Evenflo Sonus vs SureRide

The car’s seats are still too big for our children and when traffic accidents happen, this seat is not designed to protect their small bodies hence parents are advised to use children car seats as an extension. Evenflo Sonus Vs SureRide will be such a great choice for younger children and they are also made to fit the proper application. If your baby is ready to move from the infant car seat, go check what these car seats will offer and pick one that seems best for your family.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do You Need a Car Seat
  • What are Infant Car Seat and Convertible Car Seat
  • What are Evenflo Sonus and SureRide
  • What Evenflo Sonus and SureRide Look Like
  • How are the Installation of Evenflo Sonus and SureRide
  • What else Evenflo Sonus and SureRide can offer
  • Evenflo Sonus Vs SureRide

Car Seat

Being a parent, all of us want to give the best for our children and we have worked hard to provide as well as protecting them from the harms that may threaten their safety. Car accident is one of the causes of so many injuries both for adults and children including babies which is why using a proper car seat is recommended or even required to safely transport our little ones. Until they are ready to use bigger seats, our baby should only sit in their infant car seat.

Depending on the model, not all car seats will be able to carry the same weight and ideal up to the same age but usually they are made for babies until they are as heavy as 22 pounds up to 40 pounds in some models. There is no single rule for how long they can stay in the seat but parents can check if the baby is heavy enough to exceed the weight limit or they are tall enough to almost bump the head inside the current seat, then now we can start using the next one.

For new parents with newborn, the choice will be either getting an infant car seat or a convertible car seat. These are the common options to consider and both have their own pros and cons as well as price range.

Infant Car Seat

This is the smallest car seat that is designed for infants or newborn and as the name suggests, it is very ideal for smaller babies. The best part of this seat is the snug fit as there is just enough room for baby to lay down and in some models, this car seat is compatible with certain stroller frame especially from the same brand or product line, making a complete travel system as well as very convenient for parents to move around or spend the time outside with their baby.

The downside is this seat will only be able to fit a baby up to a certain weight and chances are they will quickly move to the higher seat soon or usually up to 2 years old thus, parents may spend more for all seats required during their growth. 

Convertible Car Seat

As opposed to infant car seats, convertible seats are more likely to stay longer because this type has a bigger build in general and can be adjusted to follow the kid’s growth. They are ideal for rear facing and when your kid is ready, we can start installing them facing forward. Many parents pick this seat as their baby is too heavy for the infant car seat and to save budget for it will last long until they are old enough to level up.

The downside is it will have less-secure fit for newborn as the seat is bigger in general so the parents have to really make sure that the fit is proper and the baby is snugly secured in their seat by using a padded head bumper or rolled-up blanket to cushion around the body. We also can’t mount convertible seats in a stroller, reducing the convenience for active parents.

About Evenflo Sonus and SureRide

After you have decided which seat to buy, now is the time to see what the market has to offer since you will see lots of car seats in stores and all of them seem promising but there must be some factors that differentiate one model to another. If you are here then it means a convertible car seat will fit the family better and for this type of seat, it is good to also consider our children’s overall build as it affects how long and how comfortable the seat will be.

Talking about car seats, one brand that comes to our mind almost instantly is Evenflo and we are sure most parents are also familiar with this company because they are among the most popular when it is about car seats. They also carry tons of choices from the infant car seat, convertible car seat, to those made for youth to bridge the regular car’s seat fit and their body’s built or height. Price wise they are competitive and not overly pricey or too cheap for the quality.

For parents who want to choose a convertible car seat, Evenflo Sonus and SureRide will be an amazing option. Both of them are designed properly to fit babies until they are old enough to move into a booster seat which saves the budget to buy an infant car seat and then the convertible short after. They are also pretty much affordable so even when we have twins or triplets, most parents can afford them without having to adjust their monthly spending.

While Evenflo Sonus and SureRide are quite similar in usability, these seats are not exactly identical to each other and the one that set them apart the most in our opinion is how the SureRide is crafted to offer best comfort for smaller children or toddlers as they are still need to use rear-facing seat. The Sonus is more like a common convertible seat that can offer both cost-saving and convenient yet still very safe. Read also: Chicco MyFit Vs Graco Nautilus.

Evenflo Sonus and SureRide Design

Side by side these convertible seats are not looking like each other and thankfully, they are so we can tell them apart easily when shopping. The Sonus is overall slimmer than the latter and as you can see, the bottom seat is less plush as well because it is made for comfort when your children are growing up. The SureRide has this extra padding that comes in the package which is made to pad the bottom seat for smaller toddlers to snuggly fit into the seat.

The whole dimension of SureRide is 20-inch wide, 20-inch deep, and 29-inch tall compared to 19-inch wide, 19-inch deep, and 29-inch tall Sonus. The armrests on both seats are also different because the latter is not ideal when children want to put their arms over it which makes sense as it is designed to fit smaller toddlers. For the weight limit however, they are the same which is up to 40 lbs. in rear facing mode and added another 10 lbs. for the forward facing mode.

Evenflo Sonus and SureRide Installation

The first thing you may want to know about a convertible seat is probably the installation because it may take some time to get used to or to find the perfect and safest position. When installed in rear facing mode, there is a recline foot in both car seats and this must be engaged to achieve the correct degree and then if the car seat still moves around, we can add a rolled towel below to make sure it gets stable enough when being strapped into the anchor bars.

When choosing the forward facing, fold recline foot into its position and as with any seat, we can use the lower anchor assembly to secure the seat in this position. In addition these seats can be installed using seat belts and in combination with tether hooks. 

Evenflo Sonus and SureRide Features

Moving to the feature side, this is what sets Evenflo Sonus and SureRide apart the most in our opinion beside the shape and design because Sonus is designed for longer growth and to accommodate taller children, the harness is adjustable at a higher position compared to the latter model. There are equally three rear facing and three front facing harness placement depending on where you live; US or Canada for the usage. The former has a higher harness slot so then taller children can still sit and secure in the seat.

This seat is also said to have an airflow ventilation system probably to make sure older children will not get too warm especially in hotter months and in addition, the arm rest is featured with a cup holder in case your kid loves to drink and snack while traveling. For the parent’s convenience there is a buckle pocket to keep the buckle away. For traveling parents, both seats are FAA approved so it should be able to be used inside a cabin but don’t expect to achieve full recline rear-facing mode.

Evenflo Sonus vs SureRide

Both car seats are amazing for the price range because they are safe and easy to install but are also different because the SureRide is great for smaller babies as it has enough padding to fit them snuggly and it also has more reclining position to offer the best comfort when installed in rear-facing mode but, the Sonus is better for its ability to fit taller children as the harness adjustment offer the room and in addition it has cup holders as well as buckle pocket.

- VERSATILE: The Sonus Convertible Car Seat helps protect rear facing infants from 5-40 pounds
- TESTED & TRUSTED: In addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable federal safety standards, this car seat also passes Evenflo's comprehensive Side Impact and industry leading Rollover Test Standards
- ALL-SEASON COMFORT: The Sonus features a revolutionary air flow ventilation system that provides a temperature-regulated
- TRAVEL WITH FREEDOM: This restraint meets FAA Inversion requirements for airplane use allowing it to serve as a seat that can travel with you during family vacations or holidays around the world
- 2 Seats in 1: Two Modes of Harness use - Rear-Facing and Forward-Facing
e3 Expanded Zone of Protection: - 3 layers of energy-absorbing foam provide superior protection and reduces side impact crash forces up to 50%
- Up-Front Harness Adjust: Central, front access to harness adjuster provides an easy way to adjust child's harness for an accurate, snug fit
- Fold-Down Cup Holder: Easy access to drinks and folds out of the way when not in use


We should pick the one that fits our children the most and between the two, if they seem taller for their age, investing in Sonus may last longer but if you want to use the seat from early days, SureRide will be the most ideal choice.