Graco Aire3 vs City Mini

Stroller and travel system are a very useful equipment to help you travel with your children when they are still too little to walk on their own. Depend on each family’s need, our choice of stroller or travel system may differ as well and for those who need a dependable product, Graco Aire3 vs City Mini are two great option to pick. While they have similar capabilities, they are also different and to understand how they are separated from each other, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Purchasing a Travel System
– What are Graco Aire3 and City Mini
– What Graco Aire3 and City Mini Look Like
– How are the Canopy on Graco Aire3 and City Mini
– How are the Children Seat in Graco Aire3 and City Mini
– What Tire used in Graco Aire3 and City Mini
– How to Fold Graco Aire3 and City Mini
– Graco Aire3 vs City Mini

Travel System or Stroller
As a parent, we are faced with so many tasks everyday and demanded to work as efficiently because besides taking care of ourselves, we have to care for our children as well and it is understandable when we are feeling much tired. To lift some burden from our shoulder, there are several equipment we can use today such as stroller or children car seat that can help us carrying them from one place to another. Not only for safety reason, they are a useful item to help you doing other tasks as well especially the stroller.

If this is your first time being a parent, chances are you will need both stroller and the car seat or for additional versatility, a bassinet as well but the latter is an optional choice depend on your need. A stroller is useful when you want to take your children outside while doing other activities as well and the infant car seat is to keep them safe while you are driving the vehicle. Car seat is made based on fit, so they won’t last very long.

Most infant car seat can be used up to when a children is around one year old due to the shape and weight limit but there are some combination seat with additional padding and higher weight capacity as well as adjustable fit for your growing children in case you don’t want to frequently change their seat. As opposed, stroller is coming in a bigger capacity and made to carry both infant and your older children as long as they can still fit in the seat and not exceeding the weight limit.

For new parents with their first born, if you are not having a special liking to certain model of stroller and car seat, it is probably better to pick a travel system because while most stroller can accept an infant car seat, they are only capable of carrying their own brand of car seat and depend on each model, we may need an adaptor to mount them on the frame. With a travel system, we don’t have to worry whether the car seat and stroller will fit or not.

Additionally, purchasing a stroller and infant car seat in a travel system set will lessen your budget since the bundling will be more affordable than if you are purchasing them separately. If you need a bassinet as well, some stroller have them on the set as well or allow user to convert the children seat into a flat bassinet for babies to lay down.

About Graco Aire3
When it is time to look for the kind of stroller suiting your family the best, we will need to check on their capabilities first to make sure they have all the features you need and for starter, we can look from the popular names first because big names tend to offer quality product and a huge options as well for more convenience. Graco as one of the most popular stroller and baby equipment brand is offering many good strollers such as Aire3 for parents who want to move better.

This stroller is available in travel system set in case you don’t have the infant car seat already and this model is coming with the adored SnugRide Click Connect 35 infant car seat which is safe and comfortable as well as easy to install in your car. Just like the name, this car seat is capable of carrying your baby, rear facing until they are weighing 35 pounds or not exceeding the height requirement and in addition, it can be adjusted in few reclining positions for better comfort. Read also: Graco Aire3 vs Modes here.

Graco Aire3 Design
From the outside, the stroller may look like a jogger yet Graco Aire3 is not a jogging stroller but a regular 3-wheeled stroller which is design to promote better movement especially if you are walking in a crowded place or narrow area like between aisles in grocery stores. The stroller is in standard design and doesn’t look slim or bulky either but it is weighing pretty light at 21 pounds while the car seat with its base is around 14 pounds.

Graco Aire3 Canopy
Let’s talk about the canopy first because this part is the first thing we always see on a stroller and while some parents doesn’t really pay attention to it, we think it is necessary for it will cover our children under the sun ray. The canopy in Graco Aire3 is thick and wide enough as well as curvy that we like since it can prevent children’s head bumping the roof when you put them inside and already has the peek a boo window to monitor them.

Additionally, this 3-panel canopy can be extended or fold as you need and even extended a bit lower for there is additional mesh panel secured with a zipper to allow more air going through the canopy especially when your children is sleeping or laying back.

Graco Aire3 Children Seat
Below this canopy, there is a seat and what’s special about it is we can convert it into a children bassinet since the backrest can be reclined until pretty low yet not completely flat and the front leg pad can be closed upward to secure the feet area. This seat can also accept the infant car seat when you want to take a stroll with your newborn but it can only be positioned facing the parent and we can’t remove the seat to make it a car seat carrier.

Graco Aire3 Tire and Folding Mechanism
Moving back, we can see the handle and unfortunately, Aire3 doesn’t have an adjustable handle bar if the parent is taller or shorter. Below this handle, there is the tires and for the model, Graco is using a forever tire that can handle mostly flat surface with a swivel and locking front tire as well as rear brake. As for folding mechanism, the stroller will fold in half with only one hand and can stand on its own which is nice and convenient.

About City Mini
For those parents who spend time with their children outside frequently, another stroller you may want to check is City Mini from Baby Jogger because just like the name, this stroller is made to allow parents move better even when they are living in an urban area due to the compact design yet decent features. This stroller is not a jogging stroller as well despite made by Baby Jogger and currently also offered in travel system set so it can accept the brand’s City Go infant car seat.

This car seat is the one you may want to have if you are fine with adapter since City Mini gave us a freedom to use other car seat as well because in case you like or prefer and have other infant car seat already, we can mount them on the frame as well since they have the adapter to properly match the frame and seat.

City Mini Design
City Mini is a nice looking stroller that you can suit with your favorite color or your little one’s most outfit because it is available in many shades such as teal and red if you prefer to look brighter as opposed to the standard black one. The stroller is featured with 3-wheels design but it is not a jogging stroller since the tire are forever EVA. What’s impressive from the design is they manage to make it weigh less than 13 pounds with a sturdy frame.

City Mini Children Canopy
City Mini stroller from Baby Jogger is having a wide canopy and we love this kind of cover because it is high and curvy so when your children grow taller, they won’t bump their head on the roof but, it is pretty low at the front which required us to fold them back first before putting bigger children inside. The canopy is made with 3 panel and have a small window above to let you check on your little one while strolling.

City Mini Children Seat
Moving below, there is a nicely padded children seat below so it feels very comfortable when they want to just sit and enjoy the scenery around them or taking a nap while you finish the errand. There is a standard five-point harness here as well to keep them safe and in case they are sleepy, we can pull the backrest to make it lower but it won’t lay completely flat nor suitable for smaller babies.

City Mini Tire and Folding Mechanism
At the back, we can see the handle bar and just like Aire3, this one is not adjustable to accommodate parents with different height better and as for the wheels, it is going with EVA tires and 2 swivel smaller wheels that can be locked. When you need to move the equipment, it will fold in half and becomes very compact but what we love the most is they have a lock to make sure the stroller won’t snap when you hand carry it.

Now, let’s compare Graco Aire3 with City Mini. As you can already guess, the difference between these strollers is mainly on the children seat because Aire3 is very versatile with a capability to convert the seat into a bassinet if you have smaller children or baby so we don’t have to travel with the car seat all the time. At the other hand, since City Mini doesn’t include additional bassinet, we can’t use them to carry infant or smaller babies without the car seat and while the seat does recline quite low, they are not suitable for infant.

Graco Aire3 vs City Mini

- Car seat stroller combo includes the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat, rear-facing for infants from 4 - 35 pounds
- Lightweight travel system features a 3-wheel stroller that folds easily in one second and with one hand and features a convenient carrying strap for extra portability
- Graco 3-wheel stroller travel system automatically locks and is self-standing, so it's easy to transport and store
- Ultra-light stroller weighs less than 22 pounds so it's easy to lift and carry anywhere
- Lightweight Stroller: The essence of urban mobility: lightweight, compact and nimble.
- The Fold: Patented quick fold technology allows stroller to fold in one step.
- Seat: Multiple recline positions with a 50 lb weight capacity
- Canopy: UB 50+ sun canopy can be adjusted for differing head heights. Features two peak-a-boo windows.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need and it is better to choose based on your preference or lifestyle. But, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick Graco Aire3 because it is a versatile stroller with 3-in-1 capabilities and a nice choice to carry your children from infant to youth or until they are old enough to walk themselves.