Diono Everett Vs Monterey

The kid needs to move into their booster seat after exceeding their convertible seat’s weight or height capacity. Diono Everett Vs Monterey are perfect for growing children who can’t use the seatbelt yet. These seats are easy to install and will last for several years until they don’t need one anymore. If parents consider these models, let’s see what to expect from the seats here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Buy a Car Seat for Children
  • What are Diono Everett and Monterey
  • How are the Designs of Diono Everett and Monterey
  • How to Install Diono Everett and Monterey
  • How to Use Diono Everett and Monterey
  • How is the Fit of Diono Everett and Monterey
  • What else Diono Everett and Monterey can offer
  • Diono Everett Vs Monterey

Buying a Car Seat

Buying a car seat can be confusing because there are so many options. Parents have to select the seat carefully because not every model will offer the same performance or convenience. The most important is buying a car seat with the safety standard. All car seats in the US have to meet or exceed FMVSS 213, so every seat is safe to use. But, there are also options with improved performance. Companies can add safety features to their product for better performance.

Car seats have different expiration dates, but usually, they are about seven years or longer from the manufacturing date. We can use an older seat when the older sibling is no longer using it, but it is advised to avoid a second hand seat. Like many other safety gears, the car seat effectively works when they are in good condition. A car seat that has been through impact may have cracks. Sometimes the damage is not visible, so it is wise only to use the seat that you are sure about the quality.

The car seat also has different capacities and types. Car seats are generally separated into infant, convertible, and booster seats like Britax Skyline Vs Diono Monterey. The best car seat will be the one that fits the weight and height of your children and is easy to install. Usually, parents can use one or two seats for each of their children. Some models offer a 4-in-1 solution which means the seat can fit babies, toddlers, and older kids. They are more expensive but also more convenient.

 Diono EverettDiono Monterey
Product Dimensions14.8 x 18.5 x 27.6 inches
17.5 x 22 x 27.2 inches
Shipping Weight11.1 pounds
15.2 pounds
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About Diono Everett and Monterey

No single answer will satisfy every parent because your personal preference, lifestyle, and the vehicle itself matter. Sometimes we face an issue not related to the car seat but the vehicle, such as lack of low connectors, shallow roof, narrow seat, etc. It is also wise to measure your vehicle’s space and check the manual on how it can use a car seat. Once you have installed a seat once or twice, the following practices will be a walk in the park.

The easiest car seat to install is a booster, the last seat your kid will need before using only the seatbelt. But, make sure that the kid’s weight or height already meets the requirements. The booster seat secures its passenger with a seatbelt. The function of the booster is to improve fit so the belt can land in the correct position. There are plenty of good booster seats to choose from, and one of the most popular is Diono. This company has varying options for parents with growing children.

Diono Everett and Monterey are some of the best booster seats that will fit your kid until they don’t need one anymore. These seats are very similar but also different. They are identical in capacity and installation steps. Installing a booster seat is much easier than a convertible seat, so if you have used one previously, we are sure a booster seat is not going to be a challenge. Both models are as young as four years old, weigh 40 pounds, and are at least 38 inches tall.

While a booster seat improves the fit of a seatbelt, not every variant will have the same capacity. The Diono Everett and Monterey are identical in specs, and the main difference is only the backless mode of Everett. The Everett booster is cheaper than Monterey, but it lacks a backless mode. Backless mode is not necessary, but if your kid dislikes a booster seat’s appearance since it may seem childish, they can use a backless mode that only elevates their height.

Diono Everett and Monterey Design

One of our favorite things about Diono car seats is their colorful collection. The cover is only cosmetic, but it is nice to let the kid choose which color they like better since they seem to enjoy the seat even more. The Diono Everett and Monterey have the same look, almost identical. The seat’s bottom where the kid will sit is pretty broad, but Monterey is wider at 17.5 inches while the Everett is 15.5 inches. The base width of Monterey is pretty wide as it includes a cup holder.

We like the contoured bottom of Everett because the kids can sit more comfortably. The design is very similar, but the shoulder flare is different. The Monterey is about an inch wider than Everett at its widest shoulder width. The headrest is adjustable, and we can extend it to promote a better fit as the kid grows taller. Both seats have a removable cover, and parents can wash it when the kid spills their drinks or if they often have car sickness.

Installing Diono Everett and Monterey

Installing a booster seat is very easy because there are no reclining positions or belt routing paths. Depending on your vehicle, booster seats usually only use low anchors or seat belts. Parents need to remove the connectors from the seat and connect them to the car using low anchors. We like the Everett better because it uses a premium connector with a plastic head and clicks easily to the connector on your vehicle. The connector also quickly snaps when you want to remove the seat.

The Monterey is more traditional as it comes with a pair of hooks. The hooks connect easily but removing them can be a challenge as we need to press and slightly wiggle them out of the connector. Additionally, the Diono Everett and Monterey only use low anchors as they don’t have a top tether, but parents can use the seatbelt to secure the seat when not used.

Using Diono Everett and Monterey

Putting the kid in their seat is also straightforward. Since most children who use a booster are five years and above, they can put on their seatbelt without any issue. The headrest is adjustable, and the belt path is located at the bottom of this headrest. Increasing the headrest’s height will increase the height of the seatbelt to provide a better fit for older children. The seat’s width is pretty wide, but they don’t go over the seatbelt’s lock, so passengers can wear their belts with less assistance.

Diono Everett and Monterey Fit

The fit of Diono Everett and Monterey is also very similar. Your kid must be at least four years old and weigh 40 pounds or 38 inches tall to use these booster seats. The fitting for older kids is perfect, depending on the kid’s body. For example, a five years old little girl who weighs 49 pounds and is about 48 inches tall fits well on these seats. But, if your kid is heavier or has a bigger build, the Monterey will work better.

For example, a model who is already 84 pounds and 47 inches tall on his fifth birthday can still use Monterey without being squeezed by the shoulder flare. Older kids above 50 inches tall seem to enjoy using these seats. The maximum height is 63 inches, so they still have plenty of time to grow, and the weight capacity is 120 pounds for both seats. If your kid prefers this setup, the new Monterey that comes out in 2019 has backless mode.

Overall the Diono Everett and Monterey produce a good fit across different passengers. But, Everett sometimes put the shoulder belt close to its passenger’s neck instead of in the middle of the kid’s shoulder. An ideal seatbelt fit is in the middle, not around or on the passenger’s neck. Still, Everett is improving and helpful with seatbelt installation.

Diono Everett and Monterey Features

The last part is for additional features. Because Monterey is more expensive, you can expect some features from this booster. The most useful feature is expandable shoulder flare or wings, which is necessary if you have a kid with a larger built or wide shoulder. Many kids hate their booster because the shoulder flare is too narrow and squeezing their arms, so having this feature is very helpful. In addition, it comes with two cup holders and is compatible with inflatable seatbelts depending on the vehicle’s guide.

Diono Everett Vs Monterey

Both Diono Everett and Monterey are straightforward to install and will fit most children until they can wear seatbelts without boosters anymore. The main difference is Monterey offers expandable shoulder flare and can use backless mode. Both features are useful for kids with a bigger build or who don’t fit in a typical booster seat. But, the backless mode is only for a car with a headrest, and the capacity is the same as its highback mode.

- SLIM FIT DESIGN: Designed to be slim fit booster seat without compromising comfort, safety and support for your child
- EASY CLICK RIDGID LATCH CONNECTORS: Offers a quick and simple way to secure the booster seat using your vehicle seat belt latch system
- SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing only 8.9 lbs Everett NXT is a super light car seat allowing you to move the seat between vehicles with ease
- 7 HEADREST POSITIONS: 7-Position headrest adjusts with eas to provide protective head support for your child with reinforced side impact protection
- THE ORIGINAL EXPANDABLE BOOSTER: Provides 69% increase in occupancy space as your child grows
- 2 SEATS IN 1: Easily converts into a backless booster seat, with a wide contoured seat base and two retractable cup holders
- SUPERIOR SIDE IMPACT PROTECTION: Reinforced high impact aluminum that provides layers of enhanced side impact protection for head, shoulders and torso
- 11 POSITION HEADREST: Easy one hand adjustment provides up to 6.5” in height to grow with your child. Ultimate safety and protection for your child comfort


There is no reason not to choose any of these seats. But, we recommend the Monterey if your kid is bigger than their same-age friend or has a wide shoulder because Monterey has expandable shoulder flare and is wider for better comfort.

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