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Clek Foonf vs Diono

The car’s safety system is built for the adult’s body which is why they are not effective for children and to provide the best protection, safety car seats are required. There are lots of amazing car seats in the market such as Clek Foonf Vs Diono which are ideal for growing children and the best thing is they are safe as well as easy to use. If you are also considering these models, go see below about what they can offer and pick which of them will be the best choice.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Safety Car Seats are Necessary
  • What are Clek Foonf and Diono
  • What Clek Foonf and Diono Look Like
  • How are the Installation of Clek Foonf and Diono
  • How are the Fitting of Clek Foonf and Diono
  • Clek Foonf Vs Diono

Safety Car Seat

Private vehicles are very convenient since we can use them to move from places to another and to transport both people as well as goods. Having a car means we don’t have to rely on public transportation anymore and it is also safer to travel in your vehicle at night or early morning compared to having to walk alone in such quiet hours. However, it is also well-known that road accidents are very common that makes us often worry when carrying our loved ones.

This is especially worrying as you are a parent since our children are not protected properly by the car’s safety system. Our vehicle always comes with certain safety features or the most standard function called seat belt. This belt is designed to retain the passenger’s body when in a crash or an event that makes the car have to stop abruptly so the drivers and front seat passenger won’t get ejected out of the car and those in passenger seats won’t hit the seat in front of them.

Additionally the seat belt is also designed properly to reduce the impact of crash by directing the energy into the robust part of the body to prevent more serious injuries. As you may already know, this system is all built to follow the adult’s fit because it can only be adjustable up to a certain level. Seat belts have to be strapped from the shoulder, away from the neck, and wrap the hip of the passenger. For children, the seatbelt will not fall into these ideal positions.

Seat belts need to be properly fitted to provide its main function and a loose seat belt not only isn’t working, it also has a potential of causing discomfort for children. To fix this issue, car safety seat is invented and has been used as well as mandatory in modern cities and countries. Safety car seat as the name suggest is going to aid the function of car’s safety system which is seat belt itself to match the children’s body and fitting from day one until they grow up much bigger.

Car seats don’t replace the function of the car seat itself but only acts as their extension because these seats need to be attached into your lower anchor, tether, or secured using the seat belt itself. To replace the seatbelt in earlier safety car seats, there are harnesses which function to keep the passenger in their seat during a crash. The bigger seats don’t have a harness anymore but do have seat belt routing that is designed to place the seat belt on its proper position. 

 Clek Foonf Diono
Product Dimensions17.5 x 16.9 x 28 inches
16.1 x 16.9 x 28.4 inches
Shipping Weight38 pounds
28.1 pounds
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About Clek Foonf and Diono

Since safety seat is made to provide fit, the unit will also need to be changed every few years to follow the growth of your children and while it can cost quite some if you have more than two, we can find those models that are made for longer usage or have few fitting sizes and application to cut the shopping and budget. There are so many options so parents can choose freely but the best models should be the one that matches your family’s needs and preferences.

If installation is one of your biggest concerns with safety car seats which is not unusual since many car seats are not compatible with certain vehicle models, Clek and Diono are two amazing brands to consider. They are not the best option if you are looking for best budget car seats but for those who want to have a car seat which are not only easy to use but also stylish, these are the brands you may want to shop from. 

They also have lots of favorite models so we can shop based on which seems to fit you the best but if parents want those that can be used for years since early days, both Clek Foonf and Diono especially the Radian 3RXT are amazing convertible seats to consider. As convertible seats these two are ideal to be used after the baby leaves their infant car seats but are still too young to use the front-facing option. Their high weight capacity is also great to keep the seat useful as long as possible.

However, being a different model and coming from different companies does make these two quite different from each other and while in general they are equally reliable, you may prefer one over the other. Our favorite part from these models is actually their form factor because these are very popular when it comes to allowing you to fit more with less space especially if you have three small kids and only use the middle seat row. Read also: Britax Roundabout Vs Boulevard.

Clek Foonf and Diono Design

Clek Foonf and Diono are in no way similar to each other when you talk about the design because Clek is very distinct in comparison to many other car seats as they have this simple and slim seat mimicking the real shape of your car’s seat. On the other hand Diono is still identical to many other car seats with this padded and tall backrest yet, it does cut quite a lot on the shoulder flare which is measured around 17-inch at the widest part; 0.5-inch wider than Foonf.

The base measured widest at their knee are about the same too but this time 3RXT is 16.5-inch while Foonf is 17-inch. Their fabrics are amazing as well and for the Clek, this model has tokidoki which is a soft jersey knit print which looks fun but also free from brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. What we love from Clek original fabric is the how easy it is to clean it off since you can just wipe it with a washcloth. For Diono, you can machine wash the cover but not the memory foam.

Clek Foonf and Diono Installation

Moving further, what you may want to know is probably the seat’s installation because this often becomes a stressing part of using a safety car seat. Starting with Clek, we have to use ARB as long as installing it in the rear position to prevent rotation into the back of the vehicle in the split seconds after a crash but, it also will consume about an inch and half when installed. Next we also have to add a wedge to allow for reclining position but it is very simple.

It has a recline indicator to make sure parents know which reclining position to use for their children and if needed, you may add noodles as well. The simplest installation is using a lower anchor because the seat belt needs to be routed inside the seat thus, we have to remove the seat cushion first. Moving to 3RXT from Diono, this seat doesn’t need ARB but you will have to install the rear-facing base first which function is to decide it’s recline angle in the rear-facing option.

This of course will vary based on your vehicle’s seat but we don’t need to use noodle or rolled towel with this seat while for older toddlers who can sit upright unassisted, the Angle Adjuster accessory can be used even when installed in rear-facing option to make it more upright thus, those in front seat can have more leg room as well.

Clek Foonf and Diono Fitting

Moving to the fitting, none of Clek Foonf and Diono are ideal for newborn, moreover those who are born early because the best fit of these seats seems to start at least 19-inch tall and about 5 pounds yet, in comparison Foonf does give better fit. In addition, Diono is too upright for a newborn so they can’t lay down properly and the head support will push the baby’s head forward even more. The highest weight limit of Clek Foonf and Diono 3RXT are 65 and 120 lbs. as the latter can be used in booster mode as well.

Older kid above 22 and 20 lbs. respectively can start using these seats in rear-facing position but for Diono which is claimed to be useful until booster stage can cover the kid’s height up to 57-inch tall yet, in practice your kid must be shorter than this since the actual maximum usable height is about 48-inch and even in this height the growing room is already not much or probably none.

Clek Foonf vs Diono

These seats are great for parents who want to save some since they can be used for quite some time, even from early days. The difference is that Clek does give a better fit for newborn and have the ARB which is great for additional safety features yet, its weight limit is lower means our kid will graduate from this seat faster. Diono especially the 3RXT seat can be used until booster mode but the fitting for newborn is not as good.

- Revolutionary Forward-Facing Safety: Inspired by automotive technology, Foonf incorporates aluminum honeycomb crumple technology to absorb energy in a collision and reduce forces on the child.
- Effortless Forward-Facing Installation: The Rigid-LATCH system makes proper forward-facing installation effortless, allowing you to remove and - install your seat in seconds and with peace of mind.
- Rear-Facing for Longer: Designed to international best practices for extended rear-facing use up to 50 pounds, and comes standard with a steel anti-rebound for enhanced rear-facing safety performance.
- Green + Clean: Tailored in - GREENGUARD Gold Certified fluorine-free C-Zero fabrics that protects against stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria, and are free of halogenated flame retardants.
- JOY OF THE JOURNEY: From birth, keep your little one rear-facing longer to 40 lbs., and as they grow to 100 lbs. (10 years approx.) our long-range lifespan protects your child facing-forward.
- THREES NOT A CROWD: For safety that fits 3 across the Radian 3RXT packs all our innovative safety features into a sleek and slim design that allows you to fit three across (in most mid-size vehicles). Now the whole family can travel, together
- LOVINGLY ENGINEERED: The Radian 3RXT is built with automotive-strength steel, engineered into a dual spine, which manages and dissipates energy with an unyielding structure to protect your baby. Our audible click SuperLATCH system makes installation easy
- BUSINESS CLASS COMFORT: Inspired by the best in European style, our Radian 3RXT has bright soft fabric covers, and a memory foam seat bottom. Lined with energy absorbing foam, comfort and safety go hand in hand


All in all you can pick any of them as they are very similar to each other. Installation may need more steps with Clek but we personally prefer this seat better because it can give a good fit for newborn and reasonably long lasting for a convertible seat.