Graco 4Ever vs Milestone

We are going to compare two convertible models from Graco that are marketed as all-in-one car seats: Graco 4Ever vs Milestone. Although both of them are described as all-in-one car seats, there are several notable differences that set them apart. So, which model is actually better for the money? Find out below!

Continue reading below to find out more about these car seats:
– The size and weight of each model
– The available color choices on each model
– The suitable uses of Graco 4Ever vs Milestone
– The installation system of each model
– The comparison of their seat features and safety
– Which convertible model that is generally more recommended

First of all, before purchasing any car seat, you need to make sure that it will actually fit inside your vehicle. This is especially important if your car is rather small, or if you are planning to use three car seats across the backseat for your children. See also: Graco 4Ever vs Britax Marathon.

Graco 4Ever is quite bulky and heavy. The width is about 20 inches, the depth is about 21.5 inches, and the height is about 24 inches. It weighs about 23 lbs. Well, to be fair, it is actually pretty compact for an all-in-one model, and there are even heavier models in the market. But it still requires a significant amount of space in your car.

Also, this model is not recommended if you want to use three car seats simultaneously across the backseat. It is too wide for that purpose. Because of the relatively heavy weight, Graco 4Ever is not recommended for portable use or traveling. It is more suitable for a fixed installation in a single car. That said, when using the harness system, Graco 4Ever is FAA-approved for airplane use.

Graco Milestone is a better choice if you prefer a more compact model. It measures 17 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 18.9 inches tall. The weight is about 20 lbs. And thanks to the slimmer design, the installation can be a bit easier. Also, if your car isn’t particularly narrow, it will allow you to fit three units across the backseat.

Although this model is more compact and relatively lighter, Graco Milestone is still more suitable for a fixed installation in a single car. The weight is still pretty heavy, so it is not very practical for traveling. Nevertheless, Graco Milestone is FAA-approved when using the harness system, so you may use it for airplane use when needed.

Color Options
One of the things that you may want to consider when choosing between Graco 4Ever vs Milestone is the color of the unit. People usually have certain preferences when it comes to the color of a car seat. Some parents may want to choose a color that suits the interior of the car.

Graco 4Ever is definitely much better in terms of variety. It comes with 11 color options, which include Matrix, Cameron, Dorian, Ottlie, Skylar, Kylie, Tambi, Studio, Bryce, Basin, and Azalea. So, you can easily find one that suits you and your baby.

Graco Milestone falls short when it comes to variety. It is only available in 2 color options, which are Gotham and Ayla. The Gotham variant is mostly black with white lines, whereas the Ayla variant is black and pink with white lines.

Suitable Uses
Even though Graco 4Ever vs Milestone are both marketed as all-in-one convertible car seats, they actually have different built-in modes. This is an important consideration if you really want to make a one-time car seat purchase that will last until your child no longer needs a car seat, so that you won’t need to buy another unit in the future. Graco 4Ever has four built-in modes and a higher maximum weight limit, whereas Graco Milestone only has three.

Graco 4Ever comes with four modes. First, it can be used as a rear-facing infant car seat with a weight range of 4 – 40 lbs. There is no explicit height limit in this mode, except for the rule that the head of the baby should be at least one inch below the seat’s top handlebar. You can recline the seat to suit the need of a baby; there is a clear indicator on the side for the suitable recline position.

Second, it can be used as a forward-facing car seat for a toddler between 20 – 65 lbs with a maximum height of 52 inches. Third, it can serve as a high-back booster seat for a child between 30 – 100 lbs with a maximum height of 57 inches. Fourth, it can convert into a backless booster seat for a child between 40 – 120 lbs with a maximum height of 57 inches.

Some people have wondered whether a high-back booster is really better than a backless booster. It depends. If your child isn’t particularly big and heavy, a high-back booster is great for providing a snug fit and side impact protection. However, if your child’s physicality is quite big and heavy, you should use a backless booster to ensure a proper fit. Graco 4Ever is versatile as this model can suit any need.

Graco Milestone ‘only’ has three built-in modes. This model can serve as a rear-facing car seat, a forward-facing car seat, and a high-back booster seat. Although this model doesn’t convert into a backless booster seat, Graco Milestone is still classified as an all-in-one car seat because most children who use a high-back booster can continue using it until they no longer need a car seat.

That said, keep in mind that this model has a lower forward-facing height limit than Graco 4Ever. It also has a lower maximum weight limit in the booster mode.

The rear-facing mode is suitable for a child between 5 – 40 lbs, and the top of the child should be at least one inch below the top of the seat. The forward-facing mode is suitable for a child between 20 – 65 lbs, with a maximum height of 49 inches. The high-back booster mode is suitable for a child between 30 – 100 lbs, with a maximum height of 57 inches.

Both Graco 4Ever vs Milestone convertible car seats come with the InRight LATCH system for the installation. Many people hate the standard LATCH connectors because they are difficult to tighten – so this system is quite a life-saver. The InRight LATCH system allows you to set up the seat quickly, and the installation is solid and secure.

Alternatively, you can also install either car seat using the vehicle’s seatbelt. Keep in mind that the LATCH installation has a certain weight limit, so you will eventually need to work with the seatbelt installation anyway. However, the seatbelt installation is also easy and straightforward, and it is solid and secure.

Graco 4Ever features the Simply Safe Adjust Harness System with 10 selectable headrest positions. This feature is awesome because it allows you to adjust the harness position with a single hand without having to re-thread manually. So, providing a snug and comfortable fit to your kid is very easy.

In addition, it has 6 recline positions so that you can adjust the angle to suit what your child needs. On the side, you can find a sticker which provides clear information about the suitable recline positions for the different modes. There is also a bubble indicator to tell you whether the seat is already reclined appropriately. This model has two cup holders.

Graco Milestone also has the Simply Safe Adjust Harness System with 10 selectable headrest positions. So, the harness adjustment is also very easy and convenient. You don’t need to deal with any manual re-threading. You only need a single hand to adjust the headrest and harness.

However, it only has 4 recline positions. It has a similar sticker, but it lacks the bubble indicator. Instead, it has a red line marker that functions as a reference point for the appropriate recline position. This model only has one cup holder.

In terms of safety, both Graco 4Ever and Graco Milestone are excellent. Both models have steel-reinforced frames that provide superior strength and durability. Both models also have thick energy-absorbing EPS foam pads for impact energy management. Their side walls provide excellent side impact protection.

For sure, they have been rigorously tested to ensure the durability and safety. Both models have been side impact tested. Both models have been tested to meet or exceed the US safety standards as well as the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). According to the company, both Graco 4Ever and Graco Milestone are able to withstand impact forces approximately 2X higher than the crash level of the Car Seat Standard. So, they are really tough and secure.

Graco 4Ever vs Milestone

- 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat gives you 10 years of use from four to 120 pounds
- Rear-facing baby car seat from 4 to 40 pounds
- Forward-facing toddler car seat from 20 to 65 pounds
- Booster seats in high back belt-positioning mode from 30 to 100 pounds and backless belt-positioning mode from 40 to 120 pounds
- InRight LATCH system for an easy, 1-second LATCH attachment
- 3-in-1 convertible car seat transforms from a rear-facing infant car seat from 5 - 40 pounds, to a forward-facing car seat from 20 - 65 pounds, to a belt-positioning booster 30 - 100 pounds
- Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts the height of your harness and headrest, in one motion, to ensure that your child is always properly secured
- 4-position recline helps keep your growing child comfy, in rear- and forward-facing modes
- Graco's exclusive InRight LATCH attachment provides an easy, one-second attachment with an audio click cue to help ensure secure installation
- Height: head must be at least 1" below handle. Care - Metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with mild soap & cool water

In general, Graco 4Ever is more recommended. This model is more versatile. It can convert into a high-back booster seat as well as backless booster seat, so you can use it for a very long time until your child no longer needs a car seat – even if your child happens to be quite tall and big. This model also has better features, with more recline positions and two cup holders. Plus, it is available in more color options.