Graco Size4me vs Extend2fit

Just like how important car seat is, looking for the one the match your family is a necessary because each family may have different needs. Graco as one of the most popular brand have many dependable booster car seats in the catalogue such as Graco Size4me vs Extend2fit. Both of them are very similar and mainly have the same capabilities. If you also interested in them, go check our article below to see if there is any difference between them.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a booster car seat
– What are Graco Size4me and Extend2fit
– What Graco Size4me and Extend2fit Look Like
– What Graco Size4me and Extend2fit can offer to you
– Graco Size4me vs Extend2fit

Children Booster Car Seat
In each growing stage of our children, they will need a different safety seats in the car to make sure they are always properly protected when we carry them along. If in the past when they are still infant we use infant car seat to secure them, then when they grow older we need to change the seat into booster seat with harness when your children is still small enough for the harness-less booster seat. Each booster seat are designed to protect your children but not all of them have the same additional capabilities.

Before you are going to look for a booster seat, it is important to know what kind of seat you will need. There are seat that initially designed and only can carry children up to certain pounds but some of them may able to be used until they grow a little bit older. It is recommended to always use the booster seat that match with their age, weight and height because these three factors are the main reason why you should move or retain the seat.

Unlike many things that add another level of protection when levels up, booster car seat is not and the more your children climb the ladder of youth, the less protection provided by their booster car seat. When they are still using the infant car, they will be protected from accident which comes not only from the front but back and above as well due to the design but when they move to booster car seat, it only can protect them just like you with regular seatbelt.

When your children is weighing between 22 to 65 pounds, then you will need to use the booster seat with five point harness because the regular seat is not proper to protect your children whether the seat nor the safety belt. This type of seat is of course smaller and will provide a better fit for your children without scarifying any of the comfort for they are mostly padded enough. Before we are going for the hunt, as it has been mentioned above, make sure your children is ready to move to another seat.

About Graco Size4me and Extend2fit
Just like when looking for any other products, it is important to consider the brand you are eyeing because they are the one that designed, manufactured and marketed the product in which should be able to provide the best benefit for your family and this is why Graco is a good option. This company is very popular and well-known among parents because they offer high quality baby gears such as stroller and infant car seats that are among the best in the market.

We are sure many of you already heard the brand or even use one of their product before and just like those aforementioned gears, their booster car seat is just as good and dependable. The brand have a huge collection and most of them are just as good but if you are looking for those that can be used from early stage until they are a little bit bigger, then you will need to look at Size4me and Extend2Fit car seats. Read also: Graco Atlas 65 vs Graco Nautilus here.

Rather than booster car seats, both of them are more into convertible car seats because they are able to fit smaller toddler that can’t be seated in an upright position while still able to take up higher weight to fit until they are old enough to go to school. Coming with this huge of weight range, both seats are an ideal choice for those who want to pick the seat that can grow together with their children or spend less to purchase seats in each growing stage.

Graco Size4me and Extend2fit Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, from the overall design and padding, both convertible car seats are not that much different and generally still using the same design. The dimension are very similar along with the weight while the padding are plush and fit enough with additional pads in the seat to provide better fit for smaller children or toddler which you can remove or clean when needed. Both of Graco Size4me and Extend2fit have beverage compartments in the seat for additional feature.

Graco Size4me and Extend2fit Features
When talking about car seat for your children, the first thing you may want to know when choosing the right item is probably the safety because this is the sole reason why we need to use them in our car and making sure they can work or provide the proper protection is the most important thing. However, we can rest assure that car seats in the market are made to passed the standard safety test. Graco Size4me and Extend2fit themselves already rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed the US standard FMVSS 213.

Another test that Graco claims to ensure your children safety when there is a worst scenario like crashing is the side impact that solely used to test the five point harness seats and the seatbelt indeed able to perform really good. But, there is no standard or requirement on this side so it is still not clear whether the side impact is really going to be helpful or used just as marketing purpose. Regardless, it is not a harm to be extra safe, moreover, for our children.

As it has been mentioned earlier, Graco Size4me and Extend2fit are made to fit your children from younger stage until old enough to go to school. This is because Size4me can fit toddler from 4-40 pounds in rear facing position or mode while the other is able to fit toddler a little bit longer from 4-50 pounds. When your children is older and can move to front facing position, both convertible seats can take weight from 22 to 65 pounds.

This meant you can use the car seat from your infant stage until they are lot bigger which is a huge benefit not all car seats model can achieve. The best benefit from using these convertible car seats is you don’t have to purchase both infant car seat and booster seat for your baby. Since they can cover both rear and forward facing for each stage, you may wonder how to make the seat positioned to accommodate both positions.

This is because you can recline both of Graco Size4me and Extend2fit but they are not equally have the same amount of positions to offer. The Size4me model is only able to provide 3 recline positions; two for front facing and one for the rear facing while at the other hand Extend2fit is able to provide up to 6 positions that you can pick to suit your children’s weight and height. This amount of options is very useful to allow them to sit or sleep comfortably when in the car.

The last thing you may want to know when looking for car seat is probably the installation since this what going to decide if the seat is stress-free to install or not and as parents of course we prefer the one that can be installed as easy as possible. Graco Size4me and Extend2fit are coming with InRight LATCH system by the brand and this is very useful to simplify the installing process because unlike the traditional method, you can easily remove the anchors with a push of a button.

Both of Graco Size4me and Extend2fit are features-rich seats especially for the Extend2fit because this seat is even featured with an extension panel on the front part which is used to provide an additional leg room for your growing baby and this panel even have 4-positions to offer. To use this panel, squeeze the handle under the front of the seat and pull the panel out to one until the longest position.

To let your children carry their beverage when on the car and have an easier access to them, both seats have integrated beverage compartment but Size4me only have one on its left side while Extend2fit have two which one can be used to place snack as well.

Now, let’s compare Graco Size4me with Extend2fit. As you may already know, the prominent difference between them is because Extend2fit have more recline position to offer than Size4me. It also has an extended panel to provide additional leg room for your growing children which is not available in Size4me along with double beverage compartment.

Graco Size4me vs Extend2fit

- Convertible toddler car seat keeps your forward-facing toddlers harnessed from 20 to 65 lbs
- Rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed U.S. safety standards
- Simply Safe Adjust Harness System a one hand, no re-thread harness that automatically adjusts
- InRight latch system for a one-second, secure latch attachment and red push button for easy removal
- Convertible toddler car seat keeps your forward-facing toddlers harnessed from 20 – 65 lb
- Helps protect rear-facing infants from 4-50 lb and forward-facing toddlers from 22-65 lb. Rear-Facing Height - Head must be at least 1 Inch below red handle. Forward-Facing - Height Up to 49 Inches
- 4-position extension panel adjusts to provide 5" additional leg room allowing your child to ride safely rear-facing longer; Up to 50 pounds rear-facing allowing your child to ride safely rear-facing for longer
- 6-position recline helps keep your child comfy; 10-position headrest adjusts easily for your growing child
- Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts the height of your harness and headrest in one motion
- InRight LATCH system for an easy, one-second LATCH attachment; easy-to-read level indicator for hassle-free installation

All in all, both of Graco Size4me and Extend2fit are a good option if you are looking for a dependable car seat for your baby. However, considering the price and features, Extend2fit have more interesting features to offer, therefore we will recommend you to pick Graco Extend2fit than Size4me.