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Cybex Sirona S Vs Evenflo Revolve

Safety car seats are necessary for parents to transport their young children. Cybex Sirona S Vs Evenflo Revolve is perfect for newborns and toddlers who often travel with their parents. The best thing about these seats is that they are straightforward to install and will fit your baby from day one until they exceed the weight or height limit. They also offer some exciting features for convenience so let’s see below which you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Look for in a Safety Car Seat
  • What are Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve
  • How are the Designs of Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve
  • How to Install Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve
  • How is the Fitting of Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve
  • What else Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve can offer
  • Cybex Sirona S Vs Evenflo revolve

Buying a Safety Car Seat

A Safety Car seat is mandatory because it is necessary to secure the children when traveling in a private vehicle. The purpose is like how a seatbelt is always required when you drive or travel by car because they have the same purpose. As parents, we want to ensure that our kids are always safe, and sometimes driving carefully and following the rules are not enough. We can’t control the external factors, and a car seat can help reduce severe injury or even save the passenger’s life.

When buying a car seat, we have to pay attention to several factors. First is purchasing the ideal seat according to the kid’s weight and height. Safety car seats are designed based on the kid’s body weight and height because the overall form factor is the same, and our kids will grow. The first car seat they need is an infant car seat like Baby Jogger City Go 2 Vs Chicco KeyFit 30. Depending on how fast the baby usually grows, it can last for 8-18 months.

The next factor is their installation. A safety car seat is to secure the passenger, but we need to install them correctly to make the equipment work properly. The ease of installation can sometimes depend on our car’s compatibility because the seat shape often varies among car models. Look for a fuss-free seat and easy to install using a lower anchor or seatbelt. If parents use public transportation like taxis, we may need to consider the base-less installation for an infant car seat.

 Cybex Sirona SEvenflo Revolve
Product Dimensions25.3 x 20 x 25.5 inches
21 x 19.8 x 25.9 inches
Shipping Weight30.4 pounds
29.6 pounds
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About Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve

Our kids are growing fast, and you may have recently realized that they have started to outgrow their first car seat. For parents whose baby exceeds the weight or height limit of their infant seat, it is time to move into the convertible car seat. A convertible car seat gets its name from the installation method because it can face the rear or front of the vehicle. Younger kids will use the rear-facing mode and move to the front-facing installation as they grow bigger.

One of the challenges with convertible car seats is their ease of use. Due to the seat installation mode that faces the rear can be challenging to place and remove the passenger from time to time. But, worry not because some seats take this issue into their design, such as Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve. These two are some of the most popular options in the current lineup for rotating car seats because you can also find other alternatives.

Both seats offer the same feature, which allows the main seat to rotate so parents can easily remove or put the passenger. Most of Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve’s features and specs are the same as most convertible car seats that have no rotating feature. They are straightforward to use, and while not as convenient as an infant car seat for installation, the two are not complicated either. However, parents must pay more attention to properly securing the seat due to the rotating ability.

The main difference between Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve is the price and capacity. Cybex is, in general, a more expensive seat, but they also offer a higher capacity, especially for the rear-facing mode. As we all know, it is wise to keep the passenger in rear-facing mode as long as possible or until exceeding the capacity because it is safer than front-facing mode.

Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve Design

Like infant car seats, the base of Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve are detachable. The base is hard plastic, and the seat is foam with a fabric covering. The fabric material is soft to touch and has adequate padding. As your baby grows up, they may want their sippy cup, so both seats have a cup holder; Revolve has two, and Sirona S has one removable cup holder. The Sirona S is a bit unique because the base comes with an adjustable metal leg.

The Sirona S’s shell weight is 11.9 pounds while the seat’s weight is 17.7 pounds, so they come at almost 30 pounds, which is slightly lighter than Revolve’s total weight of 31 pounds. The seat’s padding comes off so parents can wash and dry them when needed. The plastic parts are easy to wipe with a damp cloth.

Cybex Sirona S Installation

Now for the most important part, let’s see how to install the Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve. There is a US and Canada version of the Sirona S, but we will only talk about the US variant. Place the safety seat on the car’s seat with the leg hanging on the edge. Rotate the seat to face the rear and open the panel on the base, right behind the seat. There is a tensioner here that parents will need to open before connecting it to the lower anchor.

Connect the lower anchor until you hear a click sound, pull the tensioner to fasten it, and close the compartment. Extend the mentioned leg until reaching the car’s floor, and there should be no gap between the two. Test the installation by shaking the seat as we need it to be as firm as possible. If parents are installing in front-facing mode, we need to get the tether strap from the back panel of the seat and attach it to the car’s anchor.

Evenflo Revolve Installation

Next is the Evenflo Revolve or Revolve360. We notice that the tether strap in this seat is attached to the seat’s base instead of the seat itself, so you need to remove it from the bottom and let it hang on the car’s seat or attach it. Evenflo Revolve requires a tether for both rear and front-facing modes. Similar to Sirona S, parents need to remove the seat so we can install the base first. Place the base on the car’s seat and open the belt lock right in the middle of the base.

Remove the LATCH on the back and connect it to your car’s lower anchor. Pull the strap to fasten the installation and securely close the belt lock panel. Don’t forget to attach the tether to the anchor on your seat and put the safety seat back. There is an indicator, so parents will know when the seat is locked or not to access the swiveling mode.

Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve Fit

Next, we want to talk about the fit of Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve. Both seats are suitable for newborns and even preemies, but parents may need padding, especially for preemies. A baby who is 17 inches long will fit nicely using the padding and shoulder strap on the lowest placement. Toddlers who are 33 inches tall also fit nicely, and parents can always adjust both the shoulder and crotch buckle according to the kid’s body. We think two-year-olds will still have plenty of room to grow on the seats.

What’s surprising is that while Sirona S’s height range is up to 49 inches tall, the harness’s highest height is only 16.5 inches, while Revolve’s maximum height range is also 49 inches, but the highest harness is up to 19 inches. The lower maximum adjustable harness can get in the way of older or children who grow faster as they get uncomfortable with the harness pressing their shoulder tightly.

Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve Features

The best feature of Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve is their swiveling mode. This feature allows parents to rotate the seat to mount and remove their children, so it is much more convenient, especially for parents with younger kids who still use the rear-facing mode. In addition, the Sirona S also has an extra safety feature. The Linear side-impact protection can absorb up to 25% more impact during a collision. It also has SensorSafe on the chest clip, so parents will know when it is unbuckled.

Cybex Sirona S Vs Evenflo Revolve

Both Cybex Sirona S and Evenflo Revolve are good options for parents looking to buy a convenient safety car seat. They share many features and installation modes. The Revolve is more straightforward or requires less time to install. We also like the tether strap connected to the base instead, so we can always use it in any installation mode. However, the Cybex Sirona S offers more features than Revolve, affecting the price.

- Convertible Car Seat: The first car seat in the U.S to feature an innovative 360° rotatable seat, the Sirona S makes it quick and easy to switch between rear-facing and forward-facing positions and get your child in and out of the car.
- EasyLock Bar: Reduces the force needed up to 4x for simple and secure car seat installation. Dual-level indicators ensure that your car seat is at the correct recline angle while our load leg can reduce rotation in certain crashes by up to 30%.
- SensorSafe: Built into the chest clip, SensorSafe provides app alerts if a child unbuckles themselves; if the back seat has become too warm or too cold, if a child has been seated for too long, or if the driver accidentally leaves the child behind.
- Superior Protection: Linear side-impact protection (L.S.P.) absorbs up to 25% more impact in a collision compared to the same car seat without L.S.P. extended while the anti-rebound design reduces car seat rebound movement in the event of a crash.
- BOLD MOVES: Innovative rotating car seat makes it easier than ever to get your child in and out of the car—no matter what kind of vehicle you have
- 360 DEGREES OF EASE: Install the Revolve360 once and you’re done—the Sure360 Safety Installation System with LockStrong and Tether360 keeps it safe, secure and simple
- GROW WITH GOLD: Offers 10 years of use and 3 modes—Rear Facing (4 – 40 lb), Forward Facing (22 – 65 lb), and Booster (40 – 120 lb)
- ON-THE-GO RECLINE: Easily adjust your child’s seat for maximum comfort, without having to reinstall the seat or bother your baby


The decision is yours because these seats are equally safe and convenient. We recommend Revolve because it is cheaper, and the harness height range is taller, which means our kids can use the seat for longer before needing a booster.