Chicco Fit2 vs UPPAbaby Mesa

Chicco Fit2 and UPPAbaby Mesa are two infant car seats that are available in a similar price range. They are quite more expensive than other models in the market, but they also come with advanced features and superior build quality. In this article, we will compare Chicco Fit2 vs UPPAbaby Mesa to find out which model that is actually better.

So, continue reading below to learn more about:
– The dimensions of each model
– The height and weight limits of Chicco Fit2 and UPPAbaby Mesa
– The installation process of each model
– The comparison of their features
– The safety of Chicco Fit2 vs UPPAbaby Mesa
– Which infant car seat that is generally more recommended

Size and Weight
The first thing that you need to know about these two infant car seats is their dimensions. How large are they? Will they fit inside your car? Are they heavy? Since many infant car seats are used along with strollers, many parents prefer infant car seats that are compact, lightweight, and easy to move.See also: Graco Extend2Fit vs Chicco NextFit.

Chicco Fit2 is definitely better in terms of portability. This model is slightly more compact, so you will find it easier to fit inside your car. This model measures 16 inches x 17 inches x 28 inches. You won’t find any problem in getting the car seat inside your vehicle. The handlebar and the anti-rebound bar are placed in clever positions that will allow them to do their jobs without significantly increasing the overall size.

Chicco Fit2 is also pretty lightweight. It only weighs about 20.5 lbs. Although it is not the lightest model in the market, it is still relatively easy to move, so that you can use it in your car and on your stroller easily.

UPPAbaby Mesa is both bigger and heavier. It measures 17 inches x 17.5 inches x 31 inches. One reason behind the greater dimensions is the way the handlebar and the anti-rebound bar are placed. They noticeably increase the overall size of the car seat. Still, this model is not too overly bulky, and you should be able to fit it inside most cars fairly easily.

UPPAbaby Mesa has a weight of about 26 lbs. It is quite heavy. As the effect, it is a bit more difficult to move, even though you can still use it in your car as well as on your stroller.

Height and Weight Limits
One of the most important differences between Chicco Fit2 vs UPPAbaby Mesa is their height and weight limits. You need to make sure that the car seat that you choose can fit your child. You also need to make sure that the car seat will actually last for some time before you need to switch to a forward-facing car seat or booster seat to accommodate a larger kid.

Chicco Fit2 is very nice because, to serve effectively as a rear-facing car seat, it actually has two different positions with different recline angles. So, it can provide the safest and most comfortable position as your child grows.

First, it has the infant position which puts the car seat in a flat position. This mode is suitable for a newborn or small infant between 4 – 35 lbs and a height of up to 35 inches. Second, it has the toddler position, which brings the seat a little bit more upright, and is suitable for a toddler between 15 – 35 lbs and a maximum height of 35 inches.

UPPAbaby Mesa is designed for infants. It is not meant for toddlers or big kids. Hence, it does not have any capability to recline. The seat is always in a flat position to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

According to the specifications, UPPAbaby Mesa is suitable for a newborn baby or infant between 4 – 35 lbs. This is pretty much similar to Chicco Fit2. However, the maximum child height limit on UPPAbaby Mesa is only 32 inches. So, your child will probably outgrow this car seat a little bit more quickly, and it is not recommended for a tall baby.

Set Up
Next, between Chicco Fit2 vs UPPAbaby Mesa, which one is easier to set up? This aspect becomes even more important if you want to be able to use the car seat in a travel system with a stroller. If the installation is difficult, people will just give up moving the car seat frequently.

Chicco Fit2, fortunately, is very easy to set up. This model comes with the Super Cinch LATCH installation system, which allows you to tighten the latch connector very easily. Hence, you can effortlessly achieve a solid and secure installation without the car seat wiggling around.

Chicco Fit2 also comes with a leveling foot that is adjustable with a single hand to provide an ideal base angle and two RideRight bubble indicators so that you can easily determine the current base angle. The lever for switching between the infant mode and the toddler mode is found on the base and also easily adjustable.

According to the company, Chicco Fit2 is compatible with most Chicco strollers to be used together as a travel system. The installation on the stroller is also very easy. It connects with a click-in attachment. It also has a one-handed removal mechanism so that you can detach the seat easily from the stroller.

UPPAbaby Mesa also comes with its own proprietary installation system, which is called the SMART Secure installation system. It has auto-retracting latch connectors that are easy to use, and a visual indicator which changes between red and green to show you whether you have achieved a proper tightness or not.

UPPAbaby Mesa is said to be compatible with the popular UPPAbaby Vista and UPPAbaby Cruz strollers to be used as a travel system. This car seat can connect to the two said strollers without requiring any adapter, so the set-up is easy and convenient. It also has a one-handed release mechanism.

Seat Features
Chicco Fit2 comes with great features. First of all, it has a no-rethread harness system which will allow you to adjust the fit quickly and easily. Nobody likes rethreading, so this is an excellent feature. Chicco Fit2 also has 7 headrest positions to provide the most comfortable support to your child. Then, there is a removable cushion designed to ensure a snug fit for a newborn or small infant.

On the top of the seat, there is a handlebar to allow you to lift up and carry the unit easily. It also has a removable canopy; you can use the canopy to shield your baby from bright lights that may hurt your baby’s eyes. The fabrics are removable and machine-washable, so the cleaning won’t take much time or effort.

UPPAbaby Mesa also has nice features. It also has an easily adjustable no-rethread harness system. So, with this model, you can also fit the harness without any difficulty. In addition, it has storage pockets for the harness buckles when they are not in use.

There is a handlebar to allow easy carrying. UPPAbaby Mesa has a very nice SPF canopy that can protect your baby not only from bright lights, but also the harsh ultraviolet light from the sun. The canopy hides away when not in use.

However, although the fabrics are removable, they are not machine-washable. The company recommends washing the fabrics manually by hands. This is a bit inconvenient, as manual washing takes some time.

Both Chicco Fit2 vs UPPAbaby Mesa are highly safe and durable car seats. This is not only because they offer easy installation and nice features. Both car seats are indeed made from high-quality materials. Their seats are made from lead-free materials.

Both car seats have highly durable frames and thick impact-absorbing foam pads. Both models have been side-impact tested, and they certainly have been tested to meet or exceed the federal and industrial safety standards.

Both models are approved by the FAA for airplane use. However, whenever you are about to take an airplane flight, you need to double check with the airplane company whether taking a car seat along is allowed. You also need to check the width of the airplane seat to make sure you can put the infant car seat there.

Color Variants
Finally, let’s take a look at the available color variants. As a parent, you may have a particular color preference. You may want your car seat to have a matching look with your stroller or your car’s interior.

Chicco Fit2 does not provide many options here, but at least there are some variants to choose from. This car seat is available in three color variants: Tempo (black and dark gray), Arietta (dark purple), and Tullio (blue).

UPPAbaby Mesa is available in four color variants. There are Jake (black), Charcoal Melange Wool (dark gray), Taylor (dark blue), and Henry (light gray).

Chicco Fit2 vs UPPAbaby Mesa

- 2-Stage base converts from Infant Position to Toddler Position, making it easy to stay rear-facing for the first 2 years
- Provides more upright, spacious seating with adjustability and extended leg room for toddlers 9-24 months - without taking up extra space in the vehicle
- Easiest to install with Recline Sure levelling foot, Ride Right bubble levels, and Super Cinch LATCH tightened
- Compatible with Chicco strollers for travel system use (sold separately)
- NEW! 2018 MESA Infant Car Seat. SMART Secure system installs in seconds
- Adjustable no-rethread headrest with integrated Side Impact Protection. Storage pockets for harness buckles
- Attaches to VISTA and CRUZ strollers without adapters
- SPF hideaway canopy. ONLY Suitable for infants 4-35 lbs. and up to 32" in height

Between these two infant car seats, Chicco Fit2 is more recommended. It has a higher height limit, so it can be used for taller babies and may remain usable for a longer time. It is also easier to clean due to having removable, machine-washable fabrics. The installation is very easy and quick, and the no-rethread harness adjustment is very convenient.