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Evenflo Chase vs Graco Atlas

Looking for an affordable booster seat that doesn’t cost so much money? You are probably interested in these two models, Evenflo Chase vs Graco Atlas. Despite their affordable prices, both models still offer excellent safety and features. Continue reading below to find out which one that is best for you!

What we will discuss in this article include:
– The size and weight of each model
– The height and weight limits of each model
– The installation system on each model
– The features of Evenflo Chase vs Graco Atlas
– The comparison of their safety
– The available color choices on each model
– Which convertible booster that is more recommended

Size and Weight
First of all, let’s compare their dimensions. Most people prefer a car seat that is compact and lightweight, because it is easy to set up and won’t eat up too much space in the car. You also need to carefully consider the dimensions of the car seat if you want to fit three units across the backseat or if you want to bring it along when traveling.See also: Graco 4Ever vs Milestone.

Evenflo Chase is definitely better in this aspect. It is quite compact and really lightweight. It measures 18 inches wide, 18.5 inches deep, and 29.5 inches tall. You can fit three units across the backseat if your car isn’t a narrow one. It is FAA-approved when used in the harness mode, and the slim design will allow you to fit it on most airplane seats.

The weight of Evenflo Chase is about 11 lbs. This is quite lighter than most other car seats in the market. Hence, you can easily carry it along when traveling. It is also a nice choice if you have two cars and you want to be able to move the car seat easily between the cars.

Graco Atlas is not too bulky or hefty, but it is still larger and heavier than Evenflo Chase. It measures 18 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 30.5 inches tall. The weight is about 16.6 lbs. Due to the width, it won’t allow you to fit three units across the backseat of your car. But you can use two car seats simultaneously quite easily.

It is also FAA-approved when used with the harness system. However, the width may make Graco Atlas a bit difficult to fit on some airplane seats. Make sure to double check the width of the airplane seat when taking it for a flight.

Height and Weight Limits
Next, when choosing between Evenflo Chase vs Graco Atlas, you must consider their height and weight limits. Make sure that the booster seat that you choose is actually suitable for your child. You don’t want the booster seat to get outgrown and become obsolete too quickly.

Evenflo Chase is a two-in-one convertible booster car seat. It can serve as a forward-facing harnessed car seat for a child between 22 – 40 lbs with a height of up to 50 inches (the highest harness slot is 18 inches high). It can also serve as a high-back booster seat for a child between 40 – 110 lbs with a height of up to 57 inches (the top belt guide position is 19 inches tall).

Evenflo Chase is a good choice mainly because of the higher maximum weight limit, which is 110 lbs. Hence, you will be able to use it as a high-back booster seat for slightly longer. However, it is not recommended if you want to use the forward-facing mode for a long time, as the weight limit in this mode is really low. According to the company, Evenflo Chase has an expiration date of 6 years after the manufacture date.

Graco Atlas is also a two-in-one convertible booster car seat. In the forward-facing harnessed mode, it is suitable for a child between 22 – 65 lbs with a maximum height of 49 inches (but the highest harness slot is actually 18.5 inches tall). In the high-back booster seat, it is suitable for a child between 30 – 100 lbs with a maximum height of 57 inches (the top belt guide position is 20 inches).

Graco Atlas is great for tall children. The higher harness and belt guide positions will easily fit tall kids. Another reason to choose this model is the higher weight limit in the forward-facing harnessed mode. So, you can use it for airplane flights for a longer time. This model has an expiration date of 7 years since the manufacture date.

Evenflo Chase comes with an easy-to-use LATCH system. Some users find that the latch connectors are indeed easy to tighten to secure the installation. There is a tether on the back which keeps the seat in position and prevents the seat from jolting forward in the event of a sudden braking or a crash.

Unfortunately, some other users say that the latch connectors are too short for certain vehicles. Also, some people don’t like the standard latch connectors because they are difficult to tighten. However, you can install this unit by using the seatbelt if you don’t want to use the latch system.

Graco Atlas is pretty much similar. Unfortunately, this model is not yet equipped with the company’s proprietary InRight LATCH system, which allows easy, quick, and secure installation.This model is equipped with a simple J-hook LATCH system. There is a top tether to prevent to prevent the car seat from jumping forward in the event of a sudden braking or a crash.

Some people find this system awesome and quite practical, while some others find it difficult to tighten. Alternatively, you may use your car’s seatbelt for the installation. The seatbelt installation is solid and secure.

Next, note that Evenflo Chase vs Graco Atlas come with several distinctive features. Evenflo Chase is not very good in terms of features, even though it does come with cup holders and machine-washable parts. Graco Atlas is definitely better in terms of features.

Evenflo Chase comes with two removable cup holders. The nice thing about the cup holders is that they don’t add any additional width to the overall size of the unit. So, you don’t really need to remove the cup holders unless you need to clean them. The head pillow and seat pad are easily removable and machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Unfortunately, Evenflo Chase does not recline. This is a slight problem when the child wants to sleep in their seat, as the upright position is not very comfortable for sleeping. Evenflo Chase has a five-point harness system with four selectable positions to provide a snug and safe fit for your child. But, even with the upfront harness adjustment, it is still quite impractical as it requires manual re-threading.

Graco Atlas also has two cup holders, but these ones are integrated and not removable. The entire thing, including the harness, buckle covers, and seat pad are removable and machine-washable, so that you can clean them easily. It has an integrated harness storage compartment where you can put the harness straps when unused.

Graco Atlas reclines slightly by about 2 – 3 inches. It does not fully recline into a horizontally flat position, but this is enough to provide a comfortable position. Graco Atlas is already equipped with the Simply Safe Adjust Harness System which allows you to change the headrest and harness position with a single hand without any re-threading – that is very convenient. There are five positions available.

Evenflo Chase can provide decent safety and protection for your child. This is proven by the fact that it has been side-impact tested. The enveloping design of the sides will shield your child from impacts and debris. In addition, Evenflo Chase has also been tested for structural integrity with energy levels that are approximately twice higher than the federal crash test standards. Evenflo Chase is approved by the FAA for airplane use.

Graco Atlas also provides decent safety and protection, as it has been side-impact tested and went through multiple federal and industrial safety standards. It has thick sidewalls composed of impact-absorbing EPS foam. Graco Atlas has been tested to meet or exceed the US standard FMVSS 213 as well as the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), which uses a peak crash force of approximately 2X the federal crash test standard. Graco Atlas is also FAA-approved for airplane use.

Available Colors
Evenflo Chase provides some color options. There are five variants available. They are Jameson (light gray), Jubilee (blue), Jasmin (purple), Jayden (pink), and Tonal Hearts (light pink).

Graco Atlas, on the other hand, does not provide many options. There are only two variants available. The first one is Glacier, which is mostly black with white lines. The second one is Nyssa, which is gray with pink lines.

Evenflo Chase vs Graco Atlas

- This 2-in-1 Combination Booster Car Seat fitting children from 22-110 lbs. converts from a harnessed to belt-positioning car seat allowing for extended use for your child
- The Chase Booster Car seat helps protect harnessed children from 22-40 pounds(Height: 28 - 50 inches) and belt-positioned children from 40-110 pounds(Height: 43.3 - 57 inches); Age: At least two years of age
- This lightweight Combination Booster Car Seat comes equipped for LATCH systems allowing for easy installation and transfer between multiple vehicles
- Designed and tested for both Side Impact and Structural Integrity at energy levels approximately 2 times the Federal Crash Test Standards
- 2-in-1 booster car seat converts from a 5-point harness forward-facing car seat (22-65 lb) to a highback belt-positioning booster (30-100 lb)
- Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts the height of your harness and headrest in one motion, to ensure that your child is always properly secured
- Integrated harness storage compartment stores unused harness straps. One-hand, 5-position adjustable headrest easily adapts for your growing child
- Integrated, dual cup holders help keep your child's drink close. Seat pad, harness, and buckle covers are comfortable and machine washable

Between these two car seats, we recommend you to choose Graco Atlas. This model is better because of the easy harness adjustment, which doesn’t involve any re-threading. So, you can easily adjust the harness for a snug and secure fit on your child. It provides decent safety, and it has been side-impact tested. It also has a longer expiration date.