Graco Modes LX vs Graco Modes Click Connect

There are so many stroller manufacturers in the market which can be confusing for parents to choose. Graco as one of the most popular brand offered a huge collection in their catalogue like Graco Modes LX vs Graco Modes Click Connect. Both of them are different but very similar to each other. If you are also eyeing these models but wonders which to pick, go check our article below to see their difference and what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Travel System
– What are Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect
– What Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect Look Like
– How are the Canopy on Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect
– How are the Children Seat in Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect
– What Car Seat Included in Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect
– How are the Handlebar in Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect
– Graco Modes LX vs Graco Modes Click Connect

Travel System
Strolling with our children is a fun moment to do once in a while to let them enjoy their surroundings, get to know the children their age and introduce them to the world. It can also dismissed some boredom when they only stay at home because when grows up, children are very active so letting them explore the world is a nice method to develop their learning ability. It is also pleasant for parent because we can bond with our little one and teach them along the way.

While it sound fun and all, smaller children who can’t walk and run on their own will need more supervision and as parent, we are going to hold them all the time. For a short moment, this may not be a problem but for a long stroll in the neighborhood or when visiting park and nearby zoo, children’s body weight can cause much tiredness for parent, moreover, we still have to carry their other belongings like diaper bag and food thermos.

This is why we often see parent carry their own stroller and baby caddy when traveling because with these equipment, we can lift some weight from our shoulder and reduce those back pain especially with bigger children. Stroller is not only useful when baby is already bigger but can be used since infancy stage as well for most stroller can accept a type of infant car seat to make a whole set of a travel system or at least match with a car seat from the brand.

Similar like a stroller, an infant car seat is an important equipment to have because not only it can act as a carrier for infant, the main function of infant car seat is to properly protect your baby when traveling with vehicle because their body is still too small to be using our car seat belt and not recommended to be carried manually because it is dangerous when there is an accident. With infant car seat, the shell will help reduce the impact and keep baby safer.

About Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect
If you think those benefits are important, now is the time to look for the most suitable products for your family. Stroller set or travel system is popular which is why we can found so many brands offering the product and while these huge options can benefit the user to allow us choose following our requirements, it also means a longer choosing process so in our opinion it is better for parents to list what they need first before going to look what’s the option in the market.

If parents don’t have a favorite brands yet, it is probably easier to start from popular names because a well-known name have a high possibility to have what you need or want as well compares to some rarely mentioned brands. Among those many manufacturers, Graco is one of the most popular due to their good quality and fairly affordable price which makes parent trust their products even more and easier to access. They do have many strollers and car seat models but to save time, parent may want to pick their travel system set instead.

Almost all if not all of Graco stroller have their own travel system set but not all them are the same because each model may have better capabilities than the other and this is what we need to consider. For those who want to use a travel system since the first day, Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect will be a nice option to go because both are coming with an infant car seat on their package.
This stroller also have an original model and if you wonder how the LX is differentiated, check our previous article on Graco Modes vs Modes LX here. As for these two, the differences are pretty much similar but now we are focusing on their infant car seat which is also different and may affect your decision. This is because the Click Connect written on the product name is actually the car seat and is different from what we get in LX model.

Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect Design
From the outside, these travel systems are very similar to each other because they used the same design and allover looking like the same models but when checked closely, we can see that LX stroller seat has a slightly different extra padding compared to the Modes stroller. This padding is supposed to support baby and small children’s body inside when kept safe with the harness so the plushier padding means a better comfort for our little one yet the original stroller padding is by no mean uncomfortable.

Moving to the car seat, while these models looks like any infant car seats out there, we can see that the one included in LX model has a taller handle which made the canopy and handle are separated with a gap as opposed to the almost no gap in the Graco Modes Click Connect. This difference will ease parent when hand carry their baby in car seat by providing some room for their hand.

Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect Canopy
Let’s talk about the stroller and as usual, we will see the canopy first. As you can see, both has the same 2-ply canopy which can be reclined or folded completely when the weather is nice out there and extended fully to provide a protection from sun rays. In top of this canopy there is a concealed window which can be used to check on your children when they sit or nap inside while we push the stroller so parent don’t have to stop to see their little one.

Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect Children Seat
Below this canopy, there we can see their children seat that we have mentioned above with a difference in padding, LX is plushier in general and have slightly longer foot padding compared to the regular Modes padding. There is a five-point harness we can use to keep our baby safe during the stroll and a reclining backrest to allow them nap better. What’s special about these seats is we can reclined them until flat enough to call it a bassinet.

Their footrest can also be folded upward to close the foot area so it convert into a bassinet without having to remove the seat. If you prefer to use the car seat, we can also install them inside the seat or remove the seat completely to make the stroller into a baby car seat carrier. This mode is very beneficial when parents often travel because it can reduce several pounds from the frame.

Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect Infant Car Seat
As for the infant car seat, Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect travel system set most prominent difference is on their car seat because LX model comes with a new SnugRide SnugLock 35 infant car seat as opposed to its regular model with SnugRide 35 Click Connect. While they may sound similar, these seats are quite different in design and most importantly in locking or installation system. In general, the one we get in LX stroller is a newer model of its SnugRide seat.

To kept things short, the difference is quite effective to enhance the installation method because SnugLock seat have an arm on their base which is used to lock the seatbelt in installation compared to the older lock-off mechanism. While these two very similar, in our opinion, the SnugLock system is easier to use due to its huge arm and click-sound to ensure the safety.

Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect Handlebar
Moving back to the stroller, another difference between Graco Modes LX and Graco Modes Click Connect is their handlebar because in regular model, the handlebar is fixed so there is no method to adjust the height as opposed to a rotating handle in Modes LX. With this rotating handle, we can make the handle to be a little bit higher or lower without actually affecting the length so taller or shorter parent can push the stroller less awkwardly.

Now, let’s compare Graco Modes LX with Graco Modes Click Connect. The difference between them are on the stroller can car seat because as you may already know, LX stroller have a plushier children seat padding and a rotating handle bar as well as a new SnugLock infant car seat while the Click Connect model has a standard stroller with no adjustable handle and a Click Connect infant car seat.

Graco Modes LX vs Graco Modes Click Connect

- Makes travelling with your little one in and out of a car easy and convenient Consists of the Modes LX lifestyle stroller and the SnugRide SnugLock 35 Infant Car Seat Travel system supports children from birth up to 50 lb. Stroller weight: 21 lb.
- Stroller measures 21.1" L x 27.5" W x 41" H (unfolded); and 22" L x 27.5" W x 18" H (folded) Car seat safely seats children in the rear-facing position from 4-35 lb. and up to 32" tall Car seat weight: 16.02 lb.
- Car seat measures 27" D x 18" W x 15.6" H Stroller features: 3-in-1 design: infant car seat carrier, infant stroller, and toddler stroller Convertible 3- or 5-point safety harness Reversible seat allows forward- and parent-facing positions 4-position seat recline 3-position adjustable leg rest Height-adjustable handlebar.
- This travel system includes the top-rated Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat while the Click Connect technology provides a one-step, secure attachment of infant car seat to stroller
- 3 Strollers in 1, holds your infant car seat on the frame, the reversible stroller seat allows baby to face you or the world, and the forward facing toddler seat includes a 3-position leg rest
- Modes features a one-hand standing fold with automatic storage latch and lockable single front swivel wheels for improved maneuverability

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different preference. However, if we are to choose, we do prefer the Graco Modes Click Connect because the price gap between them is too far in our opinion for the upgrades they put so this model is a more affordable and already have a complete features for parent.