Clek Oobr vs Britax Frontier

As a parent, one of our concerns is the children’s safety and it always becomes our first concern whenever traveling with them. To make sure they can be properly protected while using the vehicle, a car seat is needed in your car. There are so many options and types such as the Clek Oobr Vs Britax Frontier which are ideal for older kids and act as your seatbelt booster yet, do check what they can offer first before deciding to choose one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Safety Car Seat is Necessary
  • What are Safety Car Seat Types
  • What are Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier
  • What Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier Look Like
  • How are the Installation of Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier
  • How are the Fit of Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier
  • What else Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier can offer
  • Clek Oobr Vs Britax Frontier

Safety Car Seats Importance

Having a private vehicle is best as we can go anywhere and carry items with ease without having to rely on public transportation but it also comes with a cost because road accidents are unfortunately a very common thing that happens everyday which can be caused by various actions. As a parents vehicle is not the safest place our kids should be in but not all places they need to be are in walking distance. So to make sure their safety always comes first, we should install a safety car seat in the vehicle.

Safety car seat functions just like your car’s safety system, mainly the seat belt because they are built to retain the passenger in the event of a crash or accident. Our seat belt is a very effective safety system which has saved so many lives during such an unfortunate event by keeping our body in place so it doesn’t get ejected or hitting the dashboard and seat in front of you. The length and whole system itself however is made for older children or adult’s body.

For small children or babies and toddlers the seat belt will be too long and loose hence they need an extension that can be installed on the seat. Safety car seat can have a harness that functions like a seatbelt but usually strapped in the middle to properly keep the body on the seat and reduce the impact when in event of a crash. The extra shell and padding itself absorb some of the force so it will not come as strong to your children’s body.

 Clek OobrBritax Frontier
Product Dimensions14 x 18 x 22 inches
15.7 x 8.3 x 9.8 inches
Shipping Weight19 pounds
2 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Car Seat Types

Choosing the ideal car seat is also important because not all of the available types will fit your kid’s height and weight. Car seats are built based on the children’s frame or body hence weight and height matter the most as they have limits on each category. The earliest car seat or infant car seat can be used since day one and look more like a bassinet rather than a seat. It is installed backwards or facing the rear and usually lasts for 12 months.

Reversible car seat is used once their body and weight exceed the limit of the infant car seat. This seat should be installed facing rear first just like an infant car seat but after they reach a certain weight limit based on the seat then we can start using the front facing mode. This seat uses a harness for safety and sometimes can be used with a seat belt as well. After they reach the weight limit, the last seat is a booster type which adds height and depth into the children’s body but now is secured with a seat belt only.

About Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier

Just like everything, a car seat needs to be matched with the user to give the proper and best performance but if you are here then it means this car seat is meant for older toddlers who already graduated from their rear-facing seat. Convertible and booster seats are the last seat we will be purchasing since they can wear the seat belt properly after graduating from this seat. But, a booster seat is also more convenient when it comes to installation compared to convertible.

There are lots of choices out there and we can choose freely based on which seems to benefit your family the most since not all of us will have the same preference or taste and habit that need to be considered first. Among those good options we can go for, Clek and Britax are two amazing car seat brands to shop from. These are not affordable brands like Diono Cambria 2 Vs Everett but they also offer some advantages that you may want from a booster seat.

These Canadian and British companies are also among the best when it comes to additional features on their seats and for parents with growing children, two ideal models from the brands are Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier. Both of them are booster seats which are used in high-back mode but the prominent difference between the two will be Frontier also acts as front-facing seat despite not being convertible as it is securing the passenger with a harness instead of seat belt.

Both of them are amazing seats and we do think most parents will love them as they are not only easy to use but also liked by children for the comfort. Chances are you can achieve the same result with any of them but in our opinion Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier can be great choices for parents who can spend more for the seat. But, if you want a longer use then the Frontier should be the decision.

Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier Design

Usually the majority of car seats are looking very similar or identical to each other and this is the same with Britax as it looks just like another high-back booster seat from other brands but Clek did design this seat differently. As you can see, this seat is made to mimic the real car seats probably to ensure the best fit and this gives the unit a very compact body as well but looks a bit “square-ish”. It is claimed to have crypton fabrics which are stain resistant and moisture or odor-causing bacteria free.

On the other hand Britax is very much the same to most car seats out there and it has this flaring shoulder frame as well with adjustable headrest which is quite wide in comparison to Oobr. The seat is featured with a harness built-in to the unit but it can be tucked away in booster mode. Side by side this seat is about 2-inch wider on the shoulder frame part compared to Clek hence it will consume more space as well but also mean more room to sit.

Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier Installation

Car seat installation is usually easiest with a seat belt and this is what Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier offer. Starting with Frontier, it is recommended to use ClickTight panel which ease seat belt routing at the back of the seat and in harness mode it is also required to use tether but everything can be done quickly especially with the seat belt path. Since Oobr is a booster seat only, it is secured using the seat belt when there is a passenger inside but it can be boosted with its rigid low anchor.

This low anchor is only meant to compliment the seat belt or secure the seat while not being used as well as improve its stability. Frontier in booster mode can also use a low anchor for the same reason so in general both of these seats are a breeze to install and most parents seem to have no issue when fitting them in their cars.

Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier Fit

Moving further let’s talk about the fit on children and for the specification from the brands themselves Frontier is used from 20 to 90 pounds in forward facing mode and 40 to 120 in booster mode while Oobr is used from 33 to 100 pounds in high back booster mode while the backless booster can start from 40 pounds to 100 as well. The difference between the two makes Frontier can be used quite earlier compared to Oobr but also means it can take higher weight.

For the fit we do think Oobr is not tall enough as the tallest it can be used is 57-inch tall and this highly depends on how fast your kid’s grow especially on the limb area. Frontier can’t be used in a backless booster but the seat headrest adjustment allows for taller kids up to 62-inch to fit with the seat belt routing. 

Clek Oobr and Britax Frontier Features

The last part we want to mention is their additional features and Oobr seems to have something that not all booster seats have which is reclining options. This feature allows the seat backrest to be slightly reclined but do note that this position will require contact with the vehicle head restraint. In addition both seats have cup holders next to the armrest but Frontier made it in the seat frame itself so it does look more streamlined compared to Oobr.

Clek Oobr vs Britax Frontier

Both seats are equally good as they are easy to use and comfortable for the children. The differences are because Oobr has shorter height adjustment which makes the seat not only limited in weight but also height yet, when used in backless mode we do think it can last for quite long. It has great fabric however which prevents stain and can be reclined in case your kids love reclined seats or often sleep in the car. Another prominent difference is Frontier can be used in harness mode as well.

- Built like a real vehicle seat: built on a complete metal substructure with energy-absorbing foam layers and a structural headrest for maximum safety protection.
- Reclines: comfort is a must when it comes to long journeys. Oobr is designed with a recline system that offers up to 12 degrees of recline for sleeping comfort (latch - Installation required).
Removable back for longer use: the back of the Oobr booster seat is removable for longer use with your growing child.
- Green + clean: tailored in GREENGUARD Gold Certified crytpon fabrics that protects against stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria, and are free of halogenated flame retardants.
- Use the Frontier ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Cover Set as a backup or to refresh an older car seat
- Cover Set includes front and back seat covers, left and right side wing covers, headrest cover, EZ-Buckle belly pad, and two comfort pads
- Compatible with only Britax Frontier ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seats manufactured after April 2013, excludes non-ClickTight seats
- Dimensions 15.7” L x 8.3” H x 9.8” W


You can pick any of them as they are equally amazing but personally we prefer Britax Frontier because it can be used since earlier height or weight but also last quite long based on the weight and height limit of the seat.