Chicco Myfit vs Britax Frontier

To give our children the proper protection when on the car, we will need a car seat for children. They are designed to keep children body in place and distribute the shock to the body to prevent more serious injury when there is an accident. There are so many options when it comes to car seat such as Chicco Myfit vs Britax Frontier. If you are interested in them, go check our article below to see which item can give you the best benefit.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a car seat
– What are Chicco Myfit and Britax Frontier
– What Chicco Myfit and Britax Frontier Look Like
– What Chicco Myfit and Britax Frontier can offer to you
– Chicco Myfit vs Britax Frontier

Car Seat for Children
Having a children also mean an increased responsibility because we have to be responsible parents and take care of our children properly. There are things that we can’t prevent but as a parents, we want our children get the best possible protection and far from dangerous things that may hurt them. When traveling in a car, an accident is always possible even if we are driving safely since we never know what will happened on the road. If adults have the airbag and seat belt then children will need their car seat.

Car seat for children will have the same function as standard car seat with their seat belt which is to prevent our body from being thrown when there is a crash and to spread the impact to several body parts to minimize the harm. A standard car seat is too big for children body and the seat belt won’t fit them properly so a children car seat is needed to give all the safety features with the correct fit for children in each growing stage.

Just like may thing else, car seat is available in several models depend on the users’ need. The first seat we will need is infant car seat to transport baby which also acts as a carrier, the second is convertible car seat to carry toddler and older children while the last will be booster car seat which will act only as a booster since this model are not equipped with harness anymore and good to prepare children before they can use the car’s seat belt.

About Chicco Myfit
There are so many car seats available in the market and it is good to find the one that match our need or have the kind of features we want. One of the most popular car seat manufacturer that we can always depend on is Chicco with its wide range of collection to offer. We are sure many parents are already familiar with the brand and if you are looking for the seat to protect toddler until they are several years older, the one you may want to check is Myfit .

Chicco Myfit Design
This seat is a front facing car seat with a minimum weight limit of 25 pounds, so it is not suitable for baby or toddler below the weight limit. The design is very stylish and simple to compliment your car’s interior with all the features intact. The padding is nice and comfy with a seat width at 11.5 inch, so if your children’s body weight is standard, they still can sit comfortably on Chicco Myfit while the total unit weight itself is around 25 pounds.

Chicco Myfit Features
All car seats have to pass the safety standard and test to make sure they are capable of providing a protection when there is an accident, so all car seats are safe while some may be added with more layer of protection. As for Chicco Myfit, the seat is featured with DuoGuard side-impact protection that offers the users two layers of protection in two zones with the car’s rigid shell and EPS energy-absorbing foam placed around the head and torso. Additionally, it is also reinforced with steel frame for better impact protection.

Chicco Myfit is a combination car seat and it can fit toddler at least 2 years old from 25 to 65 pounds with the featured five points harness and can fit older children from at least 4 years old with minimum weight of 40 pounds to 100 pounds when used in booster car seat mode secured with the car’s seat belt. With this wide weight range, the seat is will be a good option so parents won’t need to purchase another seats shortly when they children grew up.

However, what we love the most on Chicco Myfit is the reclining option because this feature is not available in many similar car seats in the market. This feature probably not important for elevating the safety but they are important to promote more comfort, moreover, if your children often sleep while on the car. There is 4 recline positions available to make the seat slightly lower and to allow children to sleep better in the position compared to when the seat is in an upright position.

When children grew up, the seat will need another adjustment as well and if your children are taller now, the headrest is also adjustable for up to 9 level of adjustment so we don’t have to sacrifice comfort and protection when used in booster mode. Additionally, there are two cup holders located in each side of the seat when our children wants to carry their water bottles or sippy cups.

The last is installation since some car seats are hard to be properly installed in our cars but thankfully, Chicco Myfit is not since it can be installed with either LATCH or the seat belt. As for the seat belt installation, there is an easy routing and lock-offs to simplify parents when using the car seat even for new users. The bubble level is also very helpful to make sure we put the car seat on the proper position.

About Britax Frontier
It is good to have another option when looking for something since then we can compare them side by side and check if one of them will give a better benefit for us or provide the kind of features we want on the budget we are willing to spend. If you like the kind of features in Chicco Myfit, you may want to check Britax car seat especially the Frontier model because the seat also offers what you can get on the other car seat.

Britax Frontier Design
Britax Frontier is also a combination car seat so we can use it starting from 25 pounds and booster seat from 40 pounds. The design is like any standard car seat but we love the color scheme or pattern they put on the seat like the cow pattern on the sample picture above because they are kind of cute. The seat area or width will be around 13.5 inch, so children should be able to sit comfortably while the shoulder width is 15.5-inch. Read also: Cosco Finale DX vs Cosco Finale here.

Britax Frontier Features
Just like Chicco Myfit, Britax Frontier is also added with some more into their protection level aside from the standard protection regulated by the federal government because the seat is featured with 2 layers of side impact protection. This additional safety feature is meant to protect our children when there is a collision because the seat have an energy absorbing shell and foam-lined head rest so the head area can be safer compared to those seats without additional side impact protection.

When used in harness mode, the seat will require toddler at least 2 years old and with a minimum weight from 25 pounds to 90 pounds while if used in booster mode the seat can even fit older children starting from 40 pounds to 120 pounds. The best benefit of higher weight range is we can still use them even when our children grow bigger because a car seat should last more than a year and we know that children growth can go very fast.

On the comfort side, not many seats out there can be reclined especially for a front facing position but Britax Frontier will allow passenger to relax more with multiple recline position to make the passenger can rest more comfortably when we drive the car for a long hours. Additionally, the headrest is also adjustable thus, when children grow taller, we can just increase them to fit their current height more properly. For those who love snacking on the go will also please to see the built in compartment on each side.

On the installation, Britax Frontier ease the users with ClickTight installation system which is simpler and without weight limit. To do it, we only need to open the front of the car seat, buckle the seat belt across and click the seat shut.

Now, let’s compare Chicco Myfit with Britax Frontier. As you may already know, the prominent difference between them is the weight limit because Frontier have a higher weight limit than Myfit while on the installation, both of them are rather similar with an easy, stress free seat belt locking system.

Chicco Myfit vs Britax Frontier

- Duo Guard 2-layers Rigid Shell with energy absorbing steel reinforcement PLUS 2 Zones Side Impact protection for Head & Torso
- Rest assured with 4-Position true recline and 9-Position headrest to support proper posture for every car ride
- Lock Sure belt-tightening system helps achieve a secure installation with vehicle seat belt
- Toddler to Big Kid: Easily transition from harness to belt-positioning booster as your child grows
- Easy installation: Patented ClickTight makes car seat installation as simple as buckling a seat belt
- No rethreading, ever: Quick-adjust 9-position harness with headrest for a comfortable, secure fit

All in all, both of them can be a great option for your children’s car seat. However, after considering the price and features, we do prefer Chicco Myfit better because with all the features we get from the seat, the price is more affordable than Frontier.