Cosco Finale Dx vs Cosco Finale

To provide a proper protection for our children while in the car, a car seat is an important equipment to have when we have a children. When used properly, a car seat should retain and protect our children when there is an accident on the road. Cosco have many collection to offer like Cosco Finale DX vs Cosco Finale which is actually very similar to each other. If you want to know how they differ, go check our article below to see their capabilities.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a car seat for your children
– What are Finale DX and Finale
– What Finale DX and Finale Look Like
– What Finale DX and Finale can offer to you
– Finale DX vs Finale

Children Car Seat
We never know what will happened on the road and even though we already driving safely, there are still chances of getting involved in an accident. There are things we can’t avoid but we can always be prepared which is why human made many safety system into machine they built including a car. Adult driver and passenger can be protected with the seat belt and airbag but they are made and designed for adults which is why they won’t fit children.

Children are not allowed to sit on the front seat because not only this is the most dangerous part to sit, when there is a crash for example, the airbag in our car will hurt them rather than protect them for the strong impact. This is why children should always sit on the back seat and on their car seat. A car seat is smaller unlike regular seat and some of them are featured with built in harness to secure smaller children who can’t use the standard seat belt yet.

Depend on the model, a car seat can have a built in harness or not since they can be made to fit a range of children age and height. A car seat with harness are meant to fit smaller children with smaller body because the standard seat belt will go over their shoulder and won’t be able to properly retain their body in case there is a crash. At the other hand, there are car seat without the harness and called as booster seat.

This type of seat is designed for older children or youth when their body is already too big for 5 points harness yet still too small to be able to use the standard seat belt. Unlike the other two, booster seat commonly have no installation feature for they are only secured with seat belt thus, they can move when not held by the belt.

Since there are so many options to choose in the market, it can take some time to check each one of them and we are sure most of us just go with many recommended items out there because we don’t have that much time to spent checking on all the available products. The fastest way is to read people recommendation and check if they are suitable for your need or have the kind of feature you like and just like many thing else, not all car seat are the same.

About Cosco Finale DX and Finale
One of the most popular car seat in the market now is Cosco and they have many good products to offer with their 70 years equivalent of experience to always make sure their customer can get the best product at the best price. We are sure most of you already heard the name before and how good their products are but if the one you need is a car seat that can be used for a long time, the Finale DX and Finale will be a good option.

Both of these car seats are meant to fit children from 30 to 100 pounds which means we can use them starting from they are ready for forward facing seat, until they are big enough to remove the car seat and used the seat belt. One of the best benefit of choosing these type of car seats will be on spending since we don’t need to purchase another seat for several years to come as long as the seat not expired yet.

Cosco Finale DX and Finale Design
Looking at both Cosco Finale DX and Finale from the outside, we are sure most of us have no idea on how to differentiate them for they are identical and there is actually no difference on the design alone. Both of them are padded generously to make sure children can seat comfortably on the seat while the 5 points harness is there to secure smaller children. They may have different fashion but the dimension are still the same and since they are slim, we may able to fit up to 3 seats.

Cosco Finale DX and Finale Safety
For the safety standard, all seat are meeting the same safety standards decide by the federal government and these tests are required to make the seat available for public use including the crash tests. Thus, an expensive seat doesn’t mean it can provide more safety but they are indeed coming with more feature which may not available in the cheaper counterparts and this is why your preference really matters. The only not recommended thing is to purchase used seats that have a crash history because it is not safe anymore.

Cosco Finale DX and Finale Fit
With this, both Finale DX and Finale are safe for children and should be able to protect our little ones when in the car. Since both of them are combination seat, they are suitable with a wide range of age and weight. These seats minimum requirement when harness is used is from 30 to 65 pounds while if seat belt is used, children have to be old enough or reach at least 65 pounds to use the seat in this mode and the upper limit for proper protection on both seats are 100 pounds.

When your children weight is already surpassing the weight limit, they can’t use the seat anymore and it depends whether they are ready to use the seat belt only or you may want to use another booster that fit their weight and height. You probably already wondering what is the difference between the two seats and in our opinion, this difference is not too important because just like the name Final DX probably the short of “deluxe” because the padding in this model is plushier than what we can get in the original seat.

Cosco Finale DX and Finale Installation
The next important thing to consider when looking for a car seat is the installation because if not installed properly, a car seat may not able to deliver their best performance. Unlike booster car seat which is only secured with the car seat belt, both of Finale DX and Finale are featured with LATCH to secure the seat when used in harness mode but if your car is made before 2003, you may also have the tether anchors as well and this eat can be installed with either of them.

Some people have a problem when getting the product and trying to find the anchors but in case you missed it, the item is placed on the side of the car seat and may be stored in a bag or in the belt path of the car seat. This LATCH is easy to install and if you already used one before, we are sure you will have no issue installing these seats as well.

When used in booster mode, we can also use the LATCH or not, depend on your preference and there is a belt positioner in each seats, so make sure to use them to properly place the seat belt in the correct position since improper placement will also affect the safety of your children when on the car. Read also: Evenflo Spectrum vs Big Kid here.

Cosco Finale DX and Finale additional Feature
The last thing we want to talk about Finale DX and Finale is their additional feature and just like many other car seats out there, as further as a car seat can go, the additional features usually are not much and in these seats, they are only featured with one removable cup holder which is quite unique because if many others are fixed or built in the seats, these cup holder are removable and can be installed in either side as you preferred.

This additional feature seems to make sure that we can install several car seats in the back seat in case we have more than one children who still need a car seat. As it has been mentioned above, we have to discard the seat that has been passing its expiration date and each brand may have different expiration period start from the manufacturing date. However, Cosco give 10 years expiration date for these seats which is quite long so we don’t have to change them too quickly.

Now, let’s compare Cosco Finale DX with Cosco Finale. As you may already know, the prominent difference between these seats is on the padding because the DX model is plushier and more comfortable compared to the original seat while the other features or capabilities still the same.

Cosco Finale Dx vs Cosco Finale

- The Cosco Finale DX 2-in-1 Combination Booster Car Seat features a five-point safety harness that converts to a belt-positioning booster seat as your child grows.
- With extended use in both of its two modes, this car seat accommodates children from 30 to 65 pounds forward-facing with a harness, and as a belt-positioning booster for toddlers and older kids 40 to 100 pounds.
- Perfect for growing families and carpools, this lightweight seat is easy to move from car to car.
- Three of these car seats are designed to fit side-by-side across the back seat of most vehicles.
- This 2-in-1 Combination Booster Car Seat fitting children from 22-110 lbs. converts from a 5-point harnessed car seat to belt-positioning booster allowing for extended use as your child grows
- The Maestro Harness Booster Car seat helps protect harnessed children from 22-50 pounds and belt-positioned children from 40-110 pounds
- This lightweight Booster Car Seat comes equipped for LATCH systems allowing for easy installation and transfer between multiple vehicles

All in all, both of them are a good option to pick if you need a dependable car seat to protect your children. However, we prefer Finale DX better because of the additional padding and even though they are a bit more expensive, it is still worth to let our children have a more comfortable seat.