Evenflo Triumph vs Symphony

Car seats are mandatory in the country to transport children under age 16 when using a vehicle. Even if it is not, as a parent we want to give the best safety system to protect our children which is why car seats like Evenflo Triumph Vs Symphony are necessary. Evenflo as one of the well-known youth products manufacturers have lots to offer such as these two and if you are interested to use one of them here are the things you may want to know about the seats.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Car Seat Types
  • What are Evenflo Triumph and Symphony
  • What Evenflo Triumph and Symphony Look Like
  • How are the Installation of Evenflo Triumph and Symphony
  • How are the Fit of Evenflo Triumph and Symphony
  • What else Evenflo Triumph and Symphony can offer
  • Evenflo Triumph Vs Symphony

Car Seat Types

Our car is convenient, we can transport people and goods easily with the vehicle, but just like any moving object, they have a moderate to high risk of accident and this is what we don’t want to happen to our family. Cars have their own safety system and the standard is seat belt itself which already saves the lives of many due to its function to retain and spread impact but this is not made for smaller passengers for the belt will not fit their body correctly.

This is why we have car seats made for children and babies to make sure they are properly protected while traveling. Car seats are smaller than the regular seat in terms of seat width or area but they have a big form made to match the function of your car’s seat belt. Car seats are separated into few types in which there can be a mix between different applications depending on the models. The first type is an infant car seat and this is meant to be used since day one until around 24 months.

Infant car seats are small, they have the best fit for babies as there is so much padding and contoured base to conform to the infant’s body. Due to the small seat size, we can only use them for a shorter time until our little one grows up and is too big for the seat. Another advantage of infant car seats is that they can be mounted into a stroller frame if the model matches and it is easier to take the baby out of the car as the compartment is detachable.

Convertible car seat is the second type of car seat and this can be used from an early age as well but usually the harness is not as narrow and snug as the one in an infant car seat. They have a bigger form factor including the seating area and since the seat is bigger, they can be used for several years as well until reaching the maximum weight or height so you don’t need another seat when moving from rear-facing to front-facing position.

The last type is booster seats such as Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco KidFit and they look like convertible seats in general but have a higher weight and height limit. Unlike convertible seats, they can’t be installed in a rear-facing position so they are meant for older children and the “booster” word itself means that the seat can boost the car’s seat belt position or fit. This way they are not secured using the children car seat harness but your car’s seat belt.

 Evenflo TriumphEvenflo Symphony
Product Dimensions20.5 x 19 x 19.4 inches
30 x 20 x 20 inches
Shipping Weight19.37 pounds
14 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Evenflo Triumph and Symphony

The best seat should be the one that fits your family the most and it is wise to choose them based on how old your kid is and how long you plan on using the seat including the budget because we will have to use at least two seats before our little one can wear the car’s seat belt properly. All car seats that are marketed should pass the standard first so in general they are  safe but we prefer to stick with well-known names as they often have better quality on certain factors.

Car seats are manufactured by lots of brands and chances are you already have some names to consider but talking about this safety system, Evenflo will be one of the most popular options chosen by parents because they are very reliable and with competitive prices as well compared to other popular names like Graco or Britax. They have tons of options or models to choose from so every parent can have the perfect seat for their family based on what they need.

If you are here then it means a convertible car seat is the most ideal choice and this is also the most popular type due to its versatility and convenience to bridge between rear and front facing placement. Among the collection, Evenflo Triumph and Symphony are two amazing convertible car seats with both ease of use as well as reliability. If you are worried about safety, as long as the car seat is properly installed they will be equally safe but there are some differences as well between the two.

Triumph has been around for quite some time and continues being the favorite of many parents not without a reason because it has been proven to work well and the low cost itself is very attractive without neglecting the functionality. Evenflo is known to offer its seat in exclusive stores so you will find few models in the same name and for this article, we are talking about the LX which you can get at Amazon or similar stores. Symphony, somehow also has two versions of the same seat.

Symphony seats are available in both Elite and DLX models but these two are the same with difference mainly on where the seat was sold and the inner padding for smaller passengers but, today we are going to use DLX as the sample.

Evenflo Triumph and Symphony Design

If you are familiar with Evenflo car seats, you will also notice that most of their seats are usually differentiated on the seat shape itself and this is what set Evenflo Triumph and Symphony apart the most. As you can see they have different seat construction and unlike many modern car seats, Triumphs use a solid piece of seat which is also elongated to provide neck and headrest while the latter has a different construction with separate headrest and thicker padding in this area.

Similarly, both seats are paired with a lining or internal padding to increase the density of the seating area and to conform to the small passenger’s body more snugly. Side by side, it seems that Symphony is actually thicker than its brother and also taller. If your kid often has car sickness, we can remove the seat fabric and cushion and wash them to keep them clean while the plastic part can be wiped with wet cloth.

Evenflo Triumph and Symphony Installation

Moving further, let’s see how these seats perform in installation first for this often stressing to complete. Both of them can be installed using the lower anchor or using seat belt and tether just like any other convertible car seat but, they have different connectors and the Symphony seat has this SureLATCH one which is in comparison easier to install due to its longer arm as well as easier to disconnect when needed. But, it doesn’t mean Triump is difficult to install in this position, it just feels less modern.

If the child is ready to use the front facing position, we can move from lower anchor to seat belt installation and using tether to secure the seat but, make sure to understand how your seatbelt work because many vehicles have seat belt that can lock in some way to hold the unit securely in a place but some may have specific seating positions with locking latch plate instead.

Evenflo Triumph and Symphony Fit

While Evenflo Triumph and Symphony are the same convertible car seat, they usually have different fit despite the identical weight range and this is probably what makes these two slightly different because the lowest harness position in Triumph is actually lower than on Symphony and it means smaller child can fit better in the seat but, you will still use a rolled up fabric or towel to fill the gap as none of them will offer the kind of fit like in an infant car seat.

For the toddler, as long as they are not exceeding the weight limit of 40 lbs. or about 37-inch tall then they can still use the seat in rear position but after reaching the limit we should move to forward facing and in this side Symphony highest harness strap can go slightly higher than Triumph so it may last longer for child who grow faster on the limb. 

Evenflo Triumph and Symphony Features

The last part we want to mention here is their feature part and in this side Triumph in some of its seats have these buckle pockets to keep the harness out of the way when you are taking the passenger out which is very convenient at times. Symphony on the other hand is not only a convertible seat but also booster seat because you can use it with a seatbelt to boost the child’s position thus, after they are too big for the harness, we can still use the seat until reaching the maximum weight/height limit.

Evenflo Triumph vs Symphony

Both of these seats are very similar to each other and they are great for parents who want to save the budget for longer use. What set them apart prominently is that Symphony can be used after the child surpassing the highest height of the harness as it can support seatbelt as well while the Triumph is a pure convertible seat. But, the Triumph has lower harness height so it may benefit smaller babies to snug better on the seat compared to Symphony.

- Duo Guard 2-layers Rigid Shell with energy absorbing steel reinforcement PLUS 2 Zones Side Impact protection for Head & Torso
- Rest assured with 4-Position true recline and 9-Position headrest to support proper posture for every car ride
- Lock Sure belt-tightening system helps achieve a secure installation with vehicle seat belt
- Ergo Boost double foam padding and contoured seat design provide support in all the right places
- DuoZone combined head and shoulder side-impact protection with 10 positions for growing children
- SuperCinch LATCH attachment and one-pull tightener helps keep - KidFit in place and kid-ready for easy in/out
- ErgoBoost double foam padding and contoured seat design provide support in all the right places
- 2 space-saving cup holders fold away when not in use and are removable for easy cleaning. Product Max Seated Height - 29 inch. Assembled Product Max Seat Back Height - 32 inch


You can go with any of these seats as they are equally reliable but, if you also plan to use them for a prolonged time, we do recommend getting Symphony as it can be used in booster mode as long as our child doesn’t reach the weight and height limit yet.