Graco Affix Backless vs Turbobooster Backless

When trying to consider various available booster car seats in the market, many parents experience difficulties. Either due to looking for an economical price, or looking for a more comfortable material and safety reasons. This leads parents to search for the best products and brands to accommodate their needs. One of the brands is Graco Affix Backless VS Turbobooster Backless. Both are the same brand and the same types, that is why they look similar. Even though it looks like a twin, there are several differences in capabilities that need to consider. For more information on these points, the below paragraph can help to explain better.

Product Design

In terms of design, both coming from the same brand, Graco. This is a US brand that has been widely known around the world for years. The brand always creates an excellent beautiful design with a lot of safety considerations. This successfully leads to Graco as the number one brand for babies and children. Read also: Graco Snugride vs Britax B-Safe

The same good thing happens when they decide to launch a booster car seat. Whether Graco Affix or Turbobooster, both look very similar to each other. Therefore, no wonder if some people find difficulties to compare them apart. In general, the design has several similarities such as:

  • Decent padded headrest bot, either the back and the side of the shoulder. They also vary in color and variants too. However, not all of them have a LATCH system.
  • Both have the same weight limit. However, Graco Affix is shorter and shallower than Turbobooster. Even though it is wider, but it makes their sizing is not exactly similar.

General Features

Not only have some similarities, but the product also completed with several great features. This manages to support the function of the booster car seat while using it on a daily basis. The main features including the below points:

  • Safety standards, yes, the brand is well known for the high safety requirement. Therefore, both seats are created to meet the safety standards, mainly for the US market. They both have good side impact protection that helps to cover the child better while any accident happens. Furthermore, it manages to keep the children from any harm and injury when the car crashes.
  • Long term of using, as a good product made of great material, they both can last for several years. It fits children from 38 to 57 inches tall. Furthermore, they both also capable to handle children from 30 to 100 pounds. That is why whether Graco Affix Backless or Turbobooster Backless, both are worth to buy and use in a longer period.
  • Easy adjustment, thanks for the headrest adjustment features and the latch on the backside. It manages an easy adjusting and makes sure the child is in their comfort position while in the travel.
  • Backless mode, this is the important mode to select when the parents looking for a good backless booster for their children. 

General Difference

Not only own some similarities, specifically, the product also has several minor differences. Therefore, if want to make sure you have selected the most appropriate design and product, it is recommended to check on the general difference of the product first.  Start from Graco Affix that completed with below items:

  • Graco Affix completed with a latch system. This is a safety system that will provide a more secure condition for the child. They will be able to keep in the proper place and feeling comfortable at the same time.
  • The product is suitable for an independent child as the product completed with easy self-buckling. Therefore, not only steady, but it also considers safe.
  • This product has a front adjustment for a quick and easy tightening of the booster. Therefore, it will ease you connect the car seat with the vehicle seat in a safe manner.
  • The product has been proven and crash-tested before launched. It meets the US standard of FMVSS 213. Therefore, it can consider a safety product to select among the others.

A slight bit different with Graco Turbobooster that will bring you a product with specific details as follow:

  • The booster seat is compatible with quite a range of height and weight. Not to mention the great safety system.
  • The car seat consists of this dimension, depth: 10.5 inches; width outside: 16.75 inches; height: 25.4 inches.
  • The product also completed with a secure connection. This helps the booster seat arrange properly while sitting.
  • Help to manage the high back booster steady so that the child can apply self-buckling.


After comparing all the specifications and details, the next thing to consider is the price. This will usually be affecting the selection criteria of getting the most suitable booster backless. For information, Graco Affix is now selling in the market at a price of $55. While Graco Turbobooster backless is now selling at a price of $80. This shows a difference of about $25 of both products. Therefore, in the case of choosing the most economical product, you need to make sure it suits your expectations.

Graco Affix Backless vs Turbobooster Backless

- Plastic, Polyester
- Set of 2 Backless Booster Seats
- Big kid seat helps properly position car seatbelt to comfortably secure your child
- Integrated cup holder and hide-away snack tray
- Helps safely transport your big kid from 40-100 lbs. and up to 57 inches tall
- One-hand front-adjust Latch system secures booster to vehicle seat
- Secure connection keeps booster seat properly in place while seat is unoccupied
- Keeps booster steady for easy self-buckling for your independent child


With regard to the above information, you may conclude that both have small differences only. Therefore, the only reasons you can get before deciding which one is better might due to the overall cost needed in getting this product. Looking at the price, then when you need to select Graco Affix Backless VS Turbobooster Backless, you may want to choose the Affix. Since it comes with a lower price but still able to give you excellent features compare to Turbobooster. Even that this is an older version than the Turbobooster, but overall it has good functions and advantages.

However, some parents might prefer a more modern model and newest launched product, that is why selecting Turbobooster will not a big mistake too. It is a comeback for each person’s preference and favorable product. As both coming from the same brand, they absolutely have the same excellent after service and warranty. Furthermore, they both bring the same safety standards after all. Hence, you shall be no worry after deciding one of them.