Evenflo Spectrum vs Big Kid

Car seat is a necessary when we have a children because not only they are regulated by law in many states, they are also will play an important role of keeping our children safe in case there is an accident. Evenflo have a huge list of car seat in their catalogue such as Evenflo Spectrum vs Big Kid. Both of them are designed for older children and are a good option to go. If you also interested on these models, go check our article below to see their capabilities.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a Booster Car Seat
– What are Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid
– What Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid look like
– What Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid can offer to you
– Evenflo Spectrum vs Big Kid

Booster Car Seat
Car accident is a common thing in so many places and it is very dangerous which is why we are always advised to drive safely and make sure to follow the rule. In case there is an accident, not only us who are going to receive the impact but those who involved will also put their life in danger and as a parent, we don’t want something like that to happen to our children, so even though our car have a safety feature, driving safely is still the number one concern.

We never know what will happened on the road and though we already follow the rules and drive safely, there still chances of getting involved in an accident. In the US itself, car accident is still one of the most frequent cause of children death and while some things can’t be avoided, it is better to prepare for the worst case which is by installing a children car seat in your car. This car seat will properly fit your children small body when there is a sudden movement.

Their function are similar like the car seat belt which is used to retain passenger body in its place and help spreading the impact to the proper part thus, injury can be minimized and since regular car seat is still too big for children body, they will need a children car seat that match their weight and height. Just like many thing else, the car seat your children need will depend on their age starting from infant car seat until booster car seat.

About Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid
In the market there are a huge amount of option to go and it can take some time to check them one by one. Evenflo is one of the most popular baby gear in the market and this brand have a huge list to pick if you want to find the right car seat for your growing children. We are sure many of you already heard their name or use one of the products before and just like what you can expect, their car seat are also high quality.

A good car seat should able to protect their passenger and convenient to use and both of it are present in Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid. Both of them are the choice if you need a car seat for your growing children because they are designed to take higher weight limit and not only useful as a high back car seat, we can even detach the back rest to use them as a backless car seat booster meant for older children.

Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid Design
From the design alone, both of Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid are already different and as far as a booster seat differ from one brand to another, we think that Spectrum is very unique because the brand seems to use a completely different design for this model. As you can see, this seat look a bit shorter than the other but it actually equally used for children with a height limit up to 143 cm or 57 inches or as long as their ears still below the top of the headrest.

Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid Features
On the standard safety, since all car seats in the market have to pass the minimum requirement safety decided by federal government, all of them are already passed the requirement and safe for children. Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid are also designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the standard which is why they can be available in the market and as long as they are secured properly, both seats should able to retain the passenger in case there is a sudden movement.

Moving to the design, this is what separate these two seats the most because if Big Kid seat is using the standard and common design, the Spectrum seat is applying a new design. The company called this new design as Lyf+Guard advanced compression technology that will reduce the forces of a side impact and keeping our children safe in case there is such accident while they are on the seat. We can see this additional protection behind the head rest which is only present on this model.

On the padding itself, both of the seats are equally padded generously but we think, the padding in Spectrum model is a little bit thicker for an advanced comfort while children ride in the car. As it has been mentioned above, they are useful as both high back booster and backless booster seat because we can detach their back rest and leave the seat alone when your children no longer need the backrest. There is no better between these modes since it can be adjusted according to your children.

As we know, children can grow so fast and without we realize, they can get taller and bigger in a short time which is why, the body of these booster car seats are adjustable, so we can add the height of these seats and adjusting them following your children height. However, there is a little difference here because we can adjust them differently. In Spectrum model, the adjustment is place on the back rest which we can pull up to add another inch of height. Read also: Graco Highback Turbobooster vs Evenflo AMP here.

At the other hand, the Big Kid seat is different for we can’t adjust the headrest and what we can change here is the entire back rest because the adjustment is place on the bottom of the seat so the one that will be elevated is the backrest on not only the headrest. When the backrest is elevated, there will be a small gap at the back bottom part but it shouldn’t affect the seats comfort for children.

Another thing that we should check when looking for a car seat is the installation since some of them may not fitting properly in our car seat system. But, it can be a problem if what we are looking for is an infant car seat or car seat with built in harness for smaller children and since both of Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid are booster car seat, there is no installation here like LATCH to tightly secure the seat.

As a booster seat, the only installation we need to secure Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid is the seat belt in our car. Some parents are not installing these seats properly while it is very easy actually, what we need to do is putting the belt through the belt positioner, so they are placed on the children shoulder and not above them which can happen if we are not using the positioner or like when we are not using any seat at all.

This position is dangerous because the seat belt is meant to spread the impact of the shock in case there is an accident and if they are not holding the children shoulder, the impact can be greater on one part alone thus, it is best to use the safety feature as recommended. Beside the safety feature, both of Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid also coming with the additional feature which is the compartment to carry beverage or snack while on the go.

In Spectrum model, the compartment is wider and more because this seat have two in each side of the seat to carry both drinks and snacks while on Big Kid model, there is only two of them in each side and they are smaller than what we can find on Spectrum. Additionally, a children car seat just like regular car seat will need to be cleaned once in a while to avoid any unpleasant odor or stain when children accidently spill their cups.

To make sure Evenflo Spectrum and Big Kid can be cleaned easily, both of their padding are removable so we can wash them. As for the frame, it is recommended to clean them with a towel or using a mild soap while wiping them from any dirt.

Now, let’s compare Evenflo Spectrum with Big Kid. As you may already know, their prominent difference is on the design and how we adjust the seat to fit taller children because Evenflo Spectrum is adjusted from the headrest while Big Kid is from the backrest. Additionally, their snack and drink compartment are also different since Spectrum have more and wider removable compartments. On the weight, the Spectrum seat is also requiring a higher minimum weight (40 vs 30)

Evenflo Spectrum vs Big Kid

- VERSATILE, 2-in-1 DESIGN: The Spectrum Booster Seat offers a 2-in-1 design that transitions from a high back booster seat to a no back booster seat supporting children from 40-110 pounds. Height - 44 – 57 inches (112 – 145 cm)
- TESTED & TRUSTED: In addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable federal safety standards, this car seat also passes Evenflo's comprehensive Side Impact and industry leading Rollover Test Standards
- NEXT LEVEL SAFETY: This seat features our latest advancement for side impact protection, LyfGuard, which has layers of energy-absorbing material that compress on impact, helping to lower the risk of injury
- 2 Seats In 1 Removable back for easy transition to a no back booster
- One hand, 6 position height adjustment to accommodate growing children longer. Seat belt booster fit-Top of child's ears are at or below the top of the child restraint
- 2 cup holders for drinks

All in all, both of them are a good choice for a dependable booster car seat. However, we prefer Spectrum better because this seat is offering more than we can get in Big Kid model, moreover, their padding is thicker for a more comfortable ride.