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Graco Extend2Fit vs Chicco NextFit

In this article, we will see the comparison between two convertible infant car seats, Graco Extend2Fit vs Chicco NextFit. These two models come from different brands, but they share some similarities including the height and weight limits. That said, there is a considerable price gap between them. So, which one is actually better?

Read on below to find out more about:
– The available color choices on each model
– The dimensions of each model
– The installation system on each model
– The seat features of Graco Extend2Fit vs Chicco NextFit
– The comparison of their weight and height limits
– The safety of each model
– Which convertible infant car seat that is more recommended

Available Colors
Let’s start from the less technical aspect first, which is the available colors. Although the color is not related to the safety and durability of the car seat, this is still something to consider – especially if you are looking for an infant car seat that matches well with the look of your car’s interior. See also: Graco 4Ever vs Chicco NextFit.

Graco Extend2Fit is very nice because it is available in several color choices. There are at least 8 options in the market right now. They are Ion (black and dark gray), Gotham (Black and medium gray), Binx (black with some white lines), Davis (dark gray), Hayden (medium gray), Spire (light grays with some light blue parts), Solar (black and red), and Kenzie (black and pink).

So, with Graco Extend2Fit, you get plenty of options. Some variants are quite colorful. You should be able to find one that suits your taste.

Chicco NextFit, on the other hand, is only available in one color. The color variant is called Matrix. It is mostly a very dark beige color with some black parts. The base is white. So, if you are looking for some color varieties, Chicco NextFit can’t give them to you.

Now, let’s talk about one of the more important matters. When choosing between Graco Extend2Fit vs Chicco NextFit, or any other car seat, you need to consider the dimensions. This is very important if you have a small car or if you are planning to use multiple car seats. In general, a slimmer and lighter car seat is better because it is more portable and easier to set up. But, make sure that your child won’t outgrow it too quickly.

Graco Extend2Fit measures 19.2 inches wide, 25.2 inches deep, and 22.1 inches tall. Compared to Chicco NextFit, this car seat is slightly wider and longer, but it is not as tall. As the effect, it can actually save some space when used in a rear-facing or reclined position. That said, Graco Extend2Fit comes with an extendable leg panel; when the leg panel is extended, it will occupy pretty much the same amount of room.

The weight of Graco Extend2Fit is about 23.7 lbs. Compared to Chicco NextFit, it is relatively lighter. However, this car seat is still pretty bulky and heavy, so it is not recommended for portable use and traveling. It is more suitable for a fixed installation in which you won’t move the car seat often.

Chicco NextFit measures 19 inches wide, 21 inches deep, and 29.2 inches tall. Although it is actually slimmer and shorter, the significantly taller shape may be a slight issue. When the car seat is in a rear-facing or reclined position, it will take more space.

Also, Chicco NextFit is slightly heavier than Graco Extend2Fit. It has a weight of about 25 lbs. Due to the bulky and heavy design, this infant car seat is better for a fixed installation. It is not recommended for portable use or traveling.

Graco Extend2Fit comes with the InRight LATCH installation system. It works with the car’s LATCH connectors, and it is quick, simple, and easy. Unlike the older models that use manual metal hook clips, Graco Extend2Fit’s are click-type connectors that are much easier to install and uninstall. The installation also feels solid and secure, as the seat stays in place very well without moving around.

If your car doesn’t have the LATCH connectors, you don’t need to worry. This model is suitable for both newer and older vehicles, with or without LATCH connectors. The manual that comes with Graco Extend2Fit has clear instructions for installing the car seat without LATCH connectors. The installation is also solid and secure.

Chicco NextFit, on the other hand, comes with the Super Cinch LATCH Tightener. The company says that this system uses a force-multiplying technology to allow parents to tighten the LATCH connectors easily. It definitely works. You can achieve the ideal levels of tightness and safety without much effort. However, Chicco NextFit is incompatible for some older cars without the LATCH connectors. You may be able to install it with the seat belt, but it just doesn’t work in some cars.

Seat Features
Interestingly, both models here come with easy-to-adjust harness systems. Many parents hate re-threading harness straps on their car seats because the seemingly trivial process is really time-consuming. But, with either Graco Extend2Fit or Chicco NextFit, you don’t need to do any re-threading at all.

Graco Extend2Fit comes with the Simply Safe Adjust Harness System, which allows you to adjust the headrest and harness position in one motion. It has 10 harness positions to suit your child’s physicality as he or she grows. Graco Extend2Fit also has 6 recline positions and a 4-position extendable leg panel.

Chicco NextFit has an auto-adjusting harness system. You only need to adjust the position of the headrest, and the harness will also adjust automatically to give the best fit. This model has 6 harness positions and 9 recline positions. There are indicators that will help you determine easily whether the seat is in the right angle or not. Plus, there are removable infant inserts to provide a better fit for a newborn baby.

Weight Limits
Of course, when choosing between Graco Extend2Fit vs Chicco NextFit, we need to consider their height and weight limits. We need to make sure that the car seat that we choose is actually able to accommodate our child. Also, make sure that our child will not outgrow it too quickly. Hence, the higher the height and weight limits, the better.

Graco Extend2Fit is a convertible infant car seat that can be used in a rear-facing position and forward-facing position. So, you can use it since your child’s infancy until he or she reaches the toddler age range. Many experts recommend using a rear-facing infant car seat for as long as possible, so Graco Extend2Fit is very nice because it allows you to use the rear-facing position as long as your child is under 50 lbs and 45 inches.

So, you can use the rear-facing position for a long time. Afterwards, you can switch to the forward-facing position, which is suitable for a child between 22 lbs – 65 lbs. The maximum height limit is 49 inches.

Chicco NextFit is also a convertible infant car seat with rear-facing and forward-facing position. However, the maximum weight limit in the rear-facing mode is only 40 lbs. So, you will need to switch to the forward-facing mode more quickly. Meanwhile, the recommended weight range in the forward-facing mode is also from 22 lbs to 65 lbs. The maximum height limit is also 49 inches.

As you can see, Chicco NextFit is at a disadvantage here because you won’t be able to use the rear-facing mode as long as Graco Extend2Fit. Perhaps the slight advantage of Chicco NextFit is that the rear-facing mode has a slightly higher height limit (it can accommodate a child of up to 49 inches tall in either mode). But, most infants don’t get very tall, so this is somewhat pointless.

Although Graco Extend2Fit vs Chicco NextFit are rather big, bulky, and heavy, they both actually have been approved for airplane flights. So, when you really need to bring your infant car seat along with you on an airplane flight, you don’t need to worry.

Graco and Chicco are renowned brands in the market, so their products are supposed to have excellent quality. For sure, both models here have been tested to pass the government standards for infant car seats. Graco Extend2Fit and Chicco NextFit both have been side impact tested. So, you can be certain that both models here can provide decent protection.

Both models have steel frames that are extremely rugged and durable. They also have thick impact-absorbing foam padding that will protect your child from heavy impacts. Graco Extend2Fit provides decent coverage to shield your child from debris, but Chicco NextFit is slightly better in terms of debris protection because of the more enveloping shape.

Both models also have five-point harness systems. Having a five-point harness system is important because it is designed to secure your child’s most vulnerable body parts and to keep your child in place in the case of a crash.

Graco Extend2Fit vs Chicco NextFit

- Helps protect rear-facing infants from 4-50 lb and forward-facing toddlers from 22-65 lb. Rear-Facing Height - Head must be at least 1 Inch below red handle. Forward-Facing - Height Up to 49 Inches
- 4-position extension panel adjusts to provide 5" additional leg room allowing your child to ride safely rear-facing longer; Up to 50 pounds rear-facing allowing your child to ride safely rear-facing for longer
- 6-position recline helps keep your child comfy; 10-position headrest adjusts easily for your growing child
- Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts the height of your harness and headrest in one motion
- InRight LATCH system for an easy, one-second LATCH attachment; easy-to-read level indicator for hassle-free installation
- Recline Sure 9-position leveling system provides the most recline options of any convertible seat for an accurate fit in a wider range of vehicles
- Two Ride Right bubble levels indicate correct seat angle in both rear-facing and forward-facing modes
- Exclusive Super Cinch LATCH Tightener uses force-multiplying technology to help achieve a tight and secure fit with a fraction of the effort. Removable infant insert accommodates infants from 5-11 pounds
- Integrated slide path makes it easy to re-position LATCH strap for conversion from rear-facing to forward-facing
- 6-position headrest features integrated harness adjustment to accommodate growing children

In general, Graco Extend2Fit is more recommended. This model has a higher weight limit in the rear-facing mode, so you can use the rear-facing mode for a longer time. Graco Extend2Fit also has more color choices, an excellent installation system that works with most vehicles, and an extendable leg panel to enhance your child’s comfort.