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Safety 1st Guide 65 vs Cosco Scenera Next

Taking the baby or toddler to travel in a car will need suitable safety equipment. One of the important things is selecting a suitable car seat according to their weight and age. Of course, there are many types of car seats available in the market, but not everyone will bring suitable features as needed. Such …


Cosco Scenera Next vs Cosco Apt 50

There is quite many comfortable car seat brand in the market that shows some great specification. Especially if we looking for an affordable convertible car seat. Name it Cosco Scenera Next VS Cosco Apt 50. Coming from the same brand doesn’t mean it works in the same specifications. Therefore, if you need to make some …


Cosco Finale Dx vs Cosco Finale

To provide a proper protection for our children while in the car, a car seat is an important equipment to have when we have a children. When used properly, a car seat should retain and protect our children when there is an accident on the road. Cosco have many collection to offer like Cosco Finale …