Graco Fast Action vs Aire3

If you are an active parents who want to still able to do various tasks and errands as well as improving healthy, picking a suitable strollers is a great idea. For an active people, Graco Fast Action vs Aire3 are two 3-wheel strollers we can push and maneuver easily even when strolling in a crowded or narrow place. While they are very similar to each other, there must be some differences as well and if you also eyeing these two, check our article below to see their capabilities.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a stroller
– What are Graco Fast Action and Aire3
– What Graco Fast Action and Aire3 Look Like
– How are the Canopy in Graco Fast Action and Aire3
– How are the Children Seat in Graco Fast Action and Aire3
– How are the Handlebar and Main Basket in Graco Fast Action and Aire3
– How are the Wheel and Tire in Graco Fast Action and Aire3
– Are Graco Fast Action and Aire3 Easy to Fold
– Graco Fast Action vs Aire3

Baby Stroller
Most parent want to still active while they are taking care of their children and doesn’t want to stay at home all the time because we also need to introduce our little one to the world whether it is just to a nearby park or taking them to travel outside the country. However, with another being we have to take care, our movement will be limited, moreover if they are still unable to walk and run themselves since it means parent have to hold their little one all the time.

There is nothing wrong with carrying our children manually because it is a method to bond with them but, if you are planning to spend a few hours outside, their weight can put too much pressure in your shoulder. If you like to spend sometime with your children outside while doing some errand or completing a task, it is good to use a stroller instead to help relieving some muscle pain you used to have when holding them for hours.

With a stroller, we only have to push them around without worrying about how big our little ne have gotten to. If you also like doing some light shopping, we can also be more focus about the things we have to purchase and move around freely. While all strollers can carry your children and design to ease parents, depend on each parent’s need we may need a different model than what our neighbor have or what our cousin use. Read also: GB Pockit vs Pockit Plus here.

Many modern parent living in an urban area and this can be a challenge as well because city have more people and crowded space where it can be challenging when going out with a bulky stroller since they will consume much space. If you are also worrying whether the standard stroller will suit your living place, try considering a 3-wheel stroller and joggers because they have slimmer and easier design to maneuver. But, these two are not always the same so check the item first before purchasing.

About Graco Fast Action and Aire3
If you are already making up your mind and want to start looking for a stroller, now is the time to see what the market has to offer. Due to the huge options out there, it is probably hard to select which brand will give a good quality items but to quicken the selecting process, it is a nice idea to look into the popular brand first like Graco. This well-known manufacturer is the choice of many parents due their rich-features strollers or travel system and fairly affordable price.

Graco indeed have a huge collection we can choose ranging from regular stroller to children car seat so it is good to choose based on your need thus, we can get the most ideal model. If you are living in a crowded area/city where there are many people commuting via the street and public transportation so you have to be extra careful when carrying children outside, Graco Fast Action and Aire3 can be a good choice. This is because they are made in 3-wheel design to be easy to maneuver.

While they are indeed quite similar to each other, due to being differentiated based on stroller type, both are not an equal product. Fast Action just like the name gives off, it is a jogging stroller or joggers which mean they are designed to be taken while jogging in both smooth pavement or gravel and uneven surfaces. At the other hand, while Aire3 also has 3-wheels, it is a regular stroller made to be a more compact and easy to push solution.

Graco Fast Action and Aire3 Design
From the outside, Graco Fast Action and Aire3 are rather similar than different due to being 3-wheel stroller but the main frame and fabric seems to be different. In Fast Action, the fabric used is lighter especially on the canopy and has a slightly bending support frame behind as opposed to the fairly straight Aire3 which made the joggers look a bit laid back. While these strollers looks to be about the same size, jogger model indeed have a heavier overall weight than the regular Aire3.

Graco Fast Action and Aire3 Canopy
When talking about a stroller, we always see the canopy first because despite being the most visible part in a stroller, some parents doesn’t really consider the canopy when choosing a stroller for their children in which we think very important to protect our little one from the sun ray. Both of them are already featured with a decent canopy on board so we are pleased but Fast Action use 2-ply design with two mesh fabric at sides while the other use 3-plies thick canopy.

Just like many other strollers, they are capable of being extended and fold fully to expose your little one when on board but what’s special here is Aire3 has an additional ply secured with a zip in the middle in which when opened will add another ply into the whole canopy and this window-like cover is made from mesh material so it can cover the front side better while adding some more air ventilation on top.

Graco Fast Action and Aire3 Children Seat
The next important thing when looking for a stroller is the children seat since this is where the passenger will be seated. Graco Fast Action and Aire3 are featured with five-point harness to make sure children stay safe and in their seat when on board completed with a nicely padded cushion to allow them sit and nap comfortably. If needed, we can also recline and adjust the backrest to be higher or lower as children preferred such as when they want to nap.

For those who are blessed with a new born whether it is your first children or not, Graco understand that newborn are not allowed to sit on children seat yet so these two strollers are able to accept all Click Connect infant car seat from the same brand on their frame in case you already have the car seat or plan to purchase one together so we can use the strollers even from the early stage.
In front of these children seats, there is a tray and a bumping bar so children can hold on them while we push the stroller but the tray currently only available in Graco Fast Action model while Aire3 still doesn’t have a dedicated tray we can purchase.

Graco Fast Action and Aire3 Handle and Main Basket
Behind the canopy, here we can see the parent handlebar which is used to hold and push the stroller, padded with a soft foam to ensure some comfort. Both of them are featured with a similar handle but a little bit different on design because Aire3 is rounder compared to Fast Action which is a little bit square. What’s unfortunate is they are not made with any height adjustment or fixed so parents with taller or shorter height may find it awkward when handling the unit.

Below the handle, like many other strollers there is the wide main basket we can use to carry or keep belongings when strolling outside from your children additional diaper bag to their snacks and your hand bag so we don’t have to hold them manually.

Graco Fast Action and Aire3 Wheel and Tire
The last important thing when purchasing a stroller is their wheel and tire because they are the one we used to roll the whole unit and depend on each type, they may have different material and capability to offer. As a jogging stroller, Fast Action is featured with spokes wheel and inflatable rubber tire to allow the stroller to run on an uneven surface smoother compared to regular forever tire and plastic wheel used in Aire3 that better suit smooth pavement only.

Graco Fast Action and Aire3 Folding Mechanism
As for the folding mechanism, both strollers are fold in the same manner. First pull or fold the canopy first and then pull the concealed handle located on the seat to make the stroller fold into a half form. What we love from this folding mechanism is they are very easy to use and only require one hand to complete the task, moreover, these strollers can stand on its own when folded, making it a good option when parent often travel with bus or train.

Now, let’s compare Graco Fast Action with Aire3. The difference between these strollers are on the type, canopy, wheel and the tire due to the type said before. Fast Action is a jogging stroller, has a 2-ply canopy, a spokes wheel and a rubber tire while at the other hand Aire3 is a regular stroller with 3-4 plies canopy and plastic wheel with forever tire.

Graco Fast Action vs Aire3

- Fast Action Fold Jogger Click Connect Jogging Stroller accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment
- One-second, one-hand fold running stroller has an automatic storage lock and is self-standing when folded. For child up to 50 lbs
- This infant jogging stroller features locking front swivel wheel provides an easy transition from daily strolling to jogging
- 3-wheel stroller automatically locks and is self-standing, so it's easy to transport and store
- Ultra-light stroller weighs less than 22 pounds so it's easy to lift and carry anywhere. To clean stroller frame and seat pad, spot clean using mild soap and warm water
- Multi-position, flat-reclining seat creates an infant carriage for your baby's comfort; it really stands out among baby strollers

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need and preference so it is best to follow your own family’s requirement. However, if we are to choose, we will go with Graco Fast Action because it can be used for both regular and jogging stroller when you need to get that body shape back again.