Chicco MyFit vs Graco Nautilus

There are so many car seat available in the market and it is understandable that we will need much time selecting the one matching our preference. If you want the car seat that not only safe but have some additional benefits as well, Chicco Myfit vs Graco Nautilus can be a great choice. Both of them are rather similar to each other on feature side but may also have some differences. Go check them below to see if one of them can be a better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why purchasing a car seat
– What are Chicco MyFit and Graco Nautilus
– What Chicco MyFit and Graco Nautilus Look Like
– What Chicco MyFit and Graco Nautilus can offer to you
– Chicco MyFit vs Graco Nautilus

Children Car Seat
With car crash or motor vehicle crash being one of the most case to cause children death and injury, it is great decision to use a car seat when transporting our children with the car and to help avoid any unwanted things in case there is an accident on the road. As a parents we must want to protect them from harmful things and while there are unavoidable things, we can still prepare for the situation for when it happened, we can minimize the bad impact.

The main function of car seat is to provide the proper protection our children need when traveling with car. The unit is very similar to our seat but since regular seat are designed based on adults body, they won’t provide the correct fit for our children and it can be dangerous when there is accident because the seat belt are not placed on the intended area to minimize the impact unlike car seat with harness and seat belt positioner in booster seat.

Just like with many things else, car seat are not made for all ages for the main concern here is fit which is why we have to pick the one matching our children’s age, weight and height. Car seat are designed to provide fit for a range or weight and age and some of them can go longer or shorter depend on the manufacturer and model. Their types are also different but except infant car seat most have two positions that can be used for longer.

About Chicco MyFit
Looking for a dependable product is not easy because the options are numerous out there and many popular brands can be a great options if you need to narrow down your searching. We are sure many parents have heard about Chicco before because they are among the best when it comes to baby gears such as stroller and car seat. The brand have many collections for us to pick and they are featured with all the things we need.

If your children is already a toddler, a bit older or at least 2 years old, the car seat you may want to check is MyFit. This is a combination car seat which mean that the unit have a 5-point harness to secure toddler or smaller children while also have a seat belt positioner when used to carry older children with a bigger body and ready for the next step. With the long weight limit, we can use the seat for several years or until our children exceed the weight limit and need a higher booster seat.

Chicco MyFit Design
When looking at Chicco MyFit, the first thing we notice is the padding because it may look thin but they are very comfortable and not too thick to provide more room. This seat width on the hips area is around 11 inch which should be wide enough for children as long as they are not overweight. The one in our sample picture above is Canyon model but the seat have many pretty color option to pick such as gardenia that combines black and purple.

Chicco MyFit Features
Car seat have a standardized safety capability and it is required to follow the test to make sure they are capable of providing the minimal protection which is why all car seats are safe and more expensive seats are not always better than the budget version but they are indeed made from different material or have some additional features. Chicco MyFit is already meeting the requirements but they decide to add another layer of protection into the product with the DuoGuard side-impact protection and steel-reinforced frame.

This additional safety feature is good to make sure the impact caused by an accident can be minimized. Since the seat is a combination car seat, it will have two weight range for each use; the harness mode require minimum weight limit at 25 pounds up to 65 pounds but when used in booster mode with car seat belt, the weight limit becomes 40 to 100 pounds. The best benefit is we don’t have to purchase another seat for several years to come. Read also: Chicco MyFit vs Britax Frontier here.

One of the best feature in Chicco MyFit is the reclining positions because not all car seat especially those made with belt positioner have this option and there is even 4 different reclining position to allow children rest better when boarding on the car that we can adjust as needed. The next favorite feature is on its installation part because while the seat have a LATCH, since it have weight limit, they featured it with lock-offs and wide belt routing for easy installation with seat belt.

In addition to the reclining option, this car seat is also featured with adjustable headrest which can be extended up to 9 positions so we can always set it up following our children’s growing body to be able to protect them properly.

About Graco Nautilus
It is good to have another option while looking for something for then we can see which product will give us the best feature or at least be the better value for our money. If you like the kind of features in MyFit car seat, the other option you may want to check is Graco Nautilus. This car seat is also very popular and are suitable for those with smaller children or toddler who are already moving from the rear-facing seat.

Graco Nautilus is a combination seat with the five points harness and belt positioner located above the shoulder area to properly protect our children when traveling with car and among the budget item you may want to look at as long as we are not aiming for those with much additional features.

Graco Nautilus Design
Looking at Graco Nautilus, the first things come to our mind is the padding because this car seat has a thicker padding than some similar items in the market especially on the base and the footprint of the seat is around 20 inch. The color option are vary depend on the stock but they are all pleasant to eye and very comfortable when used. The harness is also featured with padding to be softer when comes in contact with children body.

Graco Nautilus Features
Since all car seat have to fulfill the same safety standard, Graco Nautilus is also a safe car seat to have but to add another layer into the standard requirement, they are also featured with steel-reinforced frame to make the seat more durable and able to take more impact when there is an accident. The seat itself is engineered and tested to face crash and meeting or exceeding US standard FMVSS 213 but if you live outside the country, the standard may also different.

Because Graco Nautilus is a combination seat, they also have a different weight limit for each mode. For car seat with harness, the weight limit will be 22 up to 65 pounds while for high back booster seat mode the weight limit will be from 30 to 100 pounds. What’s special from the seat is not only it can be used for high back booster seat but can also be converted into a backless booster seat with weight limit from 40 to 100 pounds.

Another favorite feature from the car seat is the reclining position because it allows us to set the seat to be a bit lower into 3 different position so children can sleep more comfy when traveling in long hours. In addition to this option, the headrest of Graco Nautilus is also adjustable into 5 position or higher than its initial level to provide the proper protection and comfort for our growing children. On the installation part, Graco Nautilus is also easier with either LATCH or seat belt.

What we have to keep in mind is LATCH have maximum weight and you may already know, but they are not safe to secure weight more than 65 pounds, so if the weight combination of seat and your children is more, seat belt installation is safer.

Now, let’s compare Chicco MyFit with Graco Nautilus. Both of them are rather similar but also different and the prominent difference between them is Nautilus allow us to detach the back rest and convert the seat into backless booster seat which is not possible in MyFit. Other difference is the reclining position and headrest adjustment because MyFit provide a wider range of adjustment in these parts.

Chicco MyFit vs Graco Nautilus

- Duo Guard 2-layers Rigid Shell with energy absorbing steel reinforcement PLUS 2 Zones Side Impact protection for Head & Torso
- Rest assured with 4-Position true recline and 9-Position headrest to support proper posture for every car ride
- Lock Sure belt-tightening system helps achieve a secure installation with vehicle seat belt
- 3-in-1 harness booster helps protect your child, from toddler to youth
- Front facing car seat harness booster (22 - 65 pound), high back booster (30 - 100 pound), backless booster (40 - 100 pound)
- Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts the height of your toddler car seat harness and headrest, in one motion, to ensure that your child is always properly secured

All in all, both of them seem to be a great option if you are looking for a combination car seat. However, if you don’t plan on using a backless booster seat, we do prefer Chicco MyFit because it is easier to install especially with belt and have wider adjustment than Nautilus.