Cosco Scenera Next vs Cosco Apt 50

There is quite many comfortable car seat brand in the market that shows some great specification. Especially if we looking for an affordable convertible car seat. Name it Cosco Scenera Next VS Cosco Apt 50. Coming from the same brand doesn’t mean it works in the same specifications. Therefore, if you need to make some comparisons, it will be better to check on their similarities and difference. For more details and information, the below paragraphs can explain more.

About The Brand

Start from the general overview of the Cosco brand. This is one of the brands that work on the specialty of babies and toddler amenities. The brand created several products including the car seat. Not just launched one type of car seat, apparently, Cosco decided to create several types of this product. Including launched convertible types that bring benefit for babies to toddlers. There are several convertible car seat series including Scenera Next and Apt 50. Both are proposed for the same function. However, even the products have some similarities, there are also several different features of these products. Read also: Cosco Finale Dx vs Cosco Finale

Product Similarities

Before trying to find out further on the difference, checking for the similar features of both products will give a good first impression and overview. There are several typical benefits to gain when selecting this brand and product, such as listed below:

  • 2-in-1 convertible, the car seat will able to use in two modes. First is as rear-facing infant mode and the other one is forward-facing with a harness. To be noted that each mode has recommended weight. Such as rear-facing will obtain 5-40 lbs infant, while forward-facing will able to handle up to 22lbs child.
  • 5-point harness with front adjustment, this is one of the safety benefits of both products. Furthermore, it helps an easy child in and child out of the car seat.
  • Multiple harness height and buckle location, where both exactly has 3 buckle locations. 
  • Side impact protection according to Federal Safety Standards. Another advantage is the safety standards suitable to keep the child safe and comfortable at the same time. Both also have been certified to Aircraft. No more worry in terms of the safety requirements of the product.
  • Latch with machine-washable seat pad. This feature helps to make the product easier to wash. Therefore, no need to worry about any dirt on the car seat. They both will able to wash by machine and dryer safe too. 

Product Differences

After checking on their similarities, the next important thing to consider is the difference. This will help parents to decide which one is more worthy than the other. Between Cosco Scenera Next VS Cosco Apt 50, there are several main difference such as listed in the below points:

  • Forward-facing feature weight limit, it is important to understand that Cosco Apt 50 will cover 22-50 lbs toddler, while Cosco Scenera Next is able to handle 22-40 lbs weight only. Therefore, this might be a major consideration before selecting the most suitable product.
  • Harness height position, Cosco Apt consists of 6 harnesses, while Cosco Scenera Next consists of only 5 harnesses. This will affect the adjustment capability of each product. The more harness position, the more age you can cover and the more comfort you can give for your child.
  • Cup holder, even this may not too necessary, still, you can note that both have different cup holders. Cosco Apt 50 completed with dual cup holders that integrated on both car armrests. While Cosco Scenera Next only consists of a single cup holder and attached on the side of the car seat.

Product Cons

Not only watching for the similarities and differences, to get information about the product cons also important too. Therefore, you wouldn’t get any difficulties while you using the car seat. One of the main points to consider that both experience seat belt problems. Specifically related to the moving seat while buckled. That is why it is important to pull the seat belt all the way out until it tugs back a bit. This can manage the car seat stable and wouldn’t frequently move during the trip. Furthermore, always check whether the product compatible with your car or not. Otherwise, it will not able to give their best and valuable function for the child.


One of the important considerations that mostly being the main thing is the price. Therefore, to get information on the product price is quite necessary. As many people will fit the budget with the available product rather than selecting a good product and gain more effort to collect the money. For information. Cosco Scenera Next is now selling at a price of $50 while Cosco Apt 50 is now selling at a price of $65. This makes Cosco Apt 50 is a slight bit expensive than Cosco Scenera Next. 

Cosco Scenera Next vs Cosco Apt 50

- 5 harness heights and 3 buckle locations allow for the best fit for growing children
- Forward-facing 22-40 lbs (29" to 43") and at least 2 years old
- Seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe
- Certified for use on aircraft
- With 2 modes of use
- features 6 heights and 3 buckle locations
- Easily remove the machine washable and dryer safe car seat pad to clean
- Perfect for travel


From the information above, it is now clear which one is more suitable to select. Even though both claim the same comfort and safety levels, but still only one to select after all. Therefore, to consider the most advantages can be a good option to make up mind. For consideration, Cosco Apt 50 will able to works longer as it has a more harness and buckle option. Not to mention its capability in handling more weight. Therefore, you wouldn’t need to consider buying a toddler car seat or a bigger one. However, you may want to consider that Cosco Scenera Next takes less space in the backseat. This will benefit those with many children in the family. 

Overall, selecting the most suitable series shall be according to the parent’s preference. But, in case you still have no clue on which one is more suitable, then Cosco Apt 50 is a good selection. Even it gives you more cost, but it lasts longer than Cosco Scenera Next. Therefore, in the end, whether Cosco Scenera Next VS Cosco Apt 50, it shall come back to your plan. Whether you wish to use the same car seat forever, or you have the plan to change it along with your child grow.