Chicco MyFit vs MyFit LE

There are so many options to choose when we are looking for a car seat and since most of them are very similar to each other, parents often have a hard time deciding which unit they want to purchase such as between Chicco MyFit vs MyFit LE. Both of them are very similar to each other and have little difference while being equally safe. If you wonder which the better option is, go check their differences in our article below to help you choose.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a car seat
– What are Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE
– What Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE Look Like
– How are the safety on Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE
– How are the fit on Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE
– What Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE can offer to you
– Chicco MyFit vs MyFit LE

Children Car Seat
Car seat are required in many states and we are sure many parents understand the importance of using one for our children because they can save their life when there is an accident on the road. As parent, we want to give the best for our children and protect them from harmful things however, there are things we can’t avoid. In case like this, the thing we can do is to provide the proper protection to prevent things getting worse and threatening their live.

In the United States, car accident is still among the top factor of children death and while we can’t eliminate the number of traffic accident completely, at least we can minimize the number of fatality. Car seat is a proper safety system we should have when having a children so when there is an accident, their small body can be kept safely on their seat and the seat belt or harness will also help spreading the force from collision over a wide area of the body and preventing more serious injury.

Adults will have their seatbelt and airbag to help them saving their live but these system are made for adults which means they are not fitting children smaller body and if not fit properly, the safety system can harm them instead of saving their live. A car seat have the perfect fit for children depend on the age and weight mostly but most of them can be used for few years until the weight and height limit are exceeded.

About Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE
After we understand how important a car seat is for our children, next is choosing the product and with the numerous options available in the market, we are going to need a lot of information regarding those products. The fastest way is checking other people’s recommendation or looking for those from popular and well-known brand like Chicco. We are sure many parents are already familiar with the brand because they are among the best and have enough collection to let us choose the most suitable option.

Among those many products or car seats made by Chicco, the one gaining more and more attention is their MyFit model. This is the favorite of many parents due to the capabilities or all the intact features we will love to see available in a car seat. However, this model also have another version called the MyFit LE or Limited Edition. These two are almost like the same unit but as a higher model, LE version have some additional features as well.

Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE Design
When looking at both Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE for the first time, we are sure most of us will think that they are very similar if not identical because the design and overall shape are the same. The padding are similarly decent with compartments on both sides and this is probably what separate them the most just from looking because the LE version is featured with Kid Console fits which can be placed in either cup holder to store more things while on the go.

When touched, another difference between these two seats in on the material because somehow the LE version is made with a nicer material and more breathable than those in the original model. We can also see the difference in material at their armrest because in the more expensive model, the material used is leather compared to regular car seat.

Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE Safety
The most important thing about car seat is their safety since this is why we need them in the first place which is to protect our children. However, car seat safety are regulated by the federal government so those available in the market should pass the standard safety requirement, making all of them able to give the proper protection including Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE.

An expensive car seat is not always the best because they are almost equally safe. But, if you want to give more for your children there is nothing wrong about purchasing an expensive model because due to the price, they may also able to deliver some additional features as well. This feature may or may not help the installation but there are many of them that support the comfort or additional benefit.

Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE Fit
Both of Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE are a combination seat which means they are designed to be able to properly fit smaller children who still need the five point harness and fit older children who are ready to use the car’s seat belt with its belt positioner. A belt positioner is used to make sure the car seat belt are placed on the proper area in children’s body to restrict and spread the impact in case there is an accident.

For the forward facing with harness, the weight requirement is from 25 to 65 pounds while when used in forward facing with belt positioner the weight limit is from 40 to 100 pounds. The benefit of using a car seat with this long weight range is we can use the seats for several years until our children exceed the weight limit and ready to move to a higher booster seat thus, we can push when we have to purchase another seat a bit further.

There is another thing we love from Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE and it is the reclining option because this feature is not always available in combination but mostly in convertible seat. The feature is actually not very important and won’t elevate the safety ability but is indeed useful to promote better comfort when the passenger need to rest especially when traveling far.

On both seats, there are 4 reclining options available that we can see on each of the seat’s side base. The reclining options are marked with number and we can easily adjust the position as we need or as our children prefer. Read also: Chicco MyFit vs Britax Frontier here.

Children can grow pretty quickly and we don’t realize it sometime that they are already bigger than last year. To allow passenger get the proper fit and protection, both of Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE are featured with adjustable headrest height, making it easy for parents to provide the correct height for their growing children.

Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE Installation
The next important thing we need to consider when looking for a car seat is the installation because they are not booster seat which mostly only require to be secured with the car’s seat belt. In this side, both of these seats are capable of being installed with either of them, the lower anchors and with seat belt. The only thing we need to keep in mind is the anchor will have a weight limit unlike installation with seat belt.

For the belt installation they are featured with LockSure which is a lock-off and wide belt routing while for anchor they are featured with a premium connectors. However, there is another difference in this part and it is called the SuperCinch tightener only available in MyFit LE to tighten the LATCH and making it easier to install than the original seat without the feature.

Chicco MyFit and MyFit LE Additional Features
The last we are going to talk about these seats is the additional features because just as we mentioned above, both of them are mainly differentiated by the additional features and one of them is the tightener talked previously. However, the most distinguishable difference between them is the additional compartment that we can choose to place in either cup holder. This additional compartment is good to keep bigger item such as portable device but can be used to hold snack as well.

As for the maintenance, both seats are very easy to take care of because we can wash them either with hand or with machine with a mild soap or detergent to remove the odor or dirt and stain due to prolonged use and can be dried manually by hanging them while the plastic parts can be wiped clean with a cloth and warm water without unnecessarily being washed.

Now, let’s compare Chicco MyFit with MyFit LE. as you may already know, the prominent difference between these two car seats are the material used for the seat, additional SuperCinch tightener for anchor and the additional bigger, removable compartment to allow children keep more. Other than those, both seats are very similar to each other.

Chicco MyFit vs MyFit LE

- Duo Guard 2-layers Rigid Shell with energy absorbing steel reinforcement PLUS 2 Zones Side Impact protection for Head & Torso
- Lock Sure belt-tightening system helps achieve a secure installation with vehicle seat belt
- Rest assured with 4-Position true recline and 9-Position headrest to support proper posture for every car ride
Premium connectors and a Super - Cinch tightened help achieve a secure installation with LATCH

All in all, both of them are a good choice for your children’s car seat. However, after considering the features and price, if we are to choose we will recommend you to pick Chicco MyFit because it is more affordable and still good even without all the additional features in LE model.