Chicco MyFit vs Britax Pinnacle

Since there are so many options out there when looking for a suitable car seat for your family, choosing among those options will take some efforts and time as well. If you need those that are already used by many parents and proven to perform well, you may want to check Chicco MyFit vs Britax Pinnacle. Both of them are equally popular and have all the features we need in a car seat. If you also interested in them, go check how they differ in our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a car seat
– What are Chicco MyFit and Britax Pinnacle
– What Chicco MyFit and Britax Pinnacle Look Like
– What Chicco MyFit and Britax Pinnacle can offer to you
– Chicco MyFit vs Britax Pinnacle

Choosing Car Seat
We never know what will happen in the future and as a parent, it is understandable that we are always worry about our children’s safety. They still can’t protect themselves and we have to provide the proper protection for them whenever we are able to including against the effect when there is an accident with your vehicle. Since motor vehicle accident is still among the highest cause of children death, we have to prepare in case those unfortunate events happen to our family.

The proper way to protect our children while traveling with car is by using car seat that is made properly for their age and weight or height. The purpose of car seat is to give the best fit for their smaller body when there is an accident just like our seat belt and regular seat. Car seat is made to be smaller and have a headrest with harness or belt positioner so children’s body can be properly restrained if there is an extreme sudden movement.

For baby, there is an infant car seat with contoured seat and harness to keep them restrained and toddler can use rear facing seat with the harness as well while front facing seat is only used for older children and youth. The last car seat will be booster seat and used with only seat belt because children at this age already have a bigger body and can use the seat belt as long as placed in the right position with the help of belt positioner slot.

About Chicco MyFit
Choosing among those many options available is not an easy task to do because we have to search for their related information as well. One of the fastest way to select from those huge amount is to look from well-known or popular brands thus, we can narrow down the numbers quickly and popular names have many users so we can rest assure about the dependability of their products. Among those brands, we are sure many parents are already familiar with Chicco.

The brand have so many baby and children gear in their catalogue such as car seat and stroller. If you need a car seat that can be used since your children are allowed to sit on front facing car seat, one of the best option will be Chicco MyFit. This seat is gaining so many popularity due to all the features available in the products that ease parents and comfort children when used, moreover, they are also affordable so we don’t have to spend much to get a quality product.

Chicco MyFit Design
The first time we lay our eyes on Chicco MyFit, the first thing comes to our mind is “stylish” because they indeed look so and are quite different to many other similar seats in the market. They are coming in various fashion for customers to choose and the one in our sample above is in Canyon fashion. This seat weight is 25 pounds and the width on hip area is 11.5 inch featured with 5-point harness to restrained smaller or younger users. Read also: Chicco MyFit vs Graco Nautilus here.

Chicco MyFit Features
All car seats have to passed a requirements decided by the federal government and all those car seats available in the market have to fulfill this standard so they are all safe and can properly protect children. Chicco MyFit also have to pass this standard and safe enough to use as well as able to provide the proper protection when there is a crash or accident on the road. However, some manufacturers also add another layer for this protection and this model featured the seat with DuoGuard side-impact protection.

This additional protection is good to minimize the effect or impact and they are placed on both head and torso because they are the important areas that need the coverage the most. Other additional protection is on their design because of Deep Ergo Boost with dual-density padding and sloped, contoured design.

As it has been mentioned above, Chicco MyFit is made to suit smaller children and youth because it is a combination seat and for the fit, this car seat is made for children between 25 and 65 pounds when used with 5-point harness with maximum height of 54 inches. When your children is older, the car seat can be used without its harness but with seat belt and convert into booster car seat. This mode can fit children from 40 to 100 pounds with minimum height of 38 inches and maximum 57 inches.

The best benefit of choosing a combination car seat is they will have a wide weight range and this is good so we don’t have to purchase another car seat next year or in a short time since they can fit older children as well. What we have to keep in mind is the expiration date because we have to change them when they are already expired to make sure the performance is still good.

One thing that we love the most about Chicco MyFit is its reclining position and this is very useful when our children like to sleep in the car or we often drive for hours because then they can rest better. The seat is featured with 4-position recline and we can easily set them with the help of reclining numbers placed on the side of the seat. Not all similar seats have this many positions so we think it is one of its selling points for those who need the option.

Another useful feature is on the installation and this is because the car seat have LockSure which is a lock-offs and wide belt routing that will make installation with car seat belt a breeze. It will also allow parents to use LATCH but this installation will have a weight limit, so make sure our children and the car seat weight combination is not exceeding the limit for proper safety.

About Britax Pinnacle
Since there is so many options available, we also have to look at the other option and compare their capabilities along with the price so we can get the best value among them and have the kind of features we want. If you like what Chicco MyFit can offer to you, you need to also check what Britax have, especially their Pinnacle car seat. This car seat is claimed to give both superior safety and comfort for the passenger.

Britax Pinnacle Design
Among the similar products from this company, Pinnacle is one of the best-selling and popular car seat and it is understandable when looking at the features it have and fashion we can choose. The car seat design is not special though and is pretty basic like many others in the market but the material used is indeed good. The car seat weight is 26 pounds and its width will be around 12 inches with 15.5 inches around the shoulder area.

Britax Pinnacle Features
While all car seats have to pass the same standard to be available in the market and can be purchase, not all of them are the same since manufacturers are also competing to provide the better protection so they can win more customer and Britax also do that by adding some additional layers on the seat. The additional safety is 3-layers of side impact protection thanks to the energy-absorbing shell, foam lined headrest and external cushions. With this, we can minimize the effect or impact when there is an accident.

As for the fit, Britax Pinnacle is also having a wide range of weight thus, we can use them for a prolonged period until our children is ready to move to a higher booster seat. When used in front facing position with harness, the seat can fit children from 25 to 90 pounds but when used in booster seat mode with car seat belt, the weight limit is from 40 pounds to 120 pounds which is quite high for a combination seat.

The best benefit is we can use them longer as well compared to many other similar seats as long as they don’t passed the expiration date yet. To promote more comfort for passenger, this car seat is also featured with 3 reclining positions and we can adjust them easily as well following the instruction. However, some users seem to find that this reclining position is not enough to promote a better comfort but this type of seat generally won’t be able to recline too far because of the design.

What we love the most on Britax Pinnacle is the installation especially with seat belt because they are very simple; what we need to do is open the front seat and buckle the seat belt across then shut it. This installation is also safe and help the seat stay in its position.

Now, let’s compare Chicco MyFit with Britax Pinnacle. The prominent difference between these car seats is on the weight limit in each position and the amount of reclining positions. MyFit weight range is from 25 to 100 pounds while Pinnacle is from 25 to 120 pounds. In reclining positions, MyFit has 4 options but Pinnacle only have 3 positions.

Chicco MyFit vs Britax Pinnacle

- Rest assured with 4-Position true recline and 9-Position headrest to support proper posture for every car ride
- Lock Sure belt-tightening system helps achieve a secure installation with vehicle seat belt
- Ergo Boost double foam padding and contoured seat design provide support in all the right places
- Toddler to Big Kid: Easily transition from harness to belt-positioning booster as your child grows
- Easy installation: Patented ClickTight makes car seat installation as simple as buckling a seat belt
- No rethreading, ever: Quick-adjust 9-position harness with headrest for a comfortable, secure fit

All in all, both of them can be a good option when you want a car seat with all the safety features and additional capabilities. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Chicco MyFit because with all the features we get, the price for this seat is more affordable.