Evenflo Sureride vs Titan 65

When it comes to a safe seat, there are so many options out there and not all of us will choose the same seat. A good safety seat is not only protective but also easy to use such as the Evenflo Sureride Vs Titan 65. These car seats are ideal for growing kids after they leave the infant carrier until about 6 or 7 years old. If parents are also considering buying one of these seats, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Look for in a Safety Seat
  • What are Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65
  • How are the Design of Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65
  • How are the Installation of Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65
  • How are the Fitting of Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65
  • What else Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65 can offer
  • Evenflo SureRide Vs Titan 65

Choosing for a Safety Seat

Safety seats are mandatory in so many places and this is because it is necessary to use for children who can’t yet be fitted by the seat belt. The seatbelt is made for adults but our kids or baby is not yet tall or heavy enough to fill the gap between the seat and the belt. Safety seat is designed to boost the dimension and weight but also adding a harness to act like a seatbelt and securing the passenger in time of an impact, restraining their body on the seat.

Because it is designed as a safety gear, they have to fit into the standard and this is decided by the government but each company can modify their seat to exceed the minimum requirement by improving their build quality or adding some safety feature. Make sure that the safety seat is following the regulations in the country such as FMVSS 213 if you live in the U.S. This label is necessary to make sure the car seat can do its job when installed properly.

Always be informed about the weight and height of the kid because the safety seat is made to follow these factors. When they exceed the height or weight limit, their seat can’t protect the passenger as it was designed to be. Usually the maximum limit of the height is one inch below the head rest as the passenger is secured using the harness so make sure the seat is high enough or try moving into the next seat such as a booster if the convertible is no longer fitting their body.

After the fit, we need to consider the ease of use. Just like how our kid needs to be secured using the harness, the seat needs to be secured using the lower anchor, seatbelt, or top tether and combination of them. Installation is the trickiest part because each seat may have their own shape and installation system, along with the attachment in our vehicle or the shape and space available. If parents can spend the budget, getting an easy to use seat like Britax Advocate Vs Clek Foonf is convenient.

Depending on the car seat and how they are designed, some can be very easy to install or can be quite stressful to get secured on. In addition, there are features in car seats that can help in the application such as the rotating base like in Sirona S by Cybex or removable backrest on a booster seat when the kid outgrows their previous booster.

 Evenflo SurerideTitan 65
Product Dimensions19 x 19 x 28.5 inches19 x 20.5 x 27 inches
Shipping Weight9.8 Pounds19.37 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65

The choice is all yours but we do think the standard safety and proper installation are the basics that we must consider when getting a new safety seat for the little one. There are more than plenty to choose from and our concerns can be different as well. The high rated seats are often quite expensive so they may not be as ideal for parents with more than one or two growing kids who still need their seats. But, even so there are still various options on the budget friendly range. 

If parents want a good safety seat but also pocket friendly, Evenflo is one of the best choices to consider. This brand is making lots of baby gear as well from strollers and infant car seats but what we love the most from their safety seats is the price point. Safety seats can be heavy on the pocket, so this brand carries some of the most affordable seats that you can rely on. What to note is that there will be very less to expect but the basics.

If the budget is below $200 or around $100 for one seat, we recommend the Evenflo Sureride and Titan 65 because these two are very affordable. The price point is what makes them popular among parents who want to spend less and overall the seats are safe but also easy to use. The convenience won’t be the same as, for example, a seat that costs two or three times higher however, so we will have more jobs to do when installing or removing the seat. 

Both are very similar or in fact have the same specs so the different name is probably for marketing purposes or to differentiate the seat that is sold in a certain store or place. Both are also available at the same price point and in addition, there is Titan 65 variant with SensorSafe chest sensor too. In comparison, we will talk about the same seat since the specs and performance is applicable for both Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65.

Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65 Design

As you can see, these convertibles are very similar even from the outer design. The seats are quite bulky but this is great to make sure they are comfy for a growing child. The fitting of these seats are starting from newborn after the baby can be properly fitted in the harness but probably not from day one. The material of these seats are very soft and there is much padding on the inside as well as coming with an insert for smaller babies.

The fashion may vary but we found that most of them are in a combination of light grey and black, violet and red so there is no flowery pattern if you prefer this fashion. The shell height of these seats are approximately 28 inches tall and the width is decently 20 inches wide. The seat itself is about 11 pounds so it is very lightweight and probably among the lightest seats we have seen.

Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65 Installation

Now for the most important part, let’s see the installation of Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65. Out of the box, most parents may want to use the lower anchor and this may require some work because we need to change the webbing when moving from rear to front later. It requires tightening and for rear facing there is a panel below the seat that needs to be installed; it folds away when in front facing. In comparison, the seat belt installation can be used as well in this mode but most convenient with a lap belt.

The front facing is simpler because we don’t need to add a rolled towel and no need to use the reclining system. The front facing is easier when installd using the seat belt because parents only need to thread it through the belt path and buckle up. The tether is easy to use as well but depending on the vehicle type, sometimes the anchor can be positioned further away thus, requiring an extender.

Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65 Fitting

Next is for the fitting of Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65 which is also the same. These seats are meant for newborn from 5 lbs. to children up to 40 lbs. in rear facing mode or from 22 lbs. to 65 lbs. for the front facing. A baby with at least 17 inches height and 7 lbs. will fit really well using the lowest harness height. There is a newborn routing too, for securing the smaller babies but it needs to be readjusted again after they reach 10 lbs. 

The harness is adjustable on both seats to accommodate the growing child and depending on how fast they are growing, they may have to leave these seats when reaching 6 or 7 years old but, it is the time for another seat or booster seat to take the place in.

Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65 Features

Lastly we want to talk about the added value of Evenflo SureRide and Titan 65 but as an affordable option, there is not much we can find here. The newborn routing can be helpful for a tiny baby but it is not necessary. If you find the Titan 65 at some store, there is the variant with SensorSafe chest sensor that can alert the caretaker when the temperature is dangerous for the passenger and while logically we don’t leave babies in the car, there are still many cases of fatality due to this habit.

Evenflo Sureride vs Titan 65

You can find lots of great options when it comes to car seats and the Evenflo SureRide or Titan 65 are two of them which also come at an interestingly low price. They are not the most convenient when it comes to installation but by being made to meet and exceed the safety requirement as well as being comfy for the passenger should be enough for most parents. We may need more effort to install them but it gets better with practice.

- e3 Expanded Zone of Protection: 3 layers of energy-absorbing foam provide superior protection and reduces side impact crash forces up to 50%
- Up-Front Harness Adjust: Central, front access to harness adjuster provides an easy way to adjust child's harness for an accurate, snug fit
- Fold-Down Cup Holder - Easy access to drinks and folds out of the way when not in use.Rear-facing Height 19 - 40 inch.(48 - 102 cm.). Forward-facing Height 28 - 54 inch.(71 - 137 cm.)
- Machine-Washable: Durable fabrics - remove for easy cleaning
- Sensor Safe Technology alerts the driver that baby is still on board the vehicle
- ComfortTech - 3 layers of different density foam to alleviate pressure
- Up-Front Adjust - Easy Access Harness tension system
6 shoulder harness positions and - 2 crotch buckle positions for better fit and longer use


Depending on where you get the seat from, the name can be different but both are the same seats with the same shape and specs. Parents can compare the price from various stores and see which will benefit them the most because the two are equally good and reliable.