature a foam lined shell and head restraint
- Removable Cup Holders: Keep drinks and snacks close at hand; Dishwasher safe
- Spacious design with deep side walls for full head, torso, and pelvic side impact protection
- 2 layers of side impact protection, formed by a deep foam lined shell and quick adjust head protection, absorb energy and surround your child in safety
- Secure guard belt positioning clip secures and properly positions the vehicle lap belt
- 10 position quick adjust head restraint

Which One Do You Prefer?

Both of the specs of the Britax Skyline and Midpoint has good safety grade. They also come with good material fabric that pretty soft to kids. But, if we look even closer to the review above, we will find that the Britax Midpoint is better than the Britax Skyline. 

The Britax Midpoint has a more advanced installation type with the ISOFLEX LATCH connection system and a security guard belt system positioning clip. The Britax Skyline has no features like these so that makes the Britax Skyline less worth buying. The security guard belt system makes the safety is perfectly fit to protect your kid from impact, but the Britax Skyline does not have these features.

The Britax Midpoint has a dual comfort breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics, while the Britax Skyline does not have them. These features make the booster more comfortable to use in the Britax Midpoint than the Britax Skyline. That is why the Britax Midpoint is a car seat booster you have to buy for your kids.