Graco Milestone vs Extend2fit

We often hear “safety first” and try to implement the term in our daily life just like when driving, we have to use seatbelt. For our children, when they are still young they will need a car seat or booster car seat to make sure they are properly protected when there is a crash. Graco have many dependable seats such as Graco Milestone vs Extend2fit which is very similar to each other. If you are interested in them, go check our article below to see which seat will give you the best feature.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a car seat
– What are Graco Milestone and Extend2fit
– What Graco Milestone and Extend2fit Look Like
– What Graco Milestone and Extend2fit can offer to you
– Graco Milestone vs Extend2fit

Convertible Car Seat
As a parent, we all know the importance of car seat for our children because when in the car, the regular car seat and seat belt is not designed to properly provide a protection for their small body and it is always recommended to place them in the passenger seat until they are old enough to seat in the front. Just like the regular seat belt, car seat is meant to protect our children and depend on the model, some of them may or may not have a harness.

These types of seats are called differently even though mainly they are car seat for children because the one with seat belt is made for smaller children, from toddler at least until they can go to school while the other without harness is called booster seat and they are made for older children when their body is big enough to use the car’s seat belt. Each one of them have different limit depend on the seat and it is important to make sure our children fit the weight or height requirement.

Unlike many others that are added with additional safety or benefit or features when they are leveled up, a car seat will reduce the protection as we go climbing the ladder. When we are using the infant car seat, they will be protected from various sides because of the design but it is different with car seat or booster car seat since the design is similar with our regular seat which is why the level of protection is not as good as the previous infant seat.

Car seat is very popular and chances are you already used them before if you have more than one children but for first time parents, it is good to keep in mind that there are car seat that we can use for a pretty long time since some of them are capable of fitting toddler until several years later until they are big enough to go to school due to the convertible design and wide range or weight limit.

About Graco Milestone and Extend2fit
If you are looking for the type of car seat that have a wide weight limit then you may want to check those from Graco especially the Graco Milestone and Extend2fit. This brand is well-known and we are sure many of you already heard their name or use their product since they offer many great, high quality products in the catalogue such as stroller and infant car seat together with other baby gears. Just like the stroller, their car seat is just as dependable and yet still affordable.

Both of Graco Milestone and Extend2fit are two among the brands most popular seats and coming from the same convertible line, they are generally able to deliver a similar performance due to the similar features can capabilities. However, bound by different model, they are not identical and one of them may be a better option for your family or at least available in the range of price you are willing to spend. For starters, the Milestone is capable of being useful for longer than Extend2fit. Read another convertible seat on: Graco 4Ever vs Milestone here.

Graco Milestone and Extend2fit Design
From the overall design, Graco Milestone and Extend2fit are looking similar to each other but not identical because they can be tell apart easily for the Extend2fit model have another panel above the base which made the seat looks bulkier in comparison. Putting them side by side making it look like the Extend2fit taller and bigger but in weight they are not much different. These seats have removable padding on the inside to fit smaller toddler and featured with 5 point harness.

Graco Milestone and Extend2fit Features
Just like any product that we have purchased for safety purpose, of course we would like to know if Graco Milestone and Extend2fit are able to deliver a good performance when there is an accident and protect our children properly. All car seat that is sold in the US must passed the minimum requirement for safety and both of them is also already passed the safety test and even exceed the limit of FMVSS 213 while engineered to meet the requirement as well.

As for the Extend2fit, this seat even already have some real life crash experience and in one of those include both 1 and 3 year old that involved in a rollover accident at 70 mph and thankfully both of them are safe in their seat. The other accident involved a 16-month old toddler in a spin-out with side-impact crash and still thankfully had no injuries. All of these experiences proved that the seat is able to deliver a proper protection to our children but still, driving safely is the most important.

Because they are convertible seats, it means you can use the seat for younger toddler until they are big enough to go to school but in term of the usefulness, the Milestone is winning because this car seat limit is up to 100 pounds. This seat will suit toddler from 5-40 pounds in rear facing position, 22-65 pounds for forward facing with harness and when they get older, the seat can fit from 30-100 pounds in belt-position booster car seat position.

At the other hand, Extend2fit is not made to fit older children because the weight limit of this car seat is only 65 pounds which means it will be useful until they reach the weight and this seat is not suitable to be booster seat with belt positioning while as the rear-facing toddler seat, the seat can fit toddler from 4-50 pounds. This difference in weight limit is important to keep in mind because the one can provide longer protection.

Different position and use will also lead to different recline option since each stage have their own proper recline level and this is also what set Graco Milestone and Extend2fit apart from each other. The Milestone model is coming with 4 reclining position; two for rear facing toddler seat, one for forward facing with harness and the last one for booster car seat mode with seat belt. At the other hand, Extend2fit have 6 positions; 3 for forward facing seat with harness and 3 for rear facing mode.

As for the fit, Graco Milestone and Extend2fit are padded generously to allow our children have a comfortable ride but the Extend2fit seems to have thicker padding both on the seat and inside removable pads. Even though Milestone can fit from toddler until they are 100 pounds, the seat is still wide enough but in case you have bigger children, we think you will need to change seat quicker than expected. To accommodate the seat belt, you can expose the positioner when adjusting the headrest.

Another thing we need to know when looking for car seat is the installation because there are many seats out there that bring stress every time we try to properly install them in the car. Both Graco Milestone and Extend2fit are featured with inRight LATCH system that help the installation very well with quick operation. However, since they are convertible, each facing position will need a different installation, so make sure to read the manual carefully after purchasing these seats.

As it has been mentioned above, you can adjust the headrest position with Milestone seat and to do this, what you will need to do is pressing the panel above the seat but actually, the Extend2fit also have this feature as well while without the belt positioning. However, this seat have another feature that mirror the name which is the adjusted footrest panel that you can pull out from the seat to provide additional foot room for more comfort if you have taller children.

Another additional feature is the beverage compartment on the front of the armrest in each of Graco Milestone and Extend2fit. As you can see from the picture, Milestone only have one on the right armrest while the other model have an integrated beverage compartment on both side of its armrest.

Now, let’s compare Graco Milestone with Extend2fit. As you may already know, the prominent benefit between both of these seats is the weight limit that makes Milestone able to fit older children and converted into booster car seat while the other model can only fit until they are ready to move to booster seat. Due to this difference, the reclining position is also different with additional feature like the footrest and beverage compartment.

Graco Milestone vs Extend2fit

- 3-in-1 convertible car seat transforms from a rear-facing infant car seat from 5 - 40 pounds, to a forward-facing car seat from 20 - 65 pounds, to a belt-positioning booster 30 - 100 pounds
- Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts the height of your harness and headrest, in one motion, to ensure that your child is always properly secured
- 4-position recline helps keep your growing child comfy, in rear- and forward-facing modes
- Graco's exclusive InRight LATCH attachment provides an easy, one-second attachment with an audio click cue to help ensure secure installation
- Height: head must be at least 1" below handle. Care - Metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with mild soap & cool water
- Helps protect rear-facing infants from 4-50 lb and forward-facing toddlers from 22-65 lb. Rear-Facing Height - Head must be at least 1 Inch below red handle. Forward-Facing - Height Up to 49 Inches
- 4-position extension panel adjusts to provide 5" additional leg room allowing your child to ride safely rear-facing longer; Up to 50 pounds rear-facing allowing your child to ride safely rear-facing for longer
- 6-position recline helps keep your child comfy; 10-position headrest adjusts easily for your growing child
- Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts the height of your harness and headrest in one motion
- InRight LATCH system for an easy, one-second LATCH attachment; easy-to-read level indicator for hassle-free installation

All in all, both of them are a good option if you want to pick a dependable car seat for your children. However, we do prefer Graco Milestone better because this seat have longer use until your children exceed 100 pounds limit while the price difference is not that far.