Evenflo Sonus vs Tribute LX

Children need to use their car seat when using the vehicle to make sure the safety system works for their smaller build. Depending on their height and age, we have to choose the suitable seat as well such as Evenflo Sonus Vs Tribute LX for older babies who can sit properly and sport their neck and head. If you plan to save some budget, go check below to see what these two can offer and pick the one that fits your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why We Need to Install Safety Car Seat
  • Which Safety Car Seat to Purchase
  • What are Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX
  • What Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX Look Like
  • How are the Installation of Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX
  • How are the Fit of Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX
  • What else Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX can offer
  • Evenflo Sonus Vs Tribute LX

Safety Car Seat Importance

We all know that vehicles are dangerous, they are risky and we never know what will happen on the road. Especially for parents we are always concerned about our children’s safety while using the vehicle because of the high risk and chance of getting involved in a crash or similar frightening events. While seatbelt is the standard and has been proven to save countless lives all around the world, they are ideally made for adults or at least older children whose bodies are tall enough to be fitted properly.

Babies on the other hand are at a greater risk of injury in crashes because their body especially spines are developing and their heads are larger for their bodies. During such events, if the children are riding forward facing, the spinal cord may stretch and this could risk not only serious injury but also death. This is why babies and younger children are required to sit facing the rear part using the children car seat, their head, neck, and spine will be cradled by the back of the safety seat.

This will be very helpful against frontal crash which is what mostly happens and according to research studies, those up to two years old who are placed in a forward-facing position have a higher risk of experiencing serious injury during the crash compared to the same age children who are positioned in the rear-facing seat. Overall, when secured properly into your car seating system, a safety seat for children will improve the safety of your kids despite not reducing any chance of getting on such unfortunate events.

 Evenflo SonusEvenflo Tribute LX
Product Dimensions19 x 19 x 29 inches
27.6 x 18.5 x 19.8 inches
Shipping Weight12.6 pounds
9.1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Safety Car Seat Types

For a first time parent however, it can be confusing when you are shopping for the new car seat because there are so many models and some of them look different from the rest. Buying a car seat is fairly easy as there are only a few types regardless of the model names by manufacturer. The first stage is infant car seats and this can be used from day one until approximately 12 months only because of the limitation of the seat space and weight range.

If parents wish to use the seat from about 5/6 months old, we can start by using a convertible car seat which is more cost-saving as they can be used for quite some time depending on your kid’s growth but, usually for more than a year. They have larger built and larger fit for newborn hence not conform to their petite body yet. When they have outgrown the convertible seat, booster seat/belt positioner will be your next option as they aid the children’s body to be properly secured by the car’s seat belt.

About Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX

Now when you have decided which car seat to buy for the little one needs, it is time to start shopping. There are tons of options in the market and it may take some time before we can find the perfect product but, we can always choose those that seem to work best or are trusted by other parents. We also recommend checking how the seat will be installed in your vehicle because different cars also sometimes have different levels of difficulties when it comes to securing the safety seat.

If you are here then it means the car seat is meant to be for older children and this application will call for convertible seats or if they are older than booster seats like Britax Skyline Vs Highpoint will be the ideal options. When shopping for a new safety seat, we are sure parents often meet Evenflo or you may have already used one of their products before such as a stroller. This is one of our favorite brands when it comes to baby products for their qualities.

Their strollers are affordable and richly featured to offer parents a more convenient way when they need to transport their babies while their car seats are also popular for the ease of use especially when it comes to their installation. Two seats that are both affordable and easy to use are Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX. Both of them are convertible car seats and will be ideal for older babies until they grow and tall enough to move into their higher seats.

As convertible seats, Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX can be installed in a rear-facing position which is the safest for toddlers to keep their body properly protected during frontal crash. The reason why these two are often compared to each other is because they are very affordable hence parents are calling them a bang for the buck for safety car seats. However, their price difference will also translate into the product and Sonus may offer some that Tribute doesn’t have.

Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, none of them are coming with any baby or newborn’s padding but they still have this removable head padding so we don’t think they will fit the newborn as well as an infant car seat. The construction of Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX are more similar to those booster seats that can only be installed forward-facing but these two can face rear point as well. The fabrics and padding are not very plush but still fairly comfortable for passengers. 

Side by side, they do have very similar designs with a single shell that act as the base of the seat and also, the headrest are non-adjustable as they are fixed into the unit in a streamlined shell. Comparing the size however, these seats seem to be almost at the same size measured around 25-inch tall, 18-inch wide, and 12-inch deep compared to 25.5-inch tall, 18.5-Inch wide, and 17-inch for the seating area which makes this seat slightly narrower than Sonus.

Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX Installation

Moving further, one of the most important parameter to see whether the car seat is good or not is from how easy it is to be installed in your vehicle and here, Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX are equally secured with the lower anchor or seat belt and tether depending on which most convenient in your car. Starting with Sonus, this seat installed with LATCH in rear-facing mode can only be adjusted in one recline angle that can be an issue for the passenger sitting in the front of the seat as it reduces the leg room.

This car seat also shipped the lower anchor strap on the forward facing belt path which required additional steps as we needed to change it into the rear-facing path first. To use the seat in forward-facing mode, remove the Velcro and flip the foot back into a flat surface. As for Tribute LX, this seat can be installed in both positions as well but there will be some fiddling when parents try using the LATCH as we don’t think it is one of the best in quality.

The seat also needs various tweaks, especially using additional padding to make the whole seat recline properly and doesn’t move around when secured using the lower anchor. This seat seems to be more optimized with seat belt installation but it also depends on your car seating system.

Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX Fit

As for the fit, Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX are also a bit different and while you can use them in the same position, their optimum weight range for the forward facing is higher in Sonus at up to 50 lbs. and if you go for the 65 model then it will be 15 lbs. higher as well. The cheaper Tribute LX has the same weight limit for rear-facing position from 5 to 40 lbs. But, the forward facing is only up to 40 pounds, the same as it’s rear-facing.  

These two are not very ideal for newborns and even with the head padding, this pad will push your baby’s head forward so we don’t recommend using it from early days. Toddler at 9 months are fitting very well on both seats as well as still have quite the room to grow. In addition, the strap slots are higher in Sonus and this is probably why it carries heavier weight or a taller body.

Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX Feature

Coming into the additional features, there is nothing fancy in Evenflo Sonus and Tribute LX as they are very basic and probably among the simplest car seats you can buy out there. The only useful features we can get from both seats is their cup holder in which Sonus have two built in the unit placed on each of its arm rest. On the other hand Tribute LX is offering a foldable cup holder on its right arm rest which is very flimsy and personally, we don’t think it will be useful in real-life application.

Evenflo Sonus vs Tribute LX

These seats shine the most in budget range as they are very affordable so parents with more than one growing children can shop without much burden. Their prominent difference is on the fit and weight range itself because Sonus has a higher weight range and has a higher harness position as well to accommodate taller children before they are ready for a higher safety seat. Installation wise they are not the easiest but Sonus does work faster especially in rear-facing mode depending on your vehicle.

- Versatile: The Sonus Convertible Car Seat Helps Protect Rear Facing Infants From 5-40 Pounds, and Forward Facing Toddlers From 22-50 Pounds, Extending the Life and Use of This Full-Featured Car Seat
- Tested & Trusted: In Addition to Meeting or Exceeding All Applicable Federal Safety Standards, This Car Seat Also Passes Evenflo's Comprehensive Side Impact and Industry Leading Rollover Test Standards
- All-Season Comfort: The Sonus Features a Revolutionary Air Flow Ventilation System That Provides a Temperature-Regulated, Comfortable Traveling Experience Regardless of the Season or Your Climate
- Travel With Freedom: This Restraint Meets FAA Inversion Requirements for Airplane Use Allowing It to Serve as a Seat That Can Travel With You During Family Vacations or Holidays Around the World
- The Tribute LX meets or exceeds all applicable Federal Safety Standards, as well as Evenflo's Side Impact Test Standard for Structural Integrity
- The 5-point harness system with 4 shoulder strap positions allow this convertible car seat to accommodate growing children longer. Rear facing fit tip is top of child head is at least 1 inch below the top of the child restraint seat back
- The light and compact weight of the Tribute LX makes it an excellent choice for smaller vehicles, movement between multiple cars, and air travel
- Easy to remove machine washable seat pads allow for quick and easy cleaning; Also comes with a removable cup holder


You can go with any of them because they are very much similar to each other but for parents who don’t mind adding a little bit into their budget, we recommend to pick Sonus as this is slightly easier to use and will be useful longer.