Evenflo Sureride vs Tribute

Having a kid becomes the most precious moment in life so that you need to give them security while they are coming with you in your car. Choosing the right car seat is important to provide safety for your toddler. Since there are so many types of car seats, we will help you to take a look before you decide to pick one from the market.

This time we will bring you into the most two popular car seat in the market lately that comes from Evenflo Sureride and Tribute series. Both of them becomes so adorable car seat that admired by so many parents with their great features.

Let’s take a look over them so that you can decide which one that has the most suitable for your kids. Check the short glances review about them below!

Evenflo Sureride

Evenflo Sureride is a kind of car seat that provides the safest things for your kid’s needs. It was launched in about 2014 for the first time and becomes famous since then. It comes with so many features that help to give the best safety and comfort needs for your kids.

Evenflo Sureride offers a simple design that comes in great shape to make your kid love to siting there even for hours. It comes with aright size that will not be giving any bulkier thought to look. It even comes with the infinite harness technology that will fit properly when the child has grown up.

 Evenflo SurerideEvenflo Tribute
Product Dimensions19 x 19 x 28.5 inches18.5 x 22 x 25.5 inches
Shipping Weight9.8 Pounds
9.29 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Evenflo Sureride has two different types of functions which come for the rear-facing infant and forward-facing toddler. The rear-facing type can be used for the baby within five up to 40 lbs infants weight. The forward-facing type can be used for toddlers within 22 up to 65 lbs toddler weight.

Evenflo Sureride comes with soft and comfortable pads that surrounded the car seat. It is helpful to avoid some impact or crush that may happen suddenly. Moreover, the pads covered by the softest material that will not make any harms or irritating toddler or baby skin.

The material pads on Evenflo Sureride are washable which makes it easier to maintain the clean to avoid some infection of bacteria. It will make the car seat keep clean and healthy for your kids. Moreover, you will get less worry about some fungi infection that may jump into the car seat.

Evenflo Sureride comes with the five-harness technology that can be adjusted properly following the size of your kids. Whether they are still a baby or toddler, that makes it easier to adjust with a soft strap that available there. Moreover, the lock system on it makes it safer to use once you lock the buckle.

The dimension of the Evenflo Sureride comes in a lightweight design at only about 19 x 19 x 28.5 inches and 9.8 pounds of weight. It contains a cup of meals and drinks so that your kids can enjoy their snacks during your journey. The price also comes in a reasonable rate that starts from US$100 on Amazon.

Evenflo Tribute

Evenflo Tribute is a kind of car seat that comes with the most comfiness seat for your kids with safety technology. It will not bother your kid with the right size that comes from the car seat which you can choose into the right size. The compact size comes in a perfect versatility that meets your kid’s needs the most.

Evenflo Tribute comes with a polyester material that combines with a soft fabric surrounding the car seat including the pillow head. It covered them properly to provide the best security for your kids from any impacts or sudden bumps. That will make your kid safe during your journey so that you have less worry about it.

Evenflo Tribute comes with two types of car seat style that you can place for the rear-facing and forward-facing. The rear-facing comes for the baby that has a size of between 19 up to 37 inches and 5 up to 40 lbs of weight. The forwards-facing is capable to hold the toddler in between 28 up to 40 inches and 22 up to 40 lbs of weight.

Evenflo Tribute can be used for the baby at least one year of age. The lock system on this car seat works perfectly once you locked it to the buckle. It will restrain the safety that you need the most for your kid. Moreover, the softest material of the strap lock will not bother your kids’ skin.

Evenflo Tribute provides removable pads and covers that make it washable to clean. You can use some mild soap that will not harm the baby or kids’ skin from any irritation. That makes your car seat keep clean as long as you keep them clean diligently. Read also: Evenflo Sonus vs Tribute LX.

Evenflo Tribute provides the LATCH system that makes it easier to install. There is a manual book that you follow the installation step by step. And if you still doubt to do it, there is a number that you can call so that the assistant will help you through the phone.

The dimension of the Evenflo Tribute comes in a lightweight size at only about 18.5 x 22.0 x 25.5 inches and 9.29 pounds of weight. It completes with the cup snack and drinks to keep your kids enjoy their trip. The price also comes in a better rate that starts from US$99 on Amazon.

Evenflo Sureride vs Tribute

- 3 layers of energy-absorbing foam provide superior protection and reduces side impact crash forces up to 50%
- Central, front access to harness adjuster provides an easy way to adjust child's harness for an accurate, snug fit
- Easy access to drinks and folds out of the way when not in use
- Durable fabrics - remove for easy cleanin
- Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels of approximately 2X per Federal crash test standard
- Multiple shoulder harness positions for a better fit and longer duration
- Harness advance adjustment and release buckle allows for easy and comfortable adjustment
- Integrated body cushion gives greater comfort to the baby and an easy removal of the head for older children

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that Evenflo Sureride is a better way to pick than Evenflo Tribute. As it comes from the features and functions, Evenflo Sureride comes in better performances that make it more stand out in the market.

Evenflo Sureride comes in a wider and higher specification than the Evenflo Tribute. It has a better quality of pads and fabric that covered around the car seat. Moreover, the forward-facing type can be used in a longer size at the maximum size at about 65 lbs of weight.

On the other hand, Evenflo Tribute has a lack of features such as a limited size for the forward-facing size that can only capable to cover up to 40 lbs of weight. That makes it a little bit waste to pick if your kid has grown up faster up to 60 lbs of weight.