Graco Aire3 vs Modes

When you are being a parent especially for the first time, there are a lot of things we need to purchase for our babies including their car seat and stroller. If you plan on taking your little one outside while doing other activities as well, purchasing a travel system like Graco Aire3 vs Modes can be a nice option because they are on a set with the seat and stroller. These models are highly praised by parents but check our article first to see which suit you better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why picking a Travel System
– What are Graco Aire3 and Modes
– What Graco Aire3 and Modes Look Like
– How are the Canopy on Graco Aire3 and Modes
– How are the Seat on Graco Aire3 and Modes
– How are the Wheel and Folding Mechanism on Graco Aire3 and Modes
– Graco Aire3 vs Modes

Travel System
As a parent, we always want to give the best for our children that we can currently afford but it doesn’t mean that it is an easy job because we have to put so much effort, moreover, if it is our first time having a children. To make sure we are always ready when our children is born, trying to ask some advice from fellow parents and other people may be very helpful especially for things that we need to purchase or to learn first.

Besides trying to learn how to take care of a baby, we have to prepare all the gear we will need for them including their stroller and car seat because these are the equipment we will need when we have to transfer our baby from one place to another. As for stroller, they may not very necessary for some parents but if you want to lift some weight from your shoulder and have a better mobility when outside, we will definitely need them.

In addition to stroller, a car seat is also necessary because it is always recommended to put our children from infant stage to youth in their own car seat since regular seats are not capable of protecting them in case there are accident when you are driving the car. Car seat is available in several types so make sure to pick the one made for your children’s age and weight or height. For infant car seat, most of them can be mounted to stroller frame as well depend on the model.

Because we will need both stroller and car seat, it is better if you are picking those in a set since not all car seat or stroller are meant for each other and picking those in a set or also called travel system will save us the hassle to look for the matching equipment because travel system stroller can accept the car seat easily with or without an adaptor. Another benefit is they can be cheaper as well compared to purchasing a stroller and car seat separately.

If you are already making up your mind to purchase a travel system, now is the time to look for the item and before deciding on the option, it is probably better to list down whatever features or capabilities you need from the stroller or car seat so we can get the one that suit your family the most. For those who are looking for car seat only, check our previous article on: Britax Emblem vs Boulevard here.

About Graco Aire3 and Modes
When talking about stroller or car seat, we will be faced to so many options in the market that sometime makes it hard to decide which brand or item can give you the best benefit but if you want to spend less time, it is probably better to start from those loved by other parents. Among those many brands that offer their product for parents out there, Graco is a nice option because they are well-known on quality product as well as dependable when it comes to capabilities.

Graco indeed have so many options in their catalogue which is nice because we can have a lot of choices to make sure we can get the item with all the capabilities or features we need. This brand is currently offering stroller and car seat as well as other baby gear you may need. They offer the stroller with car seat or in travel system or if you prefer, they also offer the stroller and car seat separately.

If you are preferring to purchase a set or travel system, you may want to take a look at Graco Aire3 and Modes because these models are made for parents who are living in an urban area and need a stroller to carry your children to the nearby park or enjoying the scenery near your place. They are very similar to each other but if you plan to walk around in a crowded place and need a light stroller for better mobility, Aire3 with 3 wheels may suit your taste the most.

Graco Aire3 and Modes Design
From the outside, separating them from each other is very easy because as it has been mentioned above, the Aire3 is coming with 3 wheels design as opposed to Modes with the standard 4 wheel design. Placing them side by side, the whole unit is not very far apart in term of size but when you try lifting them, Modes stroller is slightly heavier than Aire3. Since they are travel system, both of these strollers are already coming with the infant car seat and they are the same SnugRide 35.

Graco Aire3 and Modes Canopy
Moving to the features or capability side, let’s talk about the canopy first because this part is very visible yet some parents often skip it. Considering the canopy is important because it will play an important role to protect our children from the hot sun rays when you are strolling in summer, moreover, if they are especially fussy about it. In this part, both of Graco Aire3 and Modes are very similar because they feature a quite wide canopy that we can fold or extend.

What’s different is on the panel since Graco Aire3 is featured with 3 instead of 2 panel like in Modes and while they both have peek a boo window, only Aire3 has the additional mesh panel secured with a zip to promote better air circulation when the weather is nice and not too hot out there.

Graco Aire3 and Modes Seat
Below this canopy, we can see the stroller seat and this is what makes them special in our opinion because as you can see from the sample picture above, they are decently padded to give your children better cushioning when they are sitting or taking a nap inside. The mentioned special feature is because they are capable of being converted into a bassinet since the seat can be reclined until almost flat for smaller children to lay down without the need to use a removable bassinet, making them a complete solution.

Another special thing on these stroller is the car seat since the frame can take the car seat very easily without the need to put or purchase additional adaptor anymore and can securely lock the seat on frame instantly. In addition, Modes stroller offer an even better option because in this model, we can remove the whole children seat and convert it into a car seat carrier for better and more convenient mobility which is not possible in Aire3.

Graco Aire3 and Modes Tray
In front of these seats, there are children tray and handle bar to place a cup and for a medium where your children can grab. What’s different is Modes has a children tray that can be installed in the stroller but Aire3 only has the handle bar so we can’t put a tray here.

However, the handlebar is already featured with a cup holder to keep your little one’s sippy cups so they can access it whenever they want.
Looking at the stroller handle bar above, we can see the tray for parents as well for those who loves to drink and snacking while strolling or to keep their smart device near all the time. As for the handle, it is unfortunate that both Graco Aire3 and Modes are not coming with an adjustable handle whether it is telescoping or rotating handle so there is no method to adjust the height.

Graco Aire3 and Modes Tire and Folding Mechanism
Shifting to the bottom part, here we can see that they are having different design in which Modes is a full 4 wheels stroller while Aire3 is 3-wheeled one. They are however, using the same forever tires and can be locked in the front part when you are running on an uneven surface. The brake itself are standard rear brake like many other strollers. As for the folding mechanism, Aire3 is more compact but Modes is also one hand and easy yet the end form makes Aire3 better for hand carrying.

Now, let’s compare Graco Aire3 with Modes. As you may already know, the prominent difference between them are on the design and seat because Aire3 is a more compact, lighter, and easier to maneuver option than Modes but the latter is supporting a removable children seat which is especially useful when you are traveling with infant since the total weight can be hugely reduced.

Graco Aire3 vs Modes