Graco Aire3 vs Aire4

Doing errands like shopping with your children is not an easy task to do because we have to both taking care of our little one and making sure we bought everything we need. Graco as one of the most popular stroller brand have many to offer such as Graco Aire3 vs Aire4 to help you, with different features. If you are also eyeing these model, check our article below to see what each one of them can offer and determine which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Purchasing a Stroller
– What are Graco Aire3 and Aire4
– What Graco Aire3 and Aire4 Look Like
– How are the Canopy in Graco Aire3 and Aire4
– How are the Seat and Handlebar in Graco Aire3 and Aire4
– How are the Tire and Wheel in Graco Aire3 and Aire4
– Are Graco Aire3 and Aire4 Easy to Fold
– Graco Aire3 vs Aire4

Baby Stroller and Travel System
Taking care of a children is not an easy task because as a parent we always want to give the best to our children for both their happiness and health. For new parents, there are lots to learn and the easiest way is probably to ask those with more experience like from your relatives or close friends and for those who are preparing for their first born, we will also need many gears to purchase to make sure we are ready to welcome them.

Many of us already preparing and decorating their baby’s room but you may also need to purchase a stroller, caddy or car seat as well. While they are very important to ease your job and protect your baby when going out with you, some parents may not aware of how helpful they are in real life. Stroller and caddy is necessary when you need to take your baby outside for a stroll or light errands since they can free our hand so we can complete the tasks easier.

Caddy frame is similar to stroller but it is used to handle car seat and may not very versatile when your baby is older than one year old. Car seat is a different equipment we need to have and it is necessary if you plan to travel or transport your baby since it is built with sturdier frame and protection to keep your baby safe in case there is accident when they are traveling with a vehicle. If don’t want to purchase the seat often, combination seat can cover from infancy to older children as well.

If you want to stroll and going out with your baby without the weight, stroller is a must have and they are very useful starting from infant stage until they are about 50 pounds so we can use them for longer and good quality stroller can even last until their next siblings as well. What we need to consider when looking for a stroller is the type and capabilities for each family may need different type of stroller or certain features.

About Graco Aire3 and Aire4
When it comes to hunt for the actual item, it is hard to decide and choose because there are so many options out there and for those who never bought one before, things can get quite confusing. If you don’t want to spend so much time deciding which brand and item to pick, it is probably good to start from the popular brand first for the may have what you are looking for and well-known brand are mostly going to have a good quality as well.

One of the most popular stroller and baby gear manufacturer is Graco which is loved by parents because they are always offering a nice amount of collection to pick as well as high quality products to make sure parent can easily travel with their children and keep them save all the time. This brand is currently offers stroller and car seat or in travel system combination set so we don’t have to purchase them separately. Travel system is also nice to ensure the car seat and stroller frame match each other.

While Graco indeed have a huge options to pick, if you need them in travel system set and want it to be useful since infancy stage, their Aire3 and Aire4 can be a nice option. Both of them are available in stroller or travel system set but may not suit everyone since the designs are rather different. In general, Aire3 will help you when moving on narrow or crowded place while Aire4 will be more stable to move around but in term of usefulness, they are equally nice option.

Graco Aire3 and Aire4 Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, both strollers are very easy to set apart since the whole designs are rather different for Aire3 just like the name, have a 3-wheel design as opposed to Aire4 with regular 4-wheel design. Due to this difference, their foot rest area are going to be different as well and in general, Aire4 have a slightly wider foot rest. The frame of both strollers are similar as well but when you try lifting them, Aire3 is definitely lighter than the other.

If you pick the travel system set, they are going to be paired with a different infant car seat and for Aire3, it will have the SnugRide SnugLock 30 while Aire4 have the SnugRide 35. As you may already know, this difference will make the latter infant car seat able to carry heavier baby inside up to 35 pounds as opposed to only 30 pounds in the first model. Read also: Graco Aire3 vs City Mini here.

Graco Aire3 and Aire4 Canopy
When looking at Graco Aire3 and Aire4, the first thing we notice is their canopy because it is placed on such a visible part and this is very different in both strollers because if you look closely, Aire3 indeed have a huge 3-ply canopy which we can fold and extended to cover our children when strolling outside but it stop quite far from the children handlebar. In Aire4, this canopy is improved because while they look to have the same 3-ply canopy, in fact we can extend it more.

This stroller model is featured with an additional canopy or visor at the front which make sure your children will be fully covered from sun ray when strolling in summer because it can cover quite nicely at the front. In addition, both stroller’s canopy also have their own small peek a boo window to check your baby while you push the stroller.

Graco Aire3 and Aire4 Seat and Handle
Moving down below, there is the children seat here which equally padded and already has the five-point harness to keep your children on their seat. Since they are matched with the infant car seat, we can use the frame to install the car seat as well and travel with your newborn. However, this is not the only method to carry your baby since we can convert the seat into a bassinet and recline the back seat to be lower and close the foot rest upward.

Looking above the seat and canopy, here we can see the stroller handle bar for parent to push and the tray to make sure those who loves to travel while snacking can carry their beverage and snack as well which is useful when your children loves eating while looking at the scenery around them, especially those whose appetite is hard to deal with. What’s unfortunate is both handles are not adjustable so parents with taller and shorter height can’t extend or reduce the handle.

Graco Aire3 and Aire4 Tire and Wheel
Below these handles, we can see a main compartment that are big and wide enough to make sure parent always have a storage when traveling with their baby; to keep their baby diaper bag or to put grocery when you are going shopping. They are also featured with a convenient design and wide opening to ease user taking and putting items inside.

The last thing you may want to check when looking for a stroller is the wheel and tire because it can affect how the unit glide outside, moreover, if there is some rough surface near your neighborhood. The prominent difference between Graco Aire3 and Aire4 is on their wheel since one is 3-wheel and the other is 4-wheel but they are equally using forever EVA tire so both are not suitable for rough terrain or taken while jogging and running with standard rear-wheel brake.

Graco Aire3 and Aire4 Folding Mechanism
On the folding system, this is also one of their nice part in our opinion because those who loves to travel with car or public transportation will surely love how these strollers fold since we only need one second to collapse the whole frame. They are utilizing a one-hand folding system which we can access from the middle children seat; what we need to do is pull the concealed handle and the stroller will fold into half, standing fold.

Now, let’s compare Graco Aire3 with Aire4. As it has been mentioned above, both of them are differentiated prominently by the design since Aire3 is 3-wheel stroller while Aire4 is 4-wheel stroller and in addition to these difference, Aire4 is featured with a longer canopy with extendable visor at the front to add more protection against sun ray when you stroll with your children outside.

Graco Aire3 vs Aire4

- Car seat stroller combo includes the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat, rear-facing for infants from 4 - 35 pounds
- Lightweight travel system features a 3-wheel stroller that folds easily in one second and with one hand and features a convenient carrying strap for extra portability
- Graco 3-wheel stroller travel system automatically locks and is self-standing, so it's easy to transport and store
- Ultra-light stroller weighs less than 22 pounds so it's easy to lift and carry anywhere
- The Graco Aire4 XT Travel System bridges the gap between errands and off-road adventures and includes the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat.
- Stroller safely seats children up to 50 lb.
- Infant car seat safely fits children 4 - 35 lb. and up to 32" tall. Stroller seat features a convertible 3- and 5-point harness.
- Infant car seat has a 5-point adjustable harness.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make for we may have different preference and budget to spend. If you are living in a crowded place or often use public transport, Aire3 may suit you better with lighter and 3-wheel frame while those who want a more stable stroller and adore the additional canopy or often travel with private vehicle, we do recommend you to pick the Graco Aire4.