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Evenflo Big Kid Amp vs Graco Turbobooster

High back booster seats are a genuinely new item on the vehicle seat advertise. The advantage to high back booster seats is that kids can be placed in them before, and afterward, they can grow into a no-back booster seat as they grow. 

Children until a specific age need to sit in their vehicle set in the back or front seat in light of the fact that your vehicle seats and safety belts are not intended to give legitimate security to their little body. Among those numerous choices of the vehicle seat, Evenflo Big Kid Amp and Graco Turbobooster are the two acceptable choices to go.

These seats are equipped for giving the best possible assurance but at the same time are different in some aspects. With their new presentation into the market, they are progressively developing in ubiquity.

If you are interested in purchasing one, then keep on reading this article as we will break down to you the advantages and disadvantages of these two items.

Evenflo Big Kid Amp vs Graco Turbobooster: Overview

With regards to picking a booster seat, the main thing to consider is how safe it will be for your kids. Furthermore, in case you are searching for the most secure booster vehicle seat conceivable, try Evenflo Big Kid Amp. Read also: Evenflo Spectrum vs Big Kid

It is a unique seat that is evaluated as the Best Bet Booster by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety which talks a great deal about its predominant wellbeing properties. The seat has been structured, designed, tried, and assembled in the USA with the USA and worldwide top-notch components. 

On the other hand, the Graco TurboBooster vehicle seat has been long available in some forms which implies that it is an extremely mainstream model that protects kids everywhere throughout the globe. The booster is structured with a genuine shield technology that ensures predominant side effect insurance, and the seat has been thoroughly crash-tested to meet and surpass US safety measures.

Weight Restrictions 

While both items enable kids to progress from forward-looking vehicle seats to booster seats sooner, these two models have distinctive weight limitations than one another. Graco Turbobooster has gauge limitations set at least 30 lbs to 100 lbs when the high back is set up.

When there is no back, the weight limitations are set at 40 lbs to 100 lbs. Meanwhile, Evenflo Big Kid Amp has comparable weight limitations for the high back choice and no back choice.

Be that as it may, the base weight limitation for the high back alternative is set marginally higher at 40 lbs. 


All things considered, Evenflo Big Kid Amp is an alluring car seat because of the different design, making the seats not boring to look at and relying upon the alternative you pick, their cushioning pattern will be somewhat unique too alongside the color scheme. However, if you do not care for the lined back cushioning, there are different choices with fewer lines.

Also, the seat can be changed into a bare-backed booster seat. Moving on to Graco Turbobooster, from the design, it seems like any standard vehicle seat and there is nothing exceptional about the appearance.

The cushioning is truly okay with a solid match and very large seats rely upon your kids’ weight on the grounds that within width is estimated at 16.5 inches. The seat pad is machine wash friendly while other plastic or metal parts can be cleaned with water and cleanser.

Favorite Features 

When purchasing anything with a kid, they must have had something to say. Here is a portion of the incredible highlights that are accessible for the two parents and children alike.

Evenflo Big Kid Amp has these favorite highlights: 

  • Six height positions 
  • Armrests 
  • Removable seat cushion 
  • Color alternatives: 
  • Carissa (dark with two pink blossom designs) 
  • Green Angles (dull dark and green funneling) 
  • Pink Angels (dark and pink funneling) 
  • Sprocket (dark and light blue geometric sunburst design) 

Graco Turbobooster has a lot of highlights for everybody: 

  • Hideaway cup holders 
  • Tallness-adjustable head backing and cushions 
  • Height-adjustable armrests 
  • Color decisions available for parents and kids are: 
  • Spitfire (dark, circle pattern, and lime green funneling) 
  • Alton (dark, light grey, and light blue funneling) 
  • Ladessa (red, multicolor offbeat structure, and greenish-blue funneling) 
  • Mosaic (dark, geometric pattern in green, and greenish-blue funneling) 

Safety Features 

Graco Turbobooster is altogether tested for crash assurance and surpasses the gauges set by the US. With energy-absorbing froth, an open circle belt guide, and flexible head support, this high back booster seat is appraised as one of the first-class high back booster seats. 

Meanwhile, Evenflo Big Kid Amp is likewise strenuously tested for crash assurance and side-impact. The basic trustworthiness of this model is tried to be about twice what the government crash test standard requires.

Evenflo Big Kid Amp vs Graco Turbobooster

- 2 Seats In 1 Removable back for easy transition to a no back booster
- One hand, 6 position height adjustment to accommodate growing children longer. Seat belt booster fit-Top of child's ears are at or below the top of the child restraint
- Child should be at least 4 years of age
- Energy absorbing foam liner provides added safety and comfort. 2 cup holders for drinks
- RightGuide Portable Seat Belt Trainer guides the vehicle seat belt to properly fit your big kid and is portable for on-the-go convenience
- Seats Two Kids at Once: RightGuide Portable Seat Belt Trainer is removable, so you can seat a second child for carpooling, playdates, and more
- Graco ProtectPlus Engineered: Helps to protect your little one from front, side, rear, and rollover crashes
- 7-Position Headrest: 1-hand, 7-position adjustable headrest is easy to use and grows to properly fit your growing child

Final Verdict

Let us compare Evenflo Big Kid Amp and Graco Turbobooster. As you may definitely know, the distinction between these two is on their weight limit in light of the fact that the Evenflo has higher weight limit as much as 110 pounds while the other just as much as 100 pounds.

Moreover, their cup holder is likewise different on the grounds that the Evenflo is more compact contrasted with the Graco. All things considered, these two are a decent choice for a reliable booster vehicle seat.

Be that as it may, subsequent to thinking about the value, we incline toward Graco Turbobooster better since it is undeniably more reasonable than Evenflo Big Kid Amp with similar capacities or highlights including being changed into a backless booster seat. Despite the fact that the Evenflo got disputable remarks from shoppers about the “loss” plan, the general recommendation could still go to it.

As a head-to-head contender to the Graco, the Evenflo includes a couple of extravagant accessories that the Graco does not have. Evenflo Big Kid Amp is flexible in both stature and lap profundity (most boosters are simply height-customizable).

Like the Graco, the back expels as children become bigger, adding a cautious lift to more established children without having them look “uncool”. With security evaluations that return twice the government prerequisites, this model is definitely worth its cost.