GB Pockit vs GB Pockit Plus

Since each family may have different needs, we have to look for the most suitable stroller for our children. Some may need a double or stackable stroller while the other may need a compact and light ones. If you are the latter, it is best to pick an umbrella stroller like GB Pockit vs GB Pockit Plus because they are built with a smaller form. For those who want to know what each one of them can offer, go check our article below for more information.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using Baby Stroller
– What are GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus
– What GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus Look Like
– How are the Canopy in GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus
– How are the Children Seat in GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus
– How are the Handlebar and Main Basket in GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus
– What Tire and Wheel used in GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus
– GB Pockit vs GB Pockit Plus

Baby Stroller
Commuting with a children is indeed not one of the easiest task we can do while being a parent and it is understandable because we have to both taking care of our children and making sure they are safe as well as comfortable all the time. Depend on how old your children already is, we can hold them manually, using a baby carrier or with as stroller which will surely reduce some of the weight in your shoulder, moreover, if we are commuting with a public transportation.

Among those many options, when you children is already big enough to support their head and neck and can sit properly on children seat, stroller is probably the most effective way to transport them from one place to another. Baby caddy is also very similar to a stroller but they are made usually to carry infant car seat and some of your belongings yet, depend on the model, they can only handle a smaller weight than a common stroller is capable of.

Stroller is also very versatile since most of them can accept few or several types of infant car seat especially from the same manufacturer while there are units that can take more with the help of an adaptor. With this, parent can use stroller from the infancy stage until their children is old enough to walk around themselves or until exceeding the weight/height limit of the stroller; some may able to handle heavier weight while some may have lower limit. Read also: Baby Trend Expedition vs Navigator Lite here.

In addition, depend on each family’s need, the stroller we have to pick will be different from what our friends have thus, it is better to pick and select based on your own preference or more importantly what kind of features you need. Some parent will need a full or even double seat stroller while some of us better have the kind of unit with a more compact form or have a simpler frame to support our daily activities such as when traveling with little one.

About GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus
This type of stroller is often called an umbrella stroller due to the light frame and limited features but very useful when the priority is a compact, easy to fold and carry around stroller. If you are already making up your mind and want to have the item, it is the time to hunt and select from the vast option in the market so make sure you already have a list of preferred features/ capabilities. Among those many options, GB is a nice brand to choose because they always have good quality products to offer.

GB is manufacturing several types of stroller which they claimed to be made with modern form and global aesthetic design as well as high quality material so they will last until your children’s next siblings. If the one you are looking for is an umbrella, compact stroller, chances you will also love GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus since these models are made to be the companion and helper of parents with high mobility and need a stroller that can be transported easily.

GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus Design
The reason why parents are confused when having to pick between them is because they are very similar to each other yet have a quite far price gap so there must be a distinct ability not available in one of them. As you can see from the sample picture above, GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus are indeed have the same mainframe from the handle to wheels and tires with a clear difference on the canopy and main basket design.

While the overall frame look similar, when you try holding the unit, they are actually quite different in weight because the Plus model is slightly heavier than Pockit regular stroller. However, when folded, they will have the same folding form and similarly compact to carry around even while you are flying with an airplane.

GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus Canopy
We always mention the canopy when talking about a stroller but since these two are an umbrella stroller, we can’t expect much from them. The canopy in GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus are very small, typical in umbrella stroller so if you are strolling on a place where the summer can be very hot, they may not able to protect your baby properly. This is also where they are differentiated because as a Plus model, the later use a quite different, round canopy which enclosed the head area better.
The regular model at the other hand, have a flat and smaller canopy with no coverage on both of its side. While it can’t provide a proper sun protection, we can see our little one easier when they are on board.

GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus Children Seat
The second most important part in a stroller is the children seat because it is the main feature we have to check since each model may have something you like better. Unlike a regular full stroller or joggers with thicker padded seat, these two are only featured with thin seat and harness to secure your children. This is also the part that differentiated both stroller the most because Plus model is actually coming with a more capabilities to offer, making it a more versatile option.

The first difference on their seat is reclining position which is almost always available in regular stroller or joggers because it can allow parents to adjust the seat height matching their children’s preference. Some strollers can even lay their seat until flat or almost flat for smaller children or baby to lay down but most of them can be adjusted until certain position. As an umbrella stroller, GB Pockit is not offering the capability but the Plus model is.

The regular model only have one fixed seat position so we won’t be able recline the seat but the Plus model have the adjustment built-in. This model have an additional connection between the upper part to the backrest thus, the seat can be lowered until a certain level backward in case your little one want to take a nap after the long travel. The second difference is the frame of Pockit Plus since it is capable of being installed with an infant car seat.

However, like many other stroller, this one also can’t receive all infant car seat models for the list of seat they can accept are only GB and Cybex car seat so if you are already using another car seat, they may won’t fit the frame properly.

GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus Handle and Main Basket
Moving ahead, there is a simple handle on both GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus used to push and pull the stroller but different from regular stroller which used to have a backward facing design; they are made to face the front. We don’t really adore this type of handlebar but the reason why they used such design is understandable for a foldable stroller because it will benefit the folding form, to be smaller and more compact. In addition, these handlebars are padded for a better comfort.

Below the handle, we can see these strollers’ main baskets which of course not going to be as big as what we can find on a standard stroller but having one is sure great in case you have smaller belongings to carry while pushing the stroller so we don’t have to hand carry them manually. A little difference between GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus here is on the design alone because regular Pockit have full covering fabric as the front sidewall while the other is featured with a small mesh window.

GB Pockit and GB Pockit Plus Wheel and Tire
Below these main basket, there are 4 double wheels and forever tires to help the stroller roll on smooth surface with a lockable front wheels in case you are walking on a rougher surface, to keep the stroller stable. As for the brake, these models are featured with a standard rear-wheel parking brake that we can activate with hand or foot.

Now, let’s compare GB Pockit with GB Pockit Plus. As you may already know, the difference between them are on the canopy design, reclining seat and the ability to transform into a travel system because in general, GP Pockit Plus is a more capable stroller than its regular version for it can recline the children seat and allow parent to mount infant car seat.

GB Pockit vs GB Pockit Plus

- WORLD’S SMALLEST FOLDING STROLLER - With its innovative two-step folding design, the Pockit is the 2014 Guiness World Records most compact stroller folding down to 11.8” x 7” x 13.8” and a weight of 9.5 pounds
- SMALL BUT STRONG - Built using high quality, durable materials, the Pockit can hold a child from 6 months up to 55 pounds as well as 11 pounds of gear in its convenient storage basket
- PERFECT FOR DAY TRIPS OR EXTENDED TRAVEL - For families with a passion for local or overseas travel and exploring, Pockit is the quintessential choice as it stows away easily in any plane or train overhead bin, or just stowing away in the car
- ADJUSTABLE SEATBACK : A comfortable, multi-adjustable backrest meets the needs of every child - From upright to reclined positions, the recline strap at the back of the seat unit allows for easy, customized adjustment of the seat angle.
- TWO-STEP FOLD : This folding champion folds into a handbag-sized package in two simple steps - It's small enough to bring on the plane or train and fits into any overhead compartment
- FRONT SWIVEL WHEELS: Agile and effortless, swivel wheels make navigating busy streets and turning corners easy They can be locked for stability on uneven surfaces.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because each family may have different need so it is best to pick the one matching your qualifications. However, if we are to choose, as long as our baby can already sit on children seat properly, we do prefer the GB Pockit version better since the Plus model is quite expensive for an umbrella stroller.